A New Class of Transgender Men Is Changing Television

More than 20 years were needed to make a huge step forward admitting transgender actors in movies and television shows. Who could ever think that the role of trans people usually was given to cisgender actors? After two decades of fighting and finally trans actors are on their way to the sun in taking back the trans roles. Finally, trans men and trans women are getting noticed. A new class of transgender actors is changing movies and television.

Why trans men were invisible for so long?

Hollywood really loves transgender characters and the stories of their lives, but one problem is more than obvious – Hollywood doesn’t choose transgender actors for transgender characters. Cisgender actors usually have been chosen for transgender roles. This is harmful because trans actors have fewer chances to get a job. Even more, cisgender actors are representing transgenders from a not right side. But who can better know how exactly a trans person feels, thinks, behaves than a transgender?

Finally, after two decades of active public presentation to the people, has led to understanding how important is to represent trans stories correctly and responsibly. This is not a fun game, but hard work. Because our society is so strict and conservative. A lot of people still are full of stereotypes. It leads to transphobic reactions, that make huge hurt to transgender actors, or just regular trans people, who do not belong to the television or cinema world.

Positive transgender representation is a need!   

Everybody should say a huge thank you to new generation transgender actors, who finally step by step are taking back their trans roles. These actors are making enormous impacts and influence other people to be brave and not to hesitate about themselves.

More and more new actors are starting to see their bright future in TV or Hollywood. More and more of them are being represented in the media or seen in the movies and TV. This is a good and giving hope tendency. Finally, transgender actors are getting the opportunity to show how talented are not only cisgender but transgender actors as well. And they are worth to get their roles.

Well-known transgender actors are successfully changing the traditional view of trans men that was alive so many years. Finally, people watching TV shows or movies are getting a chance to know what the real trans men are. Transgender characters represented by trans actors are so real, so different. And this is totally amazing.

The best known trans men actors

Elliot Page

Elliot Page ftm


Elliot Page is best known for his roles in Juno, Umbrella Academy. He came out as a transgender man in 2020. Canadian actor and producer announced on his Instagram post about being trans. Elliot Page expressed his huge Thank You to those who supported him. The actor decided it was time to tell the world who he is and how he feels about being transgender. A lot of famous people declared their support to Elliot. Celebrities like Anna Paquin, Miley Cyrus, Ruby Rose, Kate Mara and others posted on their Instagram accounts how happy and proud are they about Elliot Page coming out as a trans man. His public transformation was a great start and inspiration to other transgender people.  

Elliot Fletcher

Elliot Fletcher trans


Elliot Fletcher is a well-known young trans actor. He had made his career playing roles on the biggest TV shows, such as Y: The Last Man, Shameless, The Fosters, Faking It. Elliot can be described as a trans man, who is breaking the rules in the TV world. He is an exception in Hollywood when a trans actor plays trans characters. Elliot Fletcher is an inspiration not only for other transgender actors, who are full of doubts about their future and success in TV and cinema. Elliot Page inspires his young fans to seek their life goals. Besides, he is active in social media communicating with people.

Brian Michael Smith

Brian Michael Smith female to male


Brian Michael Smith is an American transgender actor, who has appeared on TV shows 9-1-1 Lone Star, Queen Sugar, The L Word. Brian always has a dream to a become famous trans man actor, representing trans-masculinity. His wish to come out as trans came true in the drama show Queen Sugar. Coming out as transgender was a big step forward for Brian Michael Smith because he aimed to become visible on the screen and show the example to other actors to follow their compass.

Logan Rozos

Logan Razos


Logan Rozos is known for David Makes Man. He came out as a transgender gay man at the age of 15. He is another new class transgender actor who is changing the narrative of the television world. This young gentleman has decided to come out as transgender to his family first. Logan Rozos is an example that there is always an opportunity to make the debut as a successful actor and become visible.

Alex Blue Davis

Alex Blue Davis


Alex Blue Davis is the first trans actor on definitely one of the most popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy is not the only project Alex Blue Davis had his role in. This talented actor has played characters in 2 Broke Girls and NCIS as well.

This is just a part of trans male actors. There are many more transgender celebrities who are bringing new winds to television and cinema. It is worth reading each of their stories because every single person can find so much hope and inspiration there! And it doesn’t matter are you a man, woman, transgender, cisgender, gay, lesbian, or anybody else. Each well-known transgender actors have their own story of the long and hard way to television. Each of them wants to tell how it is complicated to come out as a transgender, how difficult is to fight for a chance to be who you truly are. And the most important – each of them is absolutely sure that it is worth pursuing the dream.

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