Refund policy

1. Products order cancellation and return policy

We are working very responsibly to satisfy Your unique’s body need. That is why we need to ensure understanding of our Cancellation and Return Policy rules.

2. Rules of purchase cancelation and return

We aim to keep the delivery of the products on time. So, once an order is placed online, it is processed immediately by our employees. The production process is initiated instantly after the ordering transaction is completed. The cancellation is allowed only before the production process begins. Once the production of the order is initiated, no cancellations of the orders are allowed.
Any order cancellations made before production starts will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee.
Due to the fact, that our products are 100% individually custom-made and we manufacture every detail according to customer‘s size, color needs, and specific design wishes, we DO NOT accept returns for any reason, except production error. All items are quality controlled and checked before shipping, so if you receive an item that is not in perfect condition or does not fit the size or color ordered, please contact immediately at

3. The following are conditions excluded as reasons for return:

Incorrect measuring does not qualify as a production error because we ask You to take measures by Yourself and give those measures to us. The customer’s responsibility to state the correct measurements.
Slight differences in shading of the same fabric (due to variations in the dying process) may occur.
Additionally, slight differences in measurements may occur as well.
Since your garment is handcrafted and not machine-made, slight variations in the fit of two finished products ordered with the same size body measurements may occur but are generally not noticeable.
Our company will only accept returned products that are in good and unworn condition. The company has the right to deny the issuance of a refund to an order that is believed to be previously worn for a time or damaged.
Products that are altered or modified in any way cannot be refunded or exchanged
The product design interface on our website or sent by preview or example photos is simply visualization and minor differences in appearance of the color and style may be evident.
Products may need to be adapted manually and You need time to get used to a new product as a new part of Your body. The adaptation period can be sent to You and adaptation period situation is not a condition for returning.
Products or items lost in transit will not be compensated for.

4. How to return product/item rules

Please send all products/items You wish to return or exchange from an order in the same shipment to ensure your return is processed as quickly as possible.
Items should be returned in their original packaging to ensure they are adequately protected in transit.
Your return may not be accepted if the box is damaged when we will get it, because of the product's possible damage.
Returns that are damaged, soiled or altered may not be accepted and may be sent back to the customer at the customer’s expense.
The buyer is responsible for ensuring an adequate level of product protection while the product reaches us. That is why we ask You to take pictures of the parcel just before You send the parcel to us. Keep that picture of Your sent parcel packaging that You made.
Items should be returned to us in perfect condition, without any wearing signs AND accompanied by the original invoice You got after the purchase.
Returns will only be accepted if labels and original packaging are fully intact. We cannot accept returns where labels have been removed, or any other clear our Company details which can prove that our Company are the original manufacturer of the returned product/item.

5. Fair return acceptance rules

In relation to any products ordered, our Company shall consider any reasonable complaint about return received within 14 days of the final purchase receipt of the product (s). A request for return shall be sent to A solution shall be sought per customer on a complaint to a compliant basis. We are looking to find a solution which could balance our Business goals and your as a customer goals. We promise to answer all, complain, return and purchase cancellation” inquiries per 5 working days. We promise to take care of your problem in the best way we can.

6. Warranty

Sorry, but we do not provide any warranty to our FTM packers. The prosthetics are handmade, specially commissioned, or personalized goods. Additionally, we are always seeking to find the solution in case of any issues related to our products. Emisil team cares about each client and provides excellent customer support.
In case of a production error, the customer is required to take pictures, illustrating the cause of the dissatisfaction (including a visible measuring tape if the issue relates to measurements/dimensions) and email to
The information is then analyzed (analysis may take up to two weeks from receipt of the returned product).
If the error is confirmed, the request for return is accepted, and the customer will be issued an authorized return letter.
We kindly ask You to send all your questions and pictures by email:


Last time updated 2021-09-23