Emisil erection rod

Flexible SILICONE rod inside shaft (According to our customers needs and comments, We changed this option from plastic rod to silicone rod.)

Emisil plastic rod changed to silicone fill

Erect prosthetic 01, Skin color S06.

Important to know, It is possible to bend shaft down over the scrotum, only these two erect models: ER01 and ER04 . With ER02 it is impossible to do that. This model is to much erect.

FTM penis attached to the body

 Emisil silicone penis attached to the body
Prosthetic attached to the body. Erect prosthetic 04, Skin color S05.


• Rod is very light and made from plastic. Therefore, you will not experience any problems in airports when going through the metal detector.

• May exhibit some noise when flexing. (Currently it can happen very rarely)
This is due to the friction of the plastic ball joints. (The flex rod is a plastic rod made up of many small ball & socket joints.)

• If the client wish that Erect prosthetic will be without flex rod. We can remove flex rod from shaft. Instead rod, we can fill prosthetic with in solid gel, or otherwise.

Rod is very sturdy and durable. There are no cases thats it breaks or gets damaged in any other way. In one case, the ball come out of the socket connector. But it can be returned back into the original position by pressing ball to socket joint.

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