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Imagine this - you have finally bought the packer of your dreams, it looks super realistic, you can’t wait to put it on with adhesive, but… It’s falling off. What a nightmare for your bottom dysphoria! To avoid that, you need to get the best FTM glue for packing.

It’s one of the most common questions related to soft packers - what adhesives are the best for packing? Since this question is bothering many FTM’s, we have gathered the most useful information on FTM adhesives - so you don’t have to waste your time! Today you’ll be going to learn almost everything about the FTM adhesives - what are the best skin-safe adhesives, how to attach the FTM prosthetic to the skin, how to remove the packer after wearing it, and much more.

What FTM adhesives are the best for packing?

Let’s get straight to business - what kind of adhesives to choose to feel assured that your packer will stay in place for the whole day? After long and thorough research on skin-safe glue, we’ve found a list of products that are positively reviewed, recommended, and help to feel comfortable when wearing your favorite packer. Find the most effective packing glue list below. 

- “Gender cat” self-adhesive sheets

Gender cat adhesives

Why “Gender cat” self-adhesive sheets? Because it’s extremely easy to use skin-safe glue, offering an exceptional grip. With the help of these self-adhesive sheets, you can turn your packer into a self-adhesive prosthetic that you can use without the need to re-apply the glue, and the best part is that the adhesives are long-lasting. It’s a life-changing product - even though it sticks to your body very strongly, the packers are super easy to remove as well. 

Purchase here.

- Pros-Aide Adhesive

Pros-Aide adhesives

Purchase remover/solvent here.

Medical grade, water-based, and long-lasting adhesive. Works perfectly, even for sensitive skin! Pros-aide is made specifically for medical prosthetic applications and FX effects - the adhesive has been used in many cinematic projects and has proven its reliability. Pros-Aide is non-toxic and completely safe to use, so go ahead and improve your packing experience.

Purchase here.

Purchase remover/solvent here.


BT-460 secure medical adhesive

Behold - extra strong, high viscosity, and pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive BT-460! Resistant to moisture and temperature changes, BT-460 will guarantee firm support when wearing a packer all day long. It’s fully tested, non-toxic, safe to use - does not cause any skin irritations, rashes, or redness.

Purchase here or here.

Purchase remover/solvent here or here.

- “Hollister” adapt medical adhesive spray

Hollister adapt medical adhesive spray

There can’t be an easier FTM adhesive application than “Hollister” medical adhesive spray. Medical grade silicone composition provides a strong bond between the packer and the skin. Made without natural rubber latex, doesn’t contain CFCs (carbon, hydrogen, chlorine, and fluorine compounds, that are harmful to the ozone layer).

Purchase here.

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How to attach the prosthetic to your skin?

The process is relatively simple, especially if you practice a lot. Let’s begin by preparing the private area - your skin should be cleanly shaved, tidy, and completely dry before placing the FTM prosthetic. Once you are prepared, you can move on to the adhesion part. You should apply a considerable amount of FTM adhesives onto the tab of your packer. Apply with a brush. Usually, you’ll have to wait a while until the glue becomes tacky. Once it seems thicker and tackier, you can place it in the desired area. You’ll have to wait for a little for the glue to set. While waiting, try your best not to move the glued FTM prosthetic. After use, tightly replace the cap.

The instructions are quite abstract, so you should always follow the details provided on the bottle or package.

How to remove FTM prosthetic?

Ready to remove your FTM prosthetic? Apply a small amount of adhesive remover onto a cloth, towel, or another piece of material. Gently rub the area until it seems clean. Then, take a cotton swab soaked into the remover and carefully work under the edges to loosen the edges and remove the prosthetic. Finally, clean all the residues from the skin. If you will notice any unwanted reactions (redness, irritation), stop using the product immediately.


Important: if you want to feel fully secured and assured when wearing a packer, we recommend wearing a harness, strap-on, or packing underwear. Surely, the adhesives are strong enough to hold the packer in place throughout the whole day, however, if you are leading an active life, your body can excrete more sweat, causing more friction and resulting in the packer slightly moving.

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