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Emisil page has a new face. As well as new features, one of them new hair palette.

We are pleased to inform

We added into Emisil web store a lot of new models and so long-awaited S.T.P


We offer to our customers 16 different naturally, curly human hair colors.

Natural hair for realistic penis

Hair used on prosthesis consists of natural the highest quality human hair strands. The hair is punched manually in order to create a more realistic look, hide the edges of a glued prosthesis and not to attract some special attention. There is a feeling that the hair grows naturally when one looks at the prosthesis.

We are using technology that protects your penis prosthetic hair from being pulled out or grubbing up from the tab.

If you want to cut hair shorter, do not cut it too short as it will not hide the edges of the prosthesis well and it will be visible that the prosthesis has been glued. Wash the hair of the prosthesis gently, do not tousle or tear it. Gently massage the shampoo with your fingertips and rinse with warm water. Do not rub wet hair with a rough towel. Use a soft cloth to dry it. Do not comb or tear the hair with a comb. Gently comb the hair with a hair comb.

Below you can see an example of how to create hairstyles which looks very realistic.

If you want to change the color of the hair or she does not like you.
You can always do it the way you want. The hair is natural, so you can dye them with hair dye and so do the color you want.

Try to minimize the paint gets on penis prosthesis skin. When you finish the paint applied to the hair, wipe the excess paint from the edges of the prosthesis. Manage your penis prosthesis with care.