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Below is a letter we received from one of our website visitors:

"Hi. Ok, I will place my order. Is it discreet? I heard it says “silicone penis prosthetic” on the customs declaration. Is that true?"

No, it's not true. From outside, the parcel looks totally discreet. It‘s a simple Emisil white box, or original DHL yellow one, with 3M™ packing invoice enclosed with it.

Emisil shipping box


The envelope is sealed. However, the DHL barcode, addresses, and the content description are visible from the

outside. Below is the actual picture of the DHL slip, content: HS CODE, SILICONE PRODUCTION, PRIVATE PRODUCTION

 Emisil - DHL papers

We understand that a disguised packaging will help customers order the product with ease and without hesitations, That's why we updated content from silicone penis to HS CODE. + To address this concern, we have decided to give our customers an option. It will be discussed later on.


Unpleasant scenarios if the buyer is not present at the time of delivery:

- a transgender who lives with his/ her parents and isn‘t “out” yet

- a person who lives with a religious family who could show disapproval of such product

- a transman who is cautious and doesn‘t want to take the risk of someone seeing the package

- a man/ woman who would never want his/ her neighbors to know about the purchase

As a result, Emisil is going to use ODD from DHL Express From now on, all Emisil customers will receive their online purchases when it suits them. DHL On-Demand Delivery (ODD) offers recipients various handy and flexible delivery options. In other words, customers can choose when and where DHL Express delivers the parcel.


Emisil - DHL Shipping options

Information from the official DHL page:

Once our shipment has been handed over to DHL Express, the recipient will immediately receive an SMS and/or e-mail message and be informed about the anticipated delivery date. The message contains a link to the ODD system, which can be easily accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

• Using ODD, recipients can decide for themselves how, where, and when the delivery will take place.

• On the day of delivery, the recipient receives another SMS and/or e-mail message so that they know precisely when they can expect the parcel. Unless informed otherwise, we will simply deliver to the original address.

• Our SMS and e-mail messages mean that DHL Express ensures that the recipient is always aware when their parcel will be delivered. Flexible delivery options also mean fewer returns to you as the sender.

Available options:

Whilst the shipment is en route, your customers can use On-Demand Delivery to choose from the following options:


DHL Delivery

Collect from a DHL ServicePoint
No more waiting at home unnecessarily Your customer collects their parcel from a DHL ServicePoint nearby.


Emisil - DHL Schedule delivery

Schedule the delivery
Your customer selects a delivery date that best suits them.

DHL Signature waiver icon

Signature waiver
Gives DHL permission to deliver the shipment without signature in the absence of your customer.

Emisil discreet and secure

Delivery to neighbors, reception or security
Gives DHL permission to deliver the shipment to neighbors, reception, or security.

DHL Delivery to other address icon

Delivery to another address
Gives DHL permission to deliver to an alternative address (such as work, family, school, etc.).

DHL waiting time icon

Waiting time for holidays
If your customer is on holiday, we can hold the shipment for you for up to 30 calendar days.

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