Transgender dick | Emisil erect penis prosthetic ER03

As low as €535.00

There is nothing more depressing then having to replace your packer if sexual encounter emerges. With the new Emisil Pack And Play Erect Penis Prosthetic, you will forget that you have one. This model is available in 16 different skin and hair colors with full 360° scrotum and 2 movable floating testicles. It’s designed for pack and play so you will be prepared for every situation. Enjoy your life and save yourself from moments of dysphoria with our Emisil Pack And Play Erect Penis Prosthetic model designed especially for you. Visual measurements:
Length: 8.26 in - 21 cm | Girth: 6.69 inches - 17 cm | Weight 540 g - 19 oz

From outside, the parcel looks totally discreet. It‘s a simple white box with 3M™ packing invoice enclosed with it.

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- Easy to clean with standard soap and water.
- Very durable and high performance. When you grab it, it feels like a real skin.
- Three silicone layers, each of different softness. All these three layers together provide an incredibly real feel.
When you are pressing prosthetic scrotum, you can see the changes in color and differences emerged between the layers.

- Designed for play
- Full 360° Scrotum with 2 movable floating testicles
- Hyper realistic look
- Available in 16 different skin and hair colors
- Hand punched hair, additional cost + Euro € 85.00
- Flexible SILICONE rod (According to our customers needs and comments. We changed plastic rod to silicone rod.)

Visual measurement:
- Length: 8.26 inches - 21 cm.
- Girth: 6.69 inches - 17 cm.
- Weight 540 g - 19 oz

- DHL Express delivery takes approximately 2 - 4 working days.

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