FTM bottom growth

That's probably one of the most common questions that bother FTM's - do females transitioning to males get a penis? To put it short, bottom growth is possible with the help of testosterone HRT, however, bottom growth varies from person to person.
How does FTM bottom growth work? How much growth can you expect? Is FTM bottom growth possible only with the help of testosterone? Let's find out!

FTM Bottom growth on T

First of all, what is FTM bottom growth? Bottom growth could be defined as increased clitoris size, with its shape resembling a penis. Usually, it is one of the first changes during FTM testosterone therapy. To someone who just started testosterone therapy and will start facing body changes soon, it could be quite difficult to find some information on what happens "down below". That's why we're here - to help you understand all of these changes, based on what we've heard from FTM's who went through hormone therapy.

A) Pre-testosterone
B) On testosterone

Genital growth FTM

1. Shaft (hood)
2. Head (clitoris)
3. Labia majora
4. Urethral opening
5. Labia minora
6. Vaginal opening

Generally, the clitoris starts to change about 3-6 months into testosterone therapy, and the maximum effect can be expected in 1-2 years. What about the size - how much FTM bottom growth can you expect? Typically, clitoris can grow 1-5 cm (0,39 - 1,9 inc). However, the changes may vary, since everybody and dosage differs. Additionally, there are non-medical ways for more growth, but we'll run through them a little bit later.

FTM bottom growth

A) Pre-T  B) Low dose of T/flaccid  C) High dose/arroused

Have in mind, that there are going to be some unpleasant experiences along the way. One of them is increased sensitivity in the "private area". You might feel irritation, swelling, itching, and soreness because of the growth. On the bright side, sensitivity is temporary (lasts approximately up to six months) and there are many effective solutions - moisturizing, wearing underwear made from soft materials, and wearing boxers instead of any other underwear type.

Emisil offers a variety of FTM prosthetics to address individual needs and preferences, enhancing the transitioning experience with personalized options.

What happens when you stop T therapy?

Some effects are irreversible while others return to pre-T status. According to multiple testosterone guides, genital changes after T therapy are irreversible. However, people on FTM forums and blogs would argue. Even though some actually agree that it's true, there's a great number of people who claim that their "privates" growth reverted after terminating T usage. So it's safe to say that what happens to your genitals after stopping T varies from body to body.

If you're interested in learning more about testosterone, check this topic from the Emisil blog.

Are there any alternatives for more bottom growth? (FTM Pumping Bottom Growth & DHT for transgender men)

If you're unhappy with your growth during testosterone therapy, don't worry - check these effective options for more FTM bottom growth:

- Clitoral pump. FTM pumping is a non-medical, simple, safe, and temporary way to improve the size of the private area. How does the FTM pump work? With the help of suction, the blood is drawn to the intimate area. As a result, you can enjoy increased size and sensitivity. Clitoral pumps can be used both pre-T and during testosterone therapy. However, pumping for bottom growth will be more effective after starting the T therapy.
How to use it? What are the most useful tips when FTM pumping? Check the video below:

- DHT cream. Let's begin by explaining what DHT cream is - dihydrotestosterone cream is a synthetic version of testosterone. While it might sound intimidating, the product is perfectly safe for external use. DHT for genital growth is often confused with testosterone gels or testogel/androgel, however, DHT is a more effective option, especially for FTM's.
Want to know more about DHT creams for genitals growth (side effects, dosage, prescription)? Learn more here.
Have in mind that even while there are many options for FTM bottom growth, there are no guarantees that they will be effective in your case. Each body is different, so some options might work better than others.

How to avoid FTM bottom growth?

If you're not interested in increasing your bottom growth, consider lower your testosterone dosage or taking dutasteride/finasteride. To put it simply, these additional steps will prevent testosterone from turning into DHT androgen, which causes bottom growth, hair getting darker and thicker, and voice becoming lower and more. Note that if you'll choose this option, there's a good chance that you'll face some unwanted effects as well, for example, returning menstruations and decreasing hair growth.

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