Erect penis Prosthesis 03

As low as €535.00

Erect penis model 03, bif very realsitic penis prosthetic.Extremely difficult to distinguish from a real penis.
All Emisil penis prosthetics certainly do not look like a fake penis or simple one-color ftm silicone dildo.

This life-like penis prosthetic is designed for sex. This is just one wonderful penis of the many others offered by Emisil FTM products.
Do not forget to choose skin and hair colors (If you want your prosthetic tol be without hair, choose the hair option without hair).

Will not ship immediately, production process time: 1-2 weeks.

- Easy to clean with standard soap and whater.
To sterilize, all you need is water and a pot. Fill a large, clean pot with enough water to cover the penis.
Turn the heat off and remove the penis using tongs.
- Very durable and high performance. When you grab it, it feels like a real skin.
- Three silicone layers, each of different softness. All these three layers together provide an incredibly real feel.
When you are pressing prosthetic scrotum, you can see the changes in color and differences emerged between the layers.

- Designed for play
- Full 360° Scrotum with 2 movable floating testicles
- Hyper realistic look
- Available in 16 different skin and hair colors
- Hand punched hair, additional cost + Euro € 85.00
- Flexible SILICONE rod (According to our customers needs and comments. We changed plastic rod to silicone rod.)

Visual measurement:
- Length: 8.26 inches - 21 cm.
- Girth: 6.69 inches - 17 cm.
- Weight 540 g - 19 oz

- DHL Express delivery takes approximately 2 - 4 working days.

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