FTM terminology: all you need to know

FTM vocabulary

If you are new to the transgender community, it is normal that from time to time you hear terms you have never heard before and it can make you feel uncomfortable and cause miscommunication. What is more, choosing the right product for you may become a very challenging process. So, to help you to avoid these unpleasant experiences, we created a vocabulary with the main phrases and terminology you need to know. We keep adding new words or phrases to this list constantly to make sure you avoid miscommunication or confusion in your daily life.

ADHESION TAB – it is a smooth part at the back of the prosthetic. To attach the prosthetic to the body, you need to apply adhesive to the adhesion tab, press it to your body and wait until it dries. The adhesion tab creates a chance for our clients to create an ultra-realistic look by wear the prosthetic without any harnesses, straps or underwear.

ADHESIVE – if you decide to use an adhesive instead of the harness or specially designed underwear, you need to keep in mind that you need to use medical adhesive with our prosthetics. As the product is attached to the person's skin, the adhesive has to be medical grade and suitable to use for silicone products. We strongly recommend using only well-known adhesives, such as Pros-Aide, TELESIS 8 SILICONE ADHESIVE, etc. Also keep in mind, that each person’s skin can react differently so if you see a rash, feel burning or some other unpleasant sensations – please remove the prosthetic and clean the adhesive as soon as possible. Our recommendations for the adhesive you can find HERE.

ADHESIVE REMOVER – if you decide to use an adhesive, it is necessary to purchase adhesive remover as well. Due to its specific composition, the adhesive consistency is rather thick and sticky, therefore, in order to remove the adhesive, the water is not enough. The Adhesive remover is formulated from ingredients that allow for the safe removal of the adhesive, silicone pieces, etc. when you want to remove the adhesive just apply the remover, wait a little bit, wipe it off and then use water to wash everything away. The adhesive remover is designed for contact with human skin, so is completely safe to use.

BINDING – it is the process during which a person decides to flatten the chest to make sure their physique is as masculine as possible. It is a very common practice for FTM transgenders to start binding their chest to flatten it before deciding to go through with the surgery.

BINDER – it is a specific elastic or non-elastic bandage, which is used to wrap around the torso and to flatten the chest as much as possible. It is a common practice for FTM transgender to use various cloths, bandages, sports bras, compression shirts, and specially designed undergarments as binders to flatten the chest and reduce the breasts.

CUP OF STP – the cup of a stand to pee device is a part which located at the back of the prosthetic and is designed to collect the urine, this way allowing the client to use urinals without any leaks or other unpleasant situations.

EXTENSION – the extension is a thick, stretchy sleeve that fits snugly around your penis shaft. It is made from lifelike, firm, yet squeezable material. The epidermis layer is extremely real and repeats the texture of real skin. The finest details, like arteries, veins, and wrinkles, are clear and visible. Available in two different sizes, 16 different skin shades. You can read about our penis extension HERE.

F2M/FTM - this term refers to people, who were assigned female sex at birth, based on their genitalia, but they do not identify themselves as female, but rather gender-neutral or as a male. Usually, these individuals have a goal to transition from female to male and achieve this by starting hormone therapy, using packers, STPs, binders, double mastectomy, and sex reassignment surgery. FTM is still rather a popular term to use, however, it would be better to use a term transmasculine because it is more respectful.

FLACCID PACKER - The Flaccid FTM prosthetic is designed for daily use, and comes highly recommended by the clients, who are looking only for packer. With a focus on ultra-realism and comfort, these FTM packers are ideal to wear in your pants all day, every day. All models have a very nice 360° scrotum with movable floating testicles. Every Emisil's realistic FTM packer is nearly indistinguishable from a real penis, thanks to a professional design, ensuring lively colors, varied sizes as well as, and most importantly, an authentic feeling. You can see all our flaccid models HERE.

FLOATING TESTICLES – all our products have a moveable and very realistically looking testicles. The secret for this is simple – we designed floating testicles, which are very similar to real-life male testicles. Our artists create silicone balls filled in with special gel allowing them to float freely when you squeeze them, which provides an extremely realistic feeling.

FUNNEL - It is a part of the stand-to-pee device, which collects the urine and directs the stream through the shaft of your penis prosthetic.
HARNESS – the harness is specially designed undergarment to secure your prosthetic. There are many different style options, including briefs, boxer briefs, open back briefs, button-fly briefs, etc. If you are very active or prefer not to use the adhesive, the harness is the best option for you. When choosing the harness or straps, our advice would be not going cheap. Every item, depending on the price and manufacturer, offers different levels of functionality and comfort. Make sure you choose a trustworthy company and you will be happy with the product you buy. You can read more about wearing your prosthetic comfortably HERE.

HAIR – at Emisil you can not only choose the color of the prosthetic, but you can also get your prosthetic with hand-punched natural human hair. The hair is punched manually in order to create a more realistic look, to hide the edges of a glued prosthesis and not to attract some unwanted attention. The punched in hair creates a feeling that the hair grows naturally when one looks at the prosthesis. You can choose from 16 different colors to make sure you find the perfect hair color for you. You can read more about the hair option here.

JOCKSTRAP – jockstrap is a very similar undergarment as a harness, which has the main function to secure the packer comfortably. There are multiple producers and options to choose from, however, we would suggest choosing a trustworthy company, which produces jockstraps from high-quality materials.

LENGTH – when buying the packer or an STP, it is very important to choose the right size for you. We have various options and you can check the measurements in each product’s description. The length is measured from the adhesion tab until the tip of the penis.

LENGTH INSERTABLE – the insertable length for penis prosthetic is also very important, especially the ones which can be used for pack and play. So, the insertable length is measured from the tip of the penis along the shaft until the beginning of the scrotum.

GENDER DYSPHORIA – it is a condition, which causes a person to feel distressed and discomfort, because of the fact, that they have genitalia of the opposite gender than they identify themselves. Basically, according to transgender individuals, it is a feeling that your genitalia is mismatched with your gender identity. It is a very often case, that transmasculine individuals feel that they are missing a part of themselves due to the fact, that they do not have a penis. Although there are many people, who decide to have surgery, there is a significant number of individuals, who would rather choose to wear a packer or an STP than to go through with the surgery. To relieve their gender dysphoria, transgender individuals use binders, packers, or in some cases – breast prosthetics to make sure they live as a gender with which they identify themselves. Emisil is known to help in the cases of gender dysphoria due to the fact that our products are ultra-realistic visually. We also make sure, that our products feel super realistic so that our clients would finally feel, that they have everything they need to be themselves.

GIRTH – when choosing the prosthetic, it is also important to choose not only the suitable length but also girth as well. The girth of our products measures the circumference around the widest point of the shaft. This way you will exactly know what is the widest point and the exact girth of each product.

PACKER - Packer is a phallic object, which is worn by transmasculine individuals to create an appearance of a penis in the underwear. People use different objects to add what is missing, beginning with the packers made from socks, ending with lifelike penis prosthetics, which can be used for pack, play, and even pee. Each person is looking for different things, so we offer a wide selection of products which you can see here.

PACK AND PLAY - FTM pack and play packers for maximum pleasure and confident sex. Emisil's Erect model series are hard, firm and ultra-realistic, created for a pure and genuine experience.

PACKER ERECT – we offer our clients a few various types of packers and STP devices to choose from. Erect packers are the ones, which are mainly designed to pack and play. The design of the erect packer is created to make it as comfortable for the intercourse as possible. At our shop you can choose a few versions of the erect model- you can choose a very erect model; you can choose a pointed down prosthetic or you can choose extra-large erect prosthetic penis. You can find all erect models here.

PASSING – when talking about transgender individuals, people often talk about passing/not passing as one gender or another. Passing for transgender individual means, that the person looks visually and talks like the gender they identify with. For a transgender person to pass as the gender they identify as is the best thing that can happen.

PLASTIC ROD – our erect products can be bought with a plastic rod or silicone rod. The device with a plastic rod can be fixed, you can bend shaft down, release it, and it will stay in the position. Rod is made of plastic and is very light. Therefore, you will not experience any problems in airports when going through the metal detector. May exhibit some noise when flexing. (Currently, it can happen very rarely), this is due to the friction of the plastic ball joints. The flex rod is a plastic rod made up of many small ball & socket joints. Rod is very sturdy and durable. Plastic rod joints sometimes can pop out. (In that case, you need strongly press the popped-out part to fix it in place and move the joint back into the first position.

PLEASURE POCKET – there is an option to add a pleasure pocket (pleasure sleeve) to our erect prosthetics if there is a need for this. The pleasure pocket provides a possibility to receive additional stimulation during intercourse or while wearing the prosthetic. The pleasure pocket is textured inside in order to create suction and stimulate the clitoris this way creating extra pleasure for the person wearing the prosthetic.

SCROTUM – All Emisil penis prostheses are with movable testicles. The scrotum contains silicone balls sunk in a special gel allowing them to float freely when you squeeze them, which provides an extremely realistic feeling. When you press the prosthetic scrotum, you can see the changes in color and differences emerging between the layers.

SHAFT – on our website we measure prosthetic to provide as much information as possible for our clients. The shaft is the part of the prosthetic, starting at the tip of the penis and ending at the beginning of the scrotum. Usually, insertable length is the length of the shaft.

SILICONE ROD – silicone rod is usually integrated into our erect series and also added to the stand to pee devices. With STP devices, the silicone rod can be removed and inserted when needed. The main difference from the plastic rod is that with silicone rod you cannot fix the prosthetic in a certain position. In short, if you bend it up or down and suddenly release it, the shaft will come back into its first position. You can read more about the rod differences here.

SKIN COLOR – selecting the correct color for your prosthetic is always a little bit tricky part of the purchase, this is why we try to help our clients through this process as much as we can. We are frequently contacted by our clients with a concern about how to choose the right color for the penis prosthetic. That's why we created a reference point in real life by using the skin colors of real people. This way you can easily compare skin colors in the pictures with your skin color to achieve maximum color compatibility. When you decide to purchase Emisil penis prosthetic please choose one color which is most resembles your body color. The range of colors has been made according to the body colors of people of various nations, so we are sure that you will definitely find a suitable color for yourself. Please keep in mind that to achieve the ultra-realistic look, the colors shift and can get darker or lighter in different places. We also add various details such as veins, freckles, or other skin texture elements. The dye used for coloring the prosthetic is silicone-based, therefore, it cannot be washed or removed in some other way. If you want to know more about the way to choose the color of the prosthetic, you can read here.

STAND-TO-PEE – it is a device, which allows for transmasculine individuals to use urinals and relieve their bathroom dysphoria.

STP – Stand-To-Pee prosthetic abbreviation on our website.

STP COMPACT – our compact model is an affordable STP prosthetic that makes peeing easy. This model is ready for immediate use thanks to the unique inner tunnel that will prevent dripping or leaking, with safe to use silicone for maximum comfort and safety. The unique inner funnel makes it ideal for use when you need to pee and its one-handed operation means it is always ready for use immediately. It comes with 4 different skin colors and it’s easy to clean. You can purchase it here.

STP 1ST GEN - Emisil's 1st Gen STP packer is one of the most realistic and reliable prosthetics available today. It is available in two sizes. With our 1st Gen STP you can pack with an impressive bulge, pee with confidence, and play as you've never played before - be complete and whole in who you are. The prosthetic is leak-resistant, easy to clean, soft to the touch, and a joy to use. With three silicone layers of different softness and 16 colors, this STP Penis will provide you with an incredibly realistic look and feel. Prepare to enjoy your life with our top-quality STP Penis Prosthetic designed specifically for transmasculine individuals. You can get yours here.

STP 2ND GEN - the 3-in-1 2nd Gen Emisil STP & pack and play packer fulfills all functions expected of a penis and does it excellently and realistically. It comes with a specially designed shaft so that urine can flow freely without you worrying about clamping the inner canal. You can add an erection rod for play, and its snug size ensures you can pack it comfortably around the clock. With this packer, you can be confident that everything will work reliably and feel incredible. It is available in two sizes, you can purchase your 2nd Gen STP here.

STP 3RD GEN – it is a reliable STP packer for a confident lifestyle. Emisil's Stand to Pee packers are designed by a team of professionals for comfort and flawless functionality. This leak-resistant circumcised prosthetic penis makes urinating easy and natural and you will master it in no time! It's natural and smooth feel will surprise you. Fitting comfortably in your pants throughout the day, just add an erection rod when night comes around and make it a special one. You can choose from 16 different colors, get yours here.

UNCIRCUMCISED/UNCUT – if you are looking at the uncut prosthetic, we can help you. We offer packers with sliding foreskin in 16 different skin colors. For now, we do not offer this option for all of our products, but we are working on creating the sliding foreskin option for our Erect models as well as our STP’s.

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