How can I flirt with a woman as a trans man?

We are sure you have heard about the art of flirting. Have you ever thought how good are you at it? Do you think about being a master of flirting? Or maybe totally opposite thoughts live in your head, and you are not confident enough about yourself in flirting and asking a woman on a date? Flirting is called as an art not accidentally. This is definitely a big thing that plays a huge role in person’s romantic life. Nobody wants to be alone. Everybody wants to love and being loved. Everybody wants to have somebody close to them. So, let’s talk about flirting. Especially, what does it mean to flirt being a transgender man and how to do it successfully. Are you ready to get a master’s degree in flirting? If yes, shall we begin? 

How to make the first move?

The fact, that you are a trans man may bring some uncomfortable and even awkward moments talking with a straight woman. This should be not a surprising fact for you. But this is totally a surprising moment for a cisgender woman, who has never thought that she could be interesting for a transgender guy. It may take some time for here to realize this new and to accept, or, in some cases, to decline your attention. People are so different; their boundaries are different as well.

So, what to start with? The one and only point leading to successful flirting – self-confidence. When you love yourself, when you are self-confident and have no doubts how amazing you are, then everything related to flirting and dating is much easier. Confidence is one of the most attractive quality a person can have. Confidence is so obvious to others, because self-confident person acts, talks, behaves, even walks in different wat than people with no confidence do.

Our advice is to grow your self-confidence, first. After this you will no longer have any issues starting a conversation with the person you are interested in. Believe us, your crush will be impressed by your personality and the power you own.

FTM flirting tips

Steps for easier flirting

  1. Be yourself. There is no need to pretend being different than you really are. You will feel yourself stressful and overthinking trying to make an impression. Despite all the efforts your crush or date will finally see who exactly you are and will feel disappointed, or even deceived. Honestness is as important as confidence. So be yourself, tell what you really like and who you really are. Besides, this quality helps to find out how compatible you and the person you like are.

  2. Make it more casual. Take your time. No rush. If you like somebody, ask them out. Make flirting simple, with no extra tension. Imagine, how great is not to hide your interest in somebody. Do you like a person? Amazing! Make the first move and have a great date. He or she said no to you? That is not a problem at all! You tried, and that is the most important. Now you can be totally calm because you already know the answer and you are ready to step forward or away.

  3. Body language. You should pay attention to this point. You can easily control what you say, but it is almost impossible to control your body language. Body language is not something magical, but it can help in showing your interest in another person. There are some signs that show your engagement with somebody you like: smiling, making eye contact, mirroring the movements, orienting your body to the person you like. Usually, these actions are made naturally, with no preparation. Our body reacts to the person we are interested in, and this is so amazing.

  4. Compliments. Compliments are another key to successful flirting. You can offer nice compliments according to absolutely everything related to the person you are interested in: the look, smell, character features, ideas, free time activities, hobbies, and much more. For example, you can express your impression with their taste in music, or books the person loves. People always like when other people compliment there look. If you are going to do the same, ne unique and original. You are always welcome to compliment a smile, eyes, nice hands, or long legs. The most important is no to lie and not to make another person felling uncomfortable.

  5. No overdo! Never. It can look scary, and this is not attractive. Moreover, the person you like may run away or start avoiding you. The best you can do is showing your interest in other person, but not overdoing in flirting. Don’t try to become more flirty, more sexy, more attention giving. Just be yourself. Just be authentic. We can promise - it works!

We want to give you the main advice on flirting. The flirting is so personal. You should understand that what works on one person, may not work on another person. Make flirting easy, relax, be self-confident, and be natural. Show your interest to another person. And have some fun! Enjoy flirting!

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