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2-3 weeks + delivery time. Depending, which method you choose DHL or Standard.

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Emisil page has a new face. As well as new features, one of them new hair palette.

We are pleased to inform

We added into Emisil web store a lot of new models and so long-awaited S.T.P

Erect penis

Short form ER. Designed for play and have pleasure.
Emisil penis prosthesis can be two types. They can be Flaccid or they can be Erect. Erect prosthetic penis shaft is filled with firmer silicone, and have flex rod inside shaft.
Just like in real life, when the penis get erect, it becomes more firmer and harder.

- Scrotum with 2 movable floating testicles
- Flexible rod
- Hyper realistic look
- 16 different skin shades
- 16 different natural human hair color chart (hand punched real human hair + US $ 85).

Additional information will be available soon...