Best FTM packer in 2022

Are you ready to buy your very first packer? Maybe you’re looking for something fresh to replace your old FTM packer? Check out this review of the most popular packer brands.

There’s a great variety of choices of FTM packers in the market. Yet it is easy to feel lost between all the options. To save your precious time, we’ve prepared a review on FTM packers from the most well-known packing brands! We’ll cover Mr. Limpy, Mr. Right, Archer & Pierre, and others.


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MR. Limpy

This is one of the most popular options for beginners. Mr. Limpy is an affordable, soft and comfortable packer. Even though it seems small, rest assured that this packer will create a reasonable size bulge.

Also, the bulge seems surprisingly natural. It comes in 2 sizes - small is about 3.75” long, while the medium is about 6'' long in total. It’s super flexible, made out of skin-like material, which is soft and squishy. That’s what makes it perfect for everyday wear.

Recommended to wear with straps or harnesses. Note that it is soft and not intended for penetration. There are only two color options - vanilla/ beige and caramel.

So if you want your packer to be as similar to your skin tone as possible... You should probably choose another option.

Mr. Limpy may vary from photos and might come with minor imperfections. So don’t be surprised if you’ll receive a packer with slight discolor or small air bubbles. Also, discolor might happen after using it for a while (it depends on how it is worn).

Overall, Mr. Limpy is a great option to start your packing journey. Though, it’s not the best choice if you are looking for a quality. Yes, you’ll get a comfortable, soft packer for less than 15$. However, a durable packer is an investment that pays off as time goes by.

mr. limpy packer



Mr. Right is a more detailed, bigger, yet more expensive option. The shaft is approximately 5.25”, and the head is about 1.25”. This packer is handmade from silicone, therefore it’s soft, easy to clean, safe, and created for everyday wear. This prosthetic is heavier and firmer than non silicone FTM packers, that’s why it maintains a downward position.

Also, this FTM packer has veins, wrinkles, and differently sized testicles, which helps to create a very realistic look. Mr. Right comes in 3 colors - vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. So you can choose a shade closest to your natural skin tone.

Suggested wearing in a jockstrap, packing strap, or packing underwear. Cleaning is effortless - the packer can be sterilized by boiling it for 3 minutes. And for everyday care, wash it with mild soap and lukewarm water.

According to many reviews from FTM guys, this packer is too big to be comfortable for everyday wear. This packer creates a huge, non-realistic bulge. Also, since it seems big and rigid, many believe that it is perfectly suitable for penetration.

The truth is, Mr. Right cannot be used for intimate play since this packer is not hard enough. Another less crucial drawback is the lack of color accuracy - the colors in pictures and in reality can differ.

So, this packer is a little pricey, but long-lasting and detailed prosthetic. But don't forget this packer will be suitable only for the FTM’s who would like to create a huge bulge.

mr. right packer


Archer & Pierre

Another packing classic - Archer and Pierre. Why are we grouping two packers? Because they both are extremely similar, except for the shape itself.

Both packers come in two sizes. Small (total length is about 4”, a diameter of the shaft - 1”) and large (total length is 5.25. diameter of the shaft is approximately 1.5”).

There is a great variety of colors - cashew, caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try blue or purple! Made out of long-lasting silicone, which is easy to sterilize. They’re very squishy, soft, and have a throughout density.

Archer & Pierre are one of those packers that makes you forget that it’s even there. Just like previously described packers, these FTM prosthetics cannot be used for play.

There are several points that you should consider before buying these packers. Both packers might seem a little different in reality in comparison to the pictures in the stores.

The difference is slight - the shade and surface can vary a little. There might be some flaws on the surface as well. Also, if you’re looking for a very detailed FTM packer, these FTM prosthetics might not be the best option.

Archer and Pierre offer great quality for a reasonable price. Nevertheless, these packers might not be the best choice for advanced FTM’s, who are looking for realistic, detailed packers.


Pierre and archer packers

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