FTM prosthetics already made and ready for shipping

If you are going to buy product or products from Already made category,You don't need to wait additional production time. These products are complete produced and ready for shipping. If this category is empty, it means there are no products available. Good to Know, short terms and conditions. After purchase, we will send your order within two working days. Cancellation, You may cancel contract to purchase a product or products at any time within 7 working days after the day you received the relevant product or products. If you purchase product or products from Already made* category in www.emisil.com web store. The product shall not be damaged by the Buyer. Item or items shall not be used before and its marketable appearance (its labels shall be intact, protective screens shall not be removed, etc.) shall not be lost (this item shall not be applicable when the item being returned is of low quality); The item being returned must contain all the same elements of the set as it was received. When returning the item, it is necessary to submit the acquisition document thereof, the warranty card (if it has been issued) and to fill in the return document. The Seller shall be entitled not to accept the goods being returned by the Buyer, if the Buyer fails in complying with the procedure applicable to returning of the goods as specified in the present Article.

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