How to Wear Your Prosthetics Comfortably?

How to Wear Your Prosthetics Comfortably?

So, you have chosen your perfect penis packer… What’s next?

Well, you need to find a way to wear it comfortably, so that it would make you happy and you would avoid stressing about it daily! Each of us is a unique person, so naturally, what is suitable for one person, not always work for another. That is why, if you search how to wear your prosthetics, you will have hundreds of different opinions and most of them contradict each other. There are mainly three ways to wear your prosthetics – you can wear a harness; you can buy specially designed underwear or you can use an adhesive. We will discuss all these options and hopefully, this will be helpful to you.



One of the popular choices is wearing straps or harness to secure your prosthetic. If you are very active, the harness or straps is a good choice for you. Usually, keep the prosthetic in place, it feels tight and secured. The straps, however, may stretch during the day, so you may need to readjust them to make sure your prosthetic is secured in place. What is more, if you are not a standard body type (meaning if you are very skinny or a little bit heavier than usual), straps or harness may be uncomfortable as they may slide down or on the contrary – leave marks and even bruises if it is too tight. Another thing important to mention is that even though it secures your prosthetic in place, for some people it does not quite feel right. Due to additional straps, many trans men actually feel their dysphoria to flare up. So, when choosing the harness or straps, you need to keep in mind a few things. First of all, as mentioned before, you need to make sure you measure yourself and buy the right size product. Secondly, you need to know, that these products’ quality is very important. So, our advice would not going cheap on harness/straps. Every item, depending on the price and manufacturer, offers different levels of functionality and comfort. The harnesses and straps are designed specifically for different prosthetics, but there are in fact a lot of online shops, offering cheaper copies of original brands. Make sure you choose a trustworthy company and you will be happy with the product you buy.


If you want to feel comfortable, while working-out, actively moving or just doing daily things – we would recommend choosing underwear for packing.

FTM underwear for packing

The underwear is very comfortable, pleasant to wear and feels natural. Also, there are multiple options of design and fabrics to choose from. It does not matter if you prefer briefs, boxers or “tighty-whitey’ underwear – there are options for all those styles. Another thing worth mentioning – the underwear for packing is designed specifically so that you could live your life without stressing out. However, in some situations, the underwear is not an option for you. Some customers say, that underwear is not always comfortable for play. In some cases, it is not pleasant, that in order to play they need to keep the underwear on all the time. Also, if you live actively – sometimes even with the perfect underwear, your prosthetic may move slightly from the initial position. If you are new to packing, we advise you to try out how it feels in your safe and comfortable space. When using harness or underwear for packing, just secure it in the natural position and then put on your underwear on. Check to make sure it is tightly attached and you are all set! As we mentioned before, the quality is very important, so for harness and underwear selection we recommend: rodeoH

FTM packer adhesive


Since the beginning of our business, we started researching how the prosthetics can be attached to the body and look as natural as possible. After multiple tests, we finally found materials, which have a very good grip with medical adhesive. So, we started producing our prosthetics with the adhesion tab, which can be attached to the body with Silicone Medical Grade Adhesive. It is a safe and fast option for you to have a very natural look. The best part of the Adhesive – that you don’t have to wear anything else to keep it attached to your body. As we produce custom made prosthetics, if color matches, the adhesion tab is almost seamless and it looks very natural, like a real penis.

How to apply the adhesive to the packer adhesion tab.

1. Apply the adhesive to the packer adhesion tab.

Before applying the adhesive, please make sure you clean the skin area to which you will attach the packer. You need to remove hair from this part of the body, and the skin needs to be cleaned properly to make sure the packer is attached perfectly. You can use any type of body wash or wet wipes for this purpose. Once you clean the skin, let it dry for a few seconds.
Important! Make sure the adhesion tab is also clean, and no residue of previously applied adhesive is left on the surface. We always recommend cleaning the adhesion tab with adhesive remover, which you can purchase with the medical-grade adhesive. Once you have cleaned the tab, proceed with evenly applying the adhesive to the tab. Make sure you cover all the edges and do not apply too much of the adhesive.

FTM packer positioning the packer properly.

2. Positioning the packer properly.

Once you applied the adhesive, attach your packer to the body and position it carefully. Please try to make sure that you attach it in the right position and try not to move it around for too long, as the adhesive may start to cure. After you position the packer, then let it dry for a few minutes. During this time, please try not to stay in one position, so that the packer stays in place. After the adhesive has cured, please make sure you clean the area around the prosthetic to remove any adhesive residue with adhesive remover.
How to remove FTM packer

3. Removing the packer.

We strongly recommend wearing your packer no longer than 8-12 hours at a time. It is crucial to remove the packer and let the skin breathe at least for a few hours to avoid any unpleasant sensations or skin irritation. To remove the packer, you will need to purchase adhesive remover, as you cannot remove the adhesive using only water or soap. After you are ready, gently start from the adhesion tab edge and pull the prosthetic away from your skin. Once you remove it, please use the adhesive remover to clean the skin area where the packer was attached and clean the adhesion tab as well. Then proceed by taking a shower or at least washing the area with soap and water to make sure you avoid any allergic reaction or skin irritation. Once you washed your body, we also recommend applying moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. Please make sure you wash your prosthetic with soap and warm water daily to avoid any bacterial infections.
However, like any other product, Adhesive has disadvantages as well. First of all, it might take a little bit of time for you to choose the best Adhesive. There multiple types of the Adhesive and they have different thicknesses, some of them may be too thick for you, or on the contrary – too watery. Also please keep in mind, that if you are going to buy the Adhesive, you will also need to buy Adhesive remover as well, because the Adhesive has very specific consistency and cannot be removed only with water. One more thing important to know – if you wear your prosthetic throughout the day, it may slightly detach or slide from the initial position. So, if you have a very active lifestyle – we would still recommend using a harness or the underwear to keep it in place. However, only you can decide which option works best in your situation.
Emisil team researched the Adhesive options in U.S. and Europe. Please see the best options HERE