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Wondering where to get cheap FTM packers from? Try making a homemade packer! We have some DIY ideas, which will, hopefully, help you get crafty.

Wondering where to get a cheap FTM packer? DIY packers FTM can be a great solution when you’re on a budget, haven't come out yet, having issues ordering online, or simply if you love crafts. Learning how to make a packer FTM is easy and it won’t take a lot of your time. The best part - it won’t cost you a fortune! So get crafty, since this article is going to help you to make a DIY packer FTM. 


A sock packer is a super cheap & easy solution that anyone can make at home! All you’re going to need are:

- Socks
- Some plush filling
- A thread
- A needle
- Scissors

So, how to pack with socks? It’s easier to learn by using visuals, so check out this video tutorial on how to make a homemade packer FTM:

Begin by bending your sock in a half vertically, then sew downwards from the tip (start from the toe part and move towards the opening of the sock) forming a cylinder shape, which is going to be a shaft of the packer. Once you’re finished sewing, don’t forget to tie the loose ends, so it’s nice and firm. The next step would be to turn it inside out and to fill the shaft with some plush material. Don’t overfill it, since the shaft is going to be too rigid and it won’t look realistic when packing. Now, you’re going to form testicles by filling the foam to the very top and sewing a line right through the middle. Make sure there are no loose corners, and then make a tight knot from the remaining thread. Voilà! You just made an FTM sock packer.

DIY packers have many benefits, unfortunately, you should have in mind that it won’t look realistic at all. The shape and the size might look somewhat similar, but it’s still going to be socks sewed to form a penis shape. Additionally, it won’t necessarily feel comfy when wearing (depends on the material and shape) and it’s hard to keep it in place throughout the day as well.


If you’re willing to put more effort into the packer-making process, here’s another tutorial on how to make a packer FTM. 

What you’re going to need for your homemade packer?

- A sheet of paper for the pattern making
- A fabric (double the size of the sheet of paper)
- A pantyhose
- Plush filling
- A thread & a needle
- Scissors
- A pencil

Begin by preparing the pattern - draw a half of phallus, cut it out of the paper, then put the pattern of the material folded in half and cut the shape out. Sew the edges, starting from the bottom, moving towards the shaft. Finally, the tip should be a little folded and sewn around. Pull both threads together and tie them firmly and cut the material around. Now all you need to do is to turn the fabric inside out and that’s it - you have a form for the shaft. To finish your FTM DIY packer, you need to add filling and attach testicles that are relevantly easy to make. Form two balls from the plush filling, put them into the pantyhose and make a knot in between. Then fill the other side with filling and make another knot. Finally, put the pantyhose with the fillings inside of the material that you made in the beginning and sew it all together. For a more detailed description, see the original tutorial - DIY packer from fabric.

Cheam DIY packer FTM

Click here to see the source.


A homemade STP device might be difficult to make in comparison with other types of packers since it must be comfortable and functional when “nature calls”. The easiest and most practical way to make a DIY packer, suitable for STP function, is by modifying a medical spoon. Medical spoons are available at drugstores and cost only a few dollars, so it’s very accessible for almost anyone.

So, how to make a packer STP device? You’re going to need:

- A medical spoon
- Knife/ razor blade/ a drill
- Marker
- Lighter
- Molding material (optional)

Start by making a hole at the end of the medical spoon handle. The end of the tube is usually closed, so you’ll need to mark the exact part that you’re going to remove. Then, drill a hole with a drill or slice off the marked tip of the handle using either a knife or a razor blade. To make things easier, use a lighter and heat the plastic up in order to make it softer. The lighter can be handy when eliminating sharp edges as well. You can form the tip from molding material - the tip should look like a rounded cone. Or, you can use rubber and other similar material to form the tip. And now you’ve learned how to make a packer!

If it’s your very first STP device, try practicing at home. The best place for this is a bathtub or a shower, in this way if anything drips or leaks, you’ll wash it off instantly. Want to know more about how to make a homemade STP device? Learn more here!

Note that DIY STP devices won’t serve as effectively as bought STP. STP’s made by Emisil feels like a natural part of your body and not just a penis prosthetic or accessory. Emisil will exceed your expectations, so why not try it out?


Now that you’ve learned how to make a packer, you’ll need a harness to keep it in place throughout the day. What about DIY packing harnesses? You can make a packing harness from materials that you’re going to find at home, such as elastic bands or old boxers. When making a packing harness from elastic bands, you’ll need to measure yourself, then, according to these measurements, you’ll choose a reasonable amount of elastic fabric. Sew both ends of the elastic band (it will be your waistband) and sew the part that will support your packer. It should look something like this:

DIY packer harness

We’ve covered this topic in our blog post on packing tips, so if you want to learn more, see this packer harness DIY tutorial.


Since we’re talking about DIY FTM products… Why not make DIY packing underwear? The easiest and fastest way to make packing underwear is using an old pair of boxers and adding a pouch to secure the packer into a place.

Step 1 - Find boxers that you would like to use for packing. Make sure it fits you perfectly.
Step 2 - Find a piece of material, measure it according to your packer size and cut it out.
Step 3 - The piece of fabric should be positioned on the boxers according to your anatomy. You can pack lower or higher, the most important aspect - a packer should look natural.
Step 4 - Sew a piece of fabric on the inner side of the underwear. It should look somewhat like a pocket.
Step 5 - Show off with your new DIY packing underwear!

Surely, you can try other tutorials that will help you to make packing underwear. Check out this educational and witty video from MackMan and make an amazing pair of packing underwear!


Yes, it’s a great option if you don’t have any other choices. It’s inexpensive, in some cases you can even make a free FTM packer at home without too much effort. However, it takes too much time & effort for something that doesn’t look real. Additionally, since it’s very cheap and made from primitive materials - it won’t last. So you’ll have to make a new one from time to time. What if your packer will tear right before going out? Or during some important event? What about being intimate with someone, feeling assured and confident, no matter what? If you want to leave anxiety and body dysphoria in the past, you need something more than a piece of fabric.

We are Emisil, and our main goal is to make you feel more like yourself & happy! We are making ultra-realistic, incredibly detailed, and individualized high-quality penis prosthetics for each and every life situation. No more worrying when jogging, swimming, or being intimate - enjoy feeling masculine and free. Visit our e-shop and find the most realistic STP’s, soft packers, and hard packers for pleasure. 

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