FTM STP - Compact - Emisil
cheap ftm prosthetic
FTM model with emisil stp packer
FTM model packing emisil compact stp
Emisil compact stp
Emisil compact stp light skin
Emisil compact stp interior
Leak Resistant - Emisil compact stp funnel
FTM STP - Compact - Emisil
FTM STP - Compact - Emisil
FTM STP - Compact - Emisil
FTM STP - Compact - Emisil

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Emisil Kompakt STP

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Hergestellt aus medizinischem Silikon, um maximalen Komfort und Haltbarkeit zu gewährleisten. 

Eine erschwingliche STP-Prothese, die das Pinkeln zum Kinderspiel macht. Genau das, was Sie brauchen, wenn Sie selbstbewusst und zu einem vernünftigen Preis urinieren möchten.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
zaire milner

it’s not my complexion, won’t be purchasing nothing else from website.

Hello Zaire,

Thank you for your review!
Regarding this specific product, it is a basic option for begginers and a cheaper alternative in comparison with our other packers. Therefore, there are only 4 base colors. If you would like a product that could completely match your complexion, we recommend choosing other Emisil packers, since there are about 16 colors to choose from.

Dominic Hearps
Amazing product!

Works perfectly for every body type, and size.
Amazing price, would absolutely recommend this STP to anyone.
Great for first timers, and even better for experienced STP users.
I have a very detailed review on my IG @queer.lives I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this item. The skin tones are a fantastic variety and match. Packs very well in normal undies and in packing undies/boxers/straps/joeys. If you're looking for a new STP, look no further, thank you, Ary!

shaun Little

All good only one I can use that doesn’t spill nice and cheap as well all tho the olive one doesn’t really match no ones looking so…

Hello Shaun,

Thank you for your review!
Regarding the color - we have established the color range according to the real models from various continents all over the world. Therefore, the shades are natural and should suit if choosen correctly.

I swear by this one

It’s super easy to use and only has a few mistakes. As many mentioned, it isn’t great to pack in an anatomical position or you look like you have a stiffy. I wear trunks that fit snugly and lay it sideways in my crotch area. It slips up from time to time but is easy enough to adjust if needed in a very cis man way. I always start to pee just a bit to make sure all is well with the placement and then go ahead and let go. I’ve used it primarily at urinals for over 3 years. The color is still holding up well and the material is great.

Great STP, difficult to pack with

Works great as an STP and is easy and intuitive to use, I haven't spilled a single time so far. My only issue is that it's a bit difficult to pack with and position it in a way that looks natural. I put it in my underwear sideways, that works well in jeans, but in looser pants like sweatpants it can look like I'm popping a boner.

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