FTM prosthetic - like real, available in 16 different skin shades

Customer can choose prosthetic color from 16 different skin shades.If it is difficult to choose and decide, which color is best variant. No problem, please send us the photo of your skin in daylight. We'll customize the best-suited color, our experts select the best match for your penis prosthesis. Important information. All our prosthesis look different. It does not matter that you purchased two moles of the same color. Erect models we are trying to do more expressive in color. Flaccid models more quiet. Everything is handmade, each penis prosthetic is like a work of art. Production process required knowledge and talent. Finally the artist decide which color choose for wrinkles, points, pimples, veins, together color create transition from lighter to darker, color shade, etc. If colors required according customer, please send us an example-photo, of how prosthetic should look like. We will try to do best we can, to produce it according photo. Penis prosthesis are made from 100% safe medical silicones. Products are very durable and strong, made from the highest quality materials. But like all things it is necessary to use it gentle. Emisil sixteen different skin color kit was created by scientifically measuring of actual skin tones across the full spectrum of human skin types of all over the world. Specially formulated to be the closest physical representations of skin colors, color kit is a comprehensive visual reference to determine a person's skin tone.

FTM prosthetic skin colors

When you are going to purchase Emisil penis prosthetic please choose one color which is most resembles to your body color. The range of colors has been made according to the body colors of people of various nations, so we are sure that you will definitely find a suitable color for yourself. We do not make penis prostheses which are one color only. Colors shift and can get darker or lighter in different places. There are such details as veins, freckles or other skin texture elements. The final result is the prosthesis which is hard to distinguish from the real penis. The dye used is silicone-based. Therefore, it cannot be washed or removed in some other way. When you are pressing Emisil penis prosthetic. You can see the changes in color and differences emerged between the layers. What's why Emisil penis is not only realistic penis prosthetic when you are looking on it, Emisil looks ultra realistic and then you are touching and pressing it. Obvious differences you can see in the example below:

Emisil 3D scrotum

Our penis prostheses have three silicone layers, each of different softness. Like our body, prosthesis consists of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissues. The first layer is very soft. It can be touched with fingers or stretched like the real human skin. The second layer is made of a firmer silicone. The third layer is used to fill in the prosthesis. All these three layers together provide an incredibly real feel. And if the prosthesis is pressed, the color tones also change enhancing the feeling of reality. The epidermis layer is extremely real and repeats the texture of the skin. The finest details, like arteries, veins and wrinkles, are visible.

Example of emisil penis prosthetic skin, prosthetic flesh feels like real!

Emisil skin model