FTM at a male's bathroom

Trans people meet many difficulties in their daily lives. One of them – using the public bathroom. Have you ever thought that such a natural and simple action can become a massive dilemma for transgender people?

Yes yes yes, you have read it correctly – a lot of FTM people definitely have faced a situation when they weren‘t sure which public restroom should they use.

On the one hand, it is obvious that an FTM person is a man and it is normal to choose a man‘s bathroom. On the other hand, entering a man‘s bathroom is a new experience and it can be called even a challenge to an FTM person. Let‘s find out what to expect using man‘s bathroom.


Public restrooms

Don‘t be afraid

You are transgender and you feel yourself like a man? It means – you are a man. If you are a man, you definitely have the right to use a men’s bathroom. It is normal to be afraid of stepping into a new and alien area, but the most important is not to be afraid and make the first move.

Fairness related to leaving a comfort zone is often a barrier to new and changing lives experiences. This is totally fine to start using the men’s bathroom and feel okay about that. It could be uncomfortable at the beginning, but it shouldn’t stop a transgender person from living a normal life and using a men’s toilet as cisgender people do.

Gender identity is more relevant than biological sex, and this idea should be leading for FTM people who are feeling stressed and not sure should they enter the men’s bathroom or not.


Patience at men s restroom


The first thing you are going to meet in the men‘s bathroom – the line of waiting people. Be prepared to wait, because men are used not to hurrying and acting like they are standing in their private home bathroom, and there are no waiting people behind the door.

We can often hear that women are always taking too much time in the women s rooms, but the real leaders in this competition are men. If you want to pee only, you are the lucky one. Why? Because the line of people waiting to pee moves forward quite fast. Unfortunately, if you feel the need for the bigger thing, then I can give you only one piece of advice – visit the toilet before you leave your home. You will definitely save your nerves and pants.

Less your expectations

Men are less friendly than women are. Be sure, it is almost impossible to find anything pleasure in the men‘s bathroom. Men are really quiet, they do not speak to each other, do not make eye contact, do not communicate.


The main point and purpose: visit the toilet, do the thing, leave. And that‘s it. No chatting, no smiling.

FTM people may find a huge difference in the atmosphere when you are comparing men‘s and women‘s bathrooms. It is almost mission impossible to get used to the men‘s bathroom and each entry could look like a real challenge. The best way is just to accept reality and do not think too much.


One more point that shouldn‘t be expected from the men‘s bathroom – cleanness and tidiness. You will be really surprised (in a bad way) how unclean and disgusting may the men‘s bathroom be. Usually, it looks like the cleaner has never visited this place.

There is a big mystery how is this even possible to pee all over the toilet or urinal. You can find piss, excrement, toilet paper everywhere in the men‘s bathroom. Literally – everywhere. I guess this mystery will never be disclosed.

Boys toiled

Get your first STP packer

I am sure that the majority of the FTM people could agree that their lives changed after they get their first STP (stand to pee) prosthetic. The STP packer allows you to urinate while standing up. Maybe it’s time to get one for yourself? The main function of an STP device is to be able to pee while wearing


Imagine, how great it would be to take out of the pants an amazing and ultrarealistic packer and feel free to pee with no stress or fair, that somebody will notice. We live in a modern world where each FTM person can buy a prosthetic that looks exactly like a real penis. Besides, there are different ways how to keep your packer in place and feel comfortable.

For example, you can choose between specially designed packing underwear, straps/harnesses, or even adhesive. The particular method of how to wear a packer is definitely an individual choice depending on the person, anatomical characteristics of his body, skin features, personal opinion.


How does the STP prosthetic work? The packer has a cup for comfortable peeing, a funnel, and a hole in the head. This composition of the packer allows the urine to flow down starting from the cup. It is recommended to have some practice at home because sometimes it takes time to understand how to avoid overflow and how exactly does the STP work.

Would like to see the unique and ultra-realistic STP packers? Please visit product page here.

You will definitely find the one!

Some tips for making your journey to the men’s bathroom easier:


  • You can always feel safe using a man’s bathroom at big social events such as concerts, sports games, etc. because even women are using men’s bathroom due to a shorter waiting time and the smaller amount of waiting people.
  • If you use the men’s room – do it as fast as possible. Other people won’t have time to pay their attention to you.
  • No eye contact!
  • If you find the bathroom looking unsafe or there are some suspicious people visiting the men’s room, it is better to use the women’s restroom. Your safety should be in the first place!
  • According to the previous tip related to your safety, it is a correct step not to drink in public places and stay sober. This could help you to avoid dangerous situations and drunk men in the bathroom who may act aggressive or try to offense you for no reason.
  • Here is a YouTube video you should watch 😊


If it happens a situation when you get any comments from other people about using the bathroom, there are some phrases that could be used as an excuse: 

  • “It is the closest bathroom”
  • “This was an extra emergency case”
  • “We are all human and the same on the inside”
  • “The staff gave me permission to use this bathroom”
  • “I’m just here to pee, that's it”
  • “I have to go and you can’t control that”
  • “This is the place where I can feel comfortable in”
  • “This isn’t a big deal, at all. Calm down. Everybody has to go sometime”
  • “I’m not hurting anyone by being here”
  • “My body is my own business, not yours”
  • “I don’t ask why you are here, so don’t ask me as well”
  • “I’ve taken steps to transition”
  • “I’m not going to start a fight, please calm down”
  • “I’m not going to hurt you being here”.


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