Let‘s talk about FTM people and their sexual life. As you may know or guess, sex and all related topics are always on top. Why? Because people are curious. But this is not the main reason why. Sex and active sexual life plays very important role, because sex gives so much joy and satisfaction. Not having this pleasure in live means that people are missing something. Something really important.

Feeling comfortable and loving your body as it is – this is the main key how to enjoy your sexual life. When person is confident in himself, he is free. Freedom and sex are definitely closely related, because how sex can be good when one of the partners fells uncomfortable or is worried and not relaxed? So sit, relax, and let‘s talk about FTM people and their sexual life.


So, how’s about sex?

Have you ever wondered, how FTM people have sex? If yes, we are here to discuss this question openly and to satisfy a need to find out how this works. We are totally sure that answering this question may be useful for trans men who are in the beginning of their transition journey, and they feel insecure and confused about their sex life.

First, it is important to know, that big part of FTM do not have bottom surgery made. It means, that their private parts are the same as they were born with. Shortly saying, you can meet a lot of men with vaginas. There are plenty of reasons why trans men decide not to go with bottom surgery: financial reasons, not having a dysphoria, fear of after-surgical period and complications, and much more.

You would be really surprised knowing how much people are open minded about sex and their sexual life. It is so nice when people have no boundaries related to having sex, so you should never let yourself think about issues to find a partner or lover.

Let’s find out how everything happens, what can be done to achieve the maximum sexual pleasure, and which sex toys are the most popular among FTM people.

For example, exploring the wide range of adult toys available can greatly enhance the experience, offering different sensations and levels of intensity. 


How to make masturbation more exciting experience?

You can always use your own hand. But you can use sex toys, as well. Never tried? So, it’s time to get some. Sex toys are very popular among different kind of people. It doesn’t matter what sex or what age person is. Or what kind of job he has. We are all equal in bed. So, for bringing more joy to your life, we would like to recommend you some most popular sex toys that trans men use.

Adjustable Cock Ring. Not every trans guy decides to get a bottom surgery. It means, that these men usually have smaller penises because they are growing their clitoris using testosterone and this takes some time. That’s why this cock ring is one of the best options for FTM people. Famous sex educator Buck Angel enjoys using this kind of ring because it perfectly does its job of enlarging the clitoris and making penetration process with no bigger issues.



Wild Flower Enby. This universal toy was founded when one of the cofounders Amy Boyajian was inspired by a FTM friend. Long story short – a transitioning friend of Amy wasn’t able continue using all the sex toys he had after all the body changes that happened during transition journey. Amy was inspired to design something totally new and universal, suitable for different people and their needs. Wild flower is a sex toy including different options: it can be humped, it can be flexed, it can be turned into a masturbation sleeve, it can be slipped between two bodies, or even fold inside harnesses.


Buck-Off FTM Stroker. Buck Angel presents a toy designed for trans men who have not had penis reconstruction surgery but have enlarged clitorises due to hormone treatment. It is so easy to use this product: you just need to put it over your clitoris and enjoy. That’s it. This amazing masturbator can be used not only by FTM people, bus by GNC people as well.



Kiss-X FTM Clitoral Stimulator. We would like to represent you another amazing product available on Buck Angel’s store. This sex toy has a small hole for clitoris, so this is just perfect stimulator for transgender men who are not on T. Cisgender women are welcome to use Kiss-X as well. You will definitely get a huge pleasure with this little nice toy for your vagina.


Ohnut. Soft and comfortable set of silicone rings is designed to control the depth of penetration and avoid to deep and painful intercourse. You can take control into your hands and avoid unpleasant feeling during sex.
B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite. Let us introduce a spicy butt toy. Anal play is always exciting and usually very pleasant experience. This sex toy is universal option for different kind of people who can enjoy this vibrating product. B-Vibe is a great choice for the beginners and for the professionals of anal sex. This toy is remote-controlled and totally safe to your body.
Silicone pleasure Sleeve. This handmade silicone sleeve is designed for transgender people. Shotpocket has pleasure ridges on the inside, and it is recommended using a water-based lubricant for the biggest pleasure. Trans guys are simply in love with this tiny little thing designed especially for them.

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