FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
Emisil uncircumcised stp
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil

Wee-wee - 3ra generación. STP | Incircunciso

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Color de piel
STP de 3ra generación Una empacadora STP confiable para un estilo de vida seguro. Los empacadores Emisil Stand to Pee están diseñados por un equipo de profesionales para brindar comodidad y una funcionalidad impecable. ¡Este pene protésico no circuncidado resistente a las fugas hace que orinar sea fácil y natural y lo dominará en poco tiempo! Su tacto natural y suave te sorprenderá. Calza cómodamente en tus pantalones durante todo el día.
  • No circuncidado: con prepucio ultrarrealista.
  • Textura de la piel visualmente indistinguible de un pene real. Con tres capas de silicona de diferente suavidad. Suave al tacto, es un placer usarlo.
  • Resistente a fugas, fácil de limpiar.
  • La lengüeta delgada encaja perfectamente en tu lugar, para crear la máxima comodidad y un aspecto muy realista.
  • Escroto ultrarrealista con testículos móviles rellenos con un gel especial

Medidas visuales:

Longitud: 4,3 pulgadas (11 cm) | Circunferencia: 4,3 pulgadas (11 cm) | Peso: 7 onzas (200 gramos)

Este packer no es adecuado para el coito. La barra de erección no está incluida.

Empacadora STP increíble y confiable para un estilo de vida seguro. ¡Este pene protésico circuncidado a prueba de fugas hace que orinar sea fácil y natural y dominará su técnica la primera vez! Su tacto natural y suave te sorprenderá. Calza cómodamente en tus pantalones durante todo el día,
Fácil de orinar, sin fugas: diseñado por un equipo de profesionales para brindar comodidad y una funcionalidad impecable. Los paquetes se mantienen en su lugar como un pene real.
No recomendamos usar este dispositivo para tener relaciones sexuales. (El eje cuelga hacia abajo).

El prepucio no se desliza-se mueve por toda la cabeza.


- No se recomienda el arnés con junta tórica, ya que su prótesis puede dañarse al usarlo. Por lo general, estos anillos están hechos de materiales muy duros (por ejemplo, metal, plástico). Como resultado, podría causar la fuga de lágrimas de su producto.
Sea muy cuidadoso con su producto, ya que no está diseñado para un uso duro y rudo. Le recomendamos que preste atención a todas las instrucciones y recomendaciones sobre cómo utilizar su dispositivo. El no utilizar el empaquetador como se recomienda anulará cualquier responsabilidad de la empresa y el cliente asume toda la responsabilidad por cualquier daño o lesión que se produzca. Si la prótesis se daña por culpa del cliente, la garantía quedará anulada y no se aceptarán devoluciones ni reembolsos.

- Nuestros productos están hechos de silicona médica y son absolutamente seguros, pero no recomendamos usarlo dentro de su cuerpo o el de su pareja durante un período prolongado de tiempo. ¡No olvides usar un condón a base de agua cada vez que juegues! Sea cuidadoso, no use cosas o materiales duros, porque puede dañar su prótesis.

Las imágenes del producto son solo para fines ilustrativos y pueden diferir del producto real. Podemos asegurarle que recibirá la versión protésica más reciente y mejorada.

📖 Full description

This FTM packer features a scrotum with movable testes. Each testicle is filled with special gel for proper weight and feel. A hyper detailed surface cast from silicon helps the prosthetic penis to look and feel natural. 

🚽 Pee-pee with 3rd gen. STP packer!

Relieve dysphoria safely and comfortably with this reliable packer. Designed in a range of skin tones from medical grade silicon, the packer has a lifelike feel for maximum confidence. With an STP trans packer, nonbinary and trans individuals can urinate while standing easily. This high-quality stand to pee packer can support transition, increase safety and confidence peeing in public, and fit comfortably all day long. 

This packer is not suitable for intercourse. The erection rod is not included.

Safe and Secure

An adhesive tab allows the packer to be pulled away from the body and attached easily and naturally. The packer will need to be secured to clean, hairless skin. Any type of body wash and hair removal method will work. Body safe medical grade adhesive secures the packer directly to the wearer's body. Once the packer is positioned and the adhesive is dry, it can comfortably stay in position for eight to twelve hours. The packer can be removed by gently pulling it away from the body and cleaning the skin with adhesive remover.

Leak Resistant

A flexible internal funnel allows the STP packer to be used with no stress. The no drip lip reduces the risk of leaking over the top of the packer. Because the funnel is large, the cup is unlikely to overflow. Practice at home may be needed to adjust to urinating with the device in place, but with practice, users can stand to pee confidently every time. 

🧼Easy to Clean 

At the end of wearing, running mild soap and water through the funnel and along the prosthetic surface easily cleans the STP packer. Once it has been washed and dried, the packer can be set aside in a clean, secure place until it is ready to wear again. 


Sixteen different skin shades allow the STP trans packer to naturally match the wearer's skin tone. The prosthetic flesh is made from a three layer system of silicon, each designed with a different softness. Wearers are controlling the position of the packer, allowing them to use it when and where they please. Specific skin color customizations may be available upon request.

Designed for Daily Wear

As well as being comfortable and functional, this FTM STP packer fits easily into pants and can be used naturally at a urinal. It is designed to avoid embarrassing accidents and to look realistic. Whether the goal is to pass more easily, to increase comfort and safety in public places or to have the confidence of a realistic STP, the 3rd Generation STP packer can help.

Continually Evolving

Technology for relieving dysphoria is constantly changing and improving. The 3rd Generation stand to pee device reflects that evolution. It is hand-made by professionals with the utmost comfort and functionality in mind. Each product that is sent out is the most improved prosthetic version available. 

Works With Harnesses or Underwear

The adhesive allows the packer to be worn directly on the skin. However, more active wearers or those who prefer not to use adhesive may benefit from using a harness or underwear specifically for packing to keep it in place. The packer is compatible with many styles, allowing the wearer to choose whatever method makes them comfortable. Those who are new to packing can try using the packer at home or another safe location first before deciding which method of securing it works best for them. 


Picking an STP stand to pee can be a very personal experience. Discrete customer service professionals are available to answer any questions or concerns. Wearers can receive advice on how to wear the device properly, can check our skin palate to ensure proper skin matching, and can request adjustments if needed. 

Please note, sales are final and not refundable. All our prostheses are unique and look different. If you purchase two models of the same color, the final results may vary.

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. We can assure you will receive the latest and most improved prosthetic version.

Discrete and Accessible

Available to ship worldwide and with discrete packaging, the 3rd Generation STP packer is a safe option. STP product itself is designed for a comfortable fit and natural look without being overly large or inflexible. It can be used easily throughout the day according to the wearer's needs. 

• Length 4.3 in (11 cm)
• Girth 4.3 in (11 cm)
• Weight 7oz (200 g)
⚠️ Since our production is handcrafted, there may be slight variations in the size.

Shaft has a slight downward curve, made from soft silicone.

Emisil penis prosthetics come with movable testicles filled with a special gel. It allows the two silicone balls to float freely inside the scrotum when squeezed — that combined with the color changes emerging between the silicone skin layers gives the prosthetic an ultra-realistic feel.

Our parcels are delivered by the most professional international shipping services. DHL and UPS offers a wide rage of additional options for your convenience, including a tracking option.

Delivery to the United States

1-2 business days
Production process time - up to 5 business days

International Locations

2-4 business days (depending on location)
Production process time - up to 5 business days

1. Aplicar el adhesivo

Antes de aplicar el adhesivo, asegúrese de limpiar el área de la piel a la que colocará el empacador. Es necesario eliminar el vello de esta parte del cuerpo, y el Applying the adhesive on FTM packerla piel debe limpiarse adecuadamente para asegurarse de que el empacador esté perfectamente adherido. Puede usar cualquier tipo de gel de baño o toallitas húmedas para este propósito. Una vez que limpies la piel, déjala secar unos segundos.

Para más información revisa esto Entrada en el blog.

 2. posición del empacador

FTM packer attached to the body

Una vez que haya aplicado el adhesivo, fije su empacador al cuerpo y colóquelo con cuidado. Intente asegurarse de colocarlo en la posición correcta y trate de no moverlo durante demasiado tiempo, ya que el adhesivo puede comenzar a curarse. Después de colocar el empacador, déjelo secar durante unos minutos.

Pruébelo varias veces en casa para dominar su técnica, así sabrá qué esperar y se sentirá más seguro cuando necesite el S.T.P sobre la marcha. No te desanimes si driblas la primera o las dos primeras veces. Con un poco de práctica, el dispositivo Stand To Pee funcionará perfectamente cada vez.

Posición del empaquetador STP

En primer lugar, debe asegurarse de que su posición sea la correcta, debe tratar de encontrar la posición adecuada y lleva algo de tiempo.

No doble el eje demasiado

Para cada persona, es un poco diferente. En segundo lugar, al orinar, debe asegurarse de inclinar y colocar el eje correctamente sin presionarlo demasiado. En algunos casos, los clientes los presionan demasiado, presionando el embudo y bloqueando el flujo.

Mantenga el eje apretado

Sostenga el eje con fuerza, mientras presiona dos dedos, colocados en el área del escroto, contra el cuerpo.

Al orinar, debe controlar el flujo, lo que significa que debe detener el flujo de vez en cuando para asegurarse de que no se desborde.

Este sitio está protegido por reCAPTCHA y se aplican la Política de privacidad de Google y los Términos del servicio.


Before applying the adhesive, please ensure you clean the skin area where you will attach the packer. You need to remove hair from this part of the body, and the skin needs to be cleaned properly to make sure the packer is attached perfectly. You can use any type of body wash or wet wipes for this purpose. Once you clean the skin, let it dry for a few seconds.

For more information, check this blog post.


Once you applied the adhesive, attach your packer to the body and position it carefully. Please try to make sure that you attach it in the right position and try not to move it around for too long, as the adhesive may start to cure. After you position the packer, then let it dry for a few minutes.

Try it a few times at home to master your technique, so you’ll know what to expect and feel more confident when you need the S.T.P on the go. If you dribble the first time, don't get discouraged. With a little practice, the Stand To Pee device will function perfectly every time.


Your confidence is our passion

We understand that looking great helps you feel great. A confident you improves every part of your life. Our expert team will work with you to choose the most suitable packer aimed at elavaiting bottom dysphoria. We’ve changed the lives of thousands of FTM lives, and we know we can change your life too.

Take pride in your body

Emisil can give you the body you've always dreamed of and the confidence to do what you've always wanted.
Emisil discreet delivery

Discreet delivery

We understand that buying packers and other sexual wellbeing products can be embarrassing for some. All Emisil deliveries show up in discreet boxes with no indication of what's inside. You can be sure that you'll receive your packer with your absolute privacy in mind.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Oliver (Trondheim, NO)
Very realistic (Colour 09)

I have only just received the packer so I am reviewing on first impressions, and I will probably come back and edit the review after a few months of use.

First, incredibly quick shipping!

Second, it is very very realistic, but the shaft and balls are firmer than expected, and the cup itself softer than expected, so I have to get used to the fit. The colour is also greyer than expected. I got the colour 09, which is the darkest “caucasian” shade. I am really pale, but a friend of mine who is even paler got the 08 and it was too pale for him, so I felt I had no choice but to get the 09. The picture of it looks very very red, but irl it is a lot greyer.
That is something I have read in more reviews too, that some of Emisil’s products are greyer than expected.
Luckily it was still a very good match for my skin tone downstairs.

I pack it in Rodeoh’s O-Jock jockstrap and regular boxerbriefs and it fits very well, but the balls have to go lower than I am used to, and it is definitely changing the way I walk with the packer on. Not a bad thing, but just keep that in mind, as the balls are way firmer than they look.

The shaft is also firm, but since it is hollow it squishes and flattens easily so even though this packer looks big, it is not obscenely big or unnatural on my 5’3” frame.

I have yet to successfully STP with it because I can’t relax myself, but I will continue to practice. It does seem though that trimmed and/or shaved bits will help create a better seal and prevent spillage.

I have not tried gluing it to my body yet but will try in the near future.

Hello Oliver,

Thank you for the review!
When designing our products, we always strive for the most natural look. Since intimate parts in the cisgender body are usually darker, we recommend choosing a little darker shade in comparison to the rest of your body.
Regarding the firmness of the scrotum and the shaft - please note that we need to find the perfect balance of rigidness, since if the testicles or the shaft would be softer, the risk to damage the packer would increase. Therefore, some compensations regarding the realistic feel must be made in order to produce a long-lasting, high-quality product.
Hopefully you'll master the STP function as the time passes by :)

Emisil team

S.B. (Houston, US)
It's Decent

I chose this one since I preferred the uncircumcised look and the bigger funnel. To compare this stp is softer than the mini me 2nd gen stp and easier to pack with in a suspensory jock strap. Using the stp has some challenges: the shaft is not flexible enough since it's pointed straight down and the urine flow on a(not full/full bladder) is drizzly. You have to lean forward at the toilet/urinal because of the extra silicone skin placement on the tip of the penis its easy to get piss on yourself. Unless the length gets extended or more flexible I'd pass on getting this one and try the other gen 3.

Anonymous (Cardiff, GB)
Good product

Firstly it looks amazing and is incredible quality (you can even feel the veins under the skin) visually it just looks like a normal penis,I was worried about the skin colour not matching but it ended up working perfectly (the colour chart is extremely helpful) the balls feel great and the foreskin looks realistic too.
The STP function is just amazing and very easy to get used to. It’s ok as a packer,not super comfy but it’s comfortable enough to wear every day, included is a small rod that makes it solid that whilst would definitely not work for sex is nice to be able to use it for a harder dick.
They get back quick to emails which is nice.only problem was being charged £100 extra in import fees once it arrived (I’m from the UK) this isn’t emisils fault just something to be aware of if you’re from there. But overall I’m really happy and it’s worth the money

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