How to clean penis prosthetic

Keeping your Emisil products hygienic by cleaning it regularly is super important.

Not only will it increase the longevity of your Emisil product, but will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the product’s surface, which can cause infections in both you and your partner/s.

We suggest cleaning your Emisil product daily if it’s a soft packer or an STP, and wash your STP packer as soon as possible after each use, in order to prevent urinary tract infections. If you use your prosthetic for sex, we also suggest washing it both before and after sex. This is because the bacteria that cause STIs and STDs can be transferred on the surface of sex toys, and prosthetics
and packers are no exception.

Clean FTM packer
Emisil products are made from silicone, and so are very easy to effectively clean. Warm water and a mild, non-scented (and ideally disinfectant), oil-free soap are ideal. You can either use a towel to wipe your Emisil product down with soap or rinse it in a sink. If your Emisil product is uncircumcised, this requires a little extra care- you should pull the foreskin away from the tip and
clean under it.

Make sure your Emisil product has dried completely before using it again or putting it into storage. This is because damp products are susceptible to the growth of fungi, like mold and mildew. If possible, air drying is ideal. However, if this isn’t an option for you for any reason (e.g. you don’t have space, you have kids, or you live with other people), drying your Emisil product with a clean,
a dry towel is another option.

Some sex toys and sex toy shops may sell specialty ‘toy cleaner’. This 'Toy cleaner' is simply soap in a bottle and is no more or less effective than any other kind of antibacterial soap. Cleaning sprays may make cleaning toys easier for you than using other kinds of soap, as they often come in a pump or spray bottle, but they are not necessary. If you are using a cleansing spray, make sure it does not contain alcohol, as this can both potentially damage your product and impact your body’s natural pH levels. Also, make sure that it is a toy cleaner that is safe for silicone. If you choose to use specialist sex toy wipes, again, make sure they do not have alcohol or other harsh ingredients.

Washing your Emisil product normally will not make the colors fade. This is because the colors on Emisil products are not paints layered on top of the silicone surface, but created through layering already pigmented silicone layers on top of each other. However, a soap that is too harsh may still damage the silicone material. Soaps that are perfumed or contain colorants are more likely to contain agents that can damage the silicone of your Emisil product, so are to be avoided. Oil-based soaps should also be avoided, as they may permeate the silicone’s surface, causing it to swell and distort, ruining the product. Damage may also be sustained by cleaning your Emisil product with excessive tensile force, so take care not to pull your Emisil product hard! After your Emisil product has dried, you can choose to powder it. Any kind of corn starch is well suited for this. Corn starch is sometimes sold as a powder for sleeve sex toys (i.e. toys like Fleshlight), but can also be bought from grocery stores, where it may be sold under the name ‘cornflour’, if you’re outside the USA. Talcum powder is not recommended for powdering your Emisil product, as some talc naturally contains asbestos, a substance linked ovarian cancer when used around the genitals.

While washing with soap is perfectly fine for everyday cleaning, you may also want to deep clean your Emisil product, and choose to sanitize it. Sanitizing will kill all and any bacteria on your Emisil product’s surface. To sanitize your Emisil product, you should submerge it in boiling water for 30 seconds to a minute. As with soap and warm water, after you have removed your Emisil product from the boiling water, you should let it dry totally before using it again or putting it into storage. This is to prevent the growth of mildew or mold on the product’s surface.

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