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Designed for daily use. Flaccid penis prosthetic abbreviation in our shop is FL

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Designed for play and pleasure. Erect penis prosthetic abbreviation in our shop is ER

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Stand to pee* series

Device which allows you to urinate. Abbreviation in our shop is STP

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      Emisil FTM packers process: from order to delivery

      Since realistic FTM packers for trans are not mass-produced, most of our packers are custom-made from start to finish, or at least have parts that we have catered, based on your needs. Although choosing the right transman packer might be challenging, we care about your needs and are ready to answer all your questions and help every step of the way. Here are some of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a realistic packer: functionality, material, price, size.

      Once you have chosen additional customization options (such as skin tone, hair color) you can order your FTM packer. When payment will be received, our expert team will begin a realistic silicone penis production process. Each of our products is custom-made and handcrafted individually to ensure high-quality results and. The penis prosthetic is manufactured in 1-2 weeks, meanwhile, the shipping takes additional 2-4 business days, so you should receive your silicone packer within 3 weeks. All our products are shipped on a non-transparent package with no information about the contents of the package to guarantee discreetness.

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      FTM trans with underwear
      About the maker

      In 2008, armed with a long-term experience in the art of silicone molding, we decided to share our hand-made art with a wider public. We believe that science and art go hand-in-hand when it comes to making FTM products, therefore, patience and scrupulous work is needed to create a unique human body part using artificial means. Our transgender prosthetics are of the highest quality - soft, yet durable and are produced from materials that closely mimic the texture of human skin. As our main mission is to make the people, who are struggling with their appearance, confident and happy, we make our FTM packers as realistic as possible to ensure that it is difficult to distinguish from the real penis. Moreover, you can order your transgender packer according to your individual needs, allowing you to choose your preferred size, color, with hair or without it. If you are looking for a partner for your transition journey, Emisil is here to help by providing information, fast production, and even faster delivery! Establish a natural and comfortable bulge with the Transgender Packer of your dreams!


      Before you order anything, think which are the needs you want your packer to fulfill? Are you looking for a packer for daily use, one for sexual activities, or a stand-to-pee packer that allows you to combine the features mentioned before? It's important that your packer feels natural and comfortable during long days of use, as well as looks naturally under the clothes.


      When you have to choose the best FTM packer for everyday use, material that is safe and comfortable is important because this packer will accompany you on daily basis. For this reason, Emisil offers transgender prosthetics made from medical-grade silicone that is perfectly safe to use and will feel naturally comfortable against your skin.


      The price range for silicon packers can differ depending on the features and material used. As it is an investment in your well-being, saving money on a cheap, low-quality FTM packer isn't the best decision, but don't break the bank either and opt out for a packer that is cost-effective for you! Emisil has packers in different price ranges starting from $100 to make sure that there is a silicone penis that you can afford.


      Choosing a size mostly depends on your preference, however, realistic FTM packers look different on your computer screen, so don't make the mistake of buying a larger silicone penis because of that. If you are choosing a realistic packer for daily use, we advise going for a smaller size, which replicates a penis in the resting state and looks proportional to the person in terms of size and complexion.

      Materials used in making of female-to-male packers

      One of the most important things to consider when choosing a transgender packer is the material it is made from. Here at Emisil we believe that the best FTM packers are made from 100% medical-grade silicone. They might be pricier, but the difference in quality is quite remarkable as well. First and foremost, if you ever had any issues or allergic reaction to any other material, we recommend trying a medical-grade silicone packer as it is the safest option out there. Therefore, to eliminate any possibilities of our silicone packers causing a reaction, the materials Emisil uses have been internationally certified and attested. Silicone for FTM prosthetics is one of the most natural-looking materials: it is non-porous, odorless, and easy to clean - simply wash your FTM packer with mild soap and water after each use, and allow it to air dry. If you wish to sanitize your packer, you can even boil it for a couple of minutes as silicone material is heat resistant. Moreover, if you are planning to go for a swim in a pool, silicone packers will stand up to chlorine better than their porous material counterparts. 

      FTM trans with packer

      FTM packer customization options

      Once you have decided on the model of your transman packer, it is time to customize your silicone penis by choosing a custom skin and hair color to match your own. Currently, we offer sixteen different skin color options specially formulated to closely represent the skin tone of human skin types all over the world. Similarly as with skin color, we have 16 different shades of hair options, however, it is your choice whether you want to add it to your realistic packer or not. Unfortunately, due to the production technique and the fact, that the adhesion tab is very narrow, there is no possibility to add hair to the stand-to-pee devices. As each transgender packer is handmade work of art, the color can be slightly different for each of our products. Moreover, we do not make female to male packers which are one color only. Colors shift and can get darker or lighter in different places due to such details as veins, freckles, or other skin texture elements created on the prosthetic, so the final result is a very realistic FTM prosthetic that is hard to distinguish from the real penis. That's why the Emisil penis is not only a realistic penis prosthetic when you are looking at it, but it is ultra-realistic when you are touching, and pressing it. If it's difficult to find your skin tone by looking at our sixteen skin color samples, you can always send us a photo of your leg or stomach in daylight, as well as a photo of how the transgender prosthetic should look like, and our artists will do their best to match your photo as closely as possible.


      There are mainly three ways to wear your prosthetics - you can wear a harness; you can buy specially designed underwear or you can use adhesive. Each of these packing options has their advantages and disadvantages, you just need to figure out how active is your lifestyle and how you want to use your FTM packer.

      If you are active, the harness or straps will be the best choice for you as it keeps your FTM packer in place tightly and securely. This might not be the best wear option for FTM packers for heavier men as these harnesses can  leave marks and bruises when it is too tight.

      Underwear is another option that will feel very natural, comfortable, and stress free, besides there are many styles (briefs, boxers, 'tighty-whitey') you can choose from. Might not be the best solution if you want to use your FTM packer for sex, as you will have to keep your underwear on.

      Now that we have started producing prosthetics with the adhesion tab, which can be attached to the body with Silicone Medical Grade Adhesive, you don't have to wear anything else to keep it attached to your body. Moreover, if the color matches, the adhesion tab is almost seamless and it looks very natural, like a real penis. it might take some time to find the right adhesive, but it is totally worth it once you do. With this option though we recommend using a harness or underwear, if you decide on doing something active, otherwise your FTM packer may slightly detach or slide from the initial position. Learn more

      When deciding on positioning your packer, you need to decide how visible you want your bulge to be. For a more noticeable bulge, you can place your packer higher on your pelvic bone. If you don't want to have a big bulge, you can always place it lower on your pelvic bone. Once you have decided on the place for your packer, you can either pack up or down. Packing up means that you position your shaft so that it runs along with one of your hip flexors. Whether you dress right or left depends on you, but this method will also reduce the appearance of the size of your bulge. if you like to wear tight pants, you are the dancer or a swimmer, this might not be the best position as it might create a very detailed view of your shaft and head. in this case, you can pack down and position your shaft straight down over the ball sac, but be aware, even the smallest FTM packer will give you a decent bulge.

      Each one of us are different, therefore the size of the packer is completely up to your preferences. You might want a big bulge, but then realize how uncomfortable it can get to ear a massive FTM packer in your pants on daily basis. If you are the smaller guy you might want to choose a smaller packer at it feels more in proportion with the rest of your body, the opposite goes for bigger guys. If you are choosing a trans FTM packer for youth it is important to choose an appropriate one as a giant bulge will look very out of place. When you first are learning how to wear a packer, it'll be about experimenting, so we advise to start with 5-inch packer and see how it feels and then determine if you want to go bigger or smaller.

      Basically, you can choose between regular underwear or underwear specifically designed for packing. With regular underwear though, you just need something that is going to fit tightly enough that the packer will not fall out, but note that if you are likely to pull down your pants in a public restroom or while changing in the gym, packing underwear might save you some embarrassing moments. This kind of underwear uses various designs to ensure that the packer stays in the correct position, and also cannot fall out. Learn more

      Silicone packers are very easy to care for - they can be washed in mild soap and water. Keep in mind, even though you use antibacterial soap, your FTM packer will not be fully sterilized. To sterilize your silicone penis, bring water to a boil, remove it from the burner and soak your packer in water for up to 5 minutes. Remove and lay to air-dry. Learn more