Customer can choose prosthetic color from 16 different skin shades.
If it is difficult to choose and decide, which color is best variant. No problem, please send us the photo of your skin in daylight. We'll customize the best-suited color, our experts select the best match for your penis prosthesis.

Important information. All our prosthesis look different. It does not matter that you purchased two moles of the same color. Erect models we are trying to do more expressive in color. Flaccid models more quiet.

Everything is handmade, each penis prosthetic is like a work of art. Production process required knowledge and talent. Finally the artist decide which color choose for wrinkles, points, pimples, veins, together color create transition from lighter to darker, color shade, etc. If colors required according customer, please send us an example-photo, of how prosthetic should look like. We will try to do best we can, to produce it according photo.

Penis prosthesis are made from 100% safe medical silicones.

Products are very durable and strong, made from the highest quality materials. But like all things it is necessary to use it gentle.