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Flaccid penis prosthetic 11

Flaccid penis prosthetic 11


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Length 17 cm - 6.7 inch
Girth 14 cm - 5.5 inch
Weight 460 g - 16.22 oz

• Full 3D Scrotum with 2 movable floating testicles
• Hyper realistic look
• Available in 16 different skin and hair colors
• Hand punched real human hair, additional cost + Euro € 85.00

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Production process time 2-3 weeks


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The Flaccid prosthetic penis 11 is ideal to wear in your pants all day, every day. This product is a really big penis, with a low hanging scrotum. This FL model has foreskin, which does not move up and down all over the head. The 3D scrotum has movable floating testicles. The Emisil team recommends to use this penis device as a packer. This FTM penis is very realistic, and is extremely difficult to distinguish from a real penis. All Emisil penis prosthetics certainly do not look like a fake penis or simple one-color FTM dick. Do not forget that the flaccid penile prosthetics is designed for daily use. This life-like penis prosthetic is not designed for sex. This is just one wonderful penis of the many others offered by Emisil FTM products.

Do not forget to choose skin and hair colors (If you want your prosthetic tol be without hair, choose the hair option without hair).

Will not ship immediately, production process time is 2-3 weeks.

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