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Embaladores macios

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      História sobre os empacotadores macios 🩲

      Se você está procurando um parceiro de transição, a Emisil está aqui para ajudar com conhecimento, fabricação rápida e entrega ainda mais rápida! Com o packer macio dos seus sonhos, você consegue um bojo natural e confortável ideal para o dia a dia! Os packers da coleção de próteses macias parecem muito semelhantes a um pênis flácido quando submetidos ao "teste de agarrar" e são uma alternativa robusta, confiável e confortável para o uso diário. Para garantir a sensação mais realista, todos os modelos de empacotador macio têm um escroto de 360 ° muito agradável com testículos flutuantes móveis, é feito de silicone macio de grau médico e, graças aos nossos artistas qualificados, cada um vem em cores de aparência muito natural.

      Esses packers flácidos são ideais para indivíduos ativos porque são uma opção sólida e durável que fará você se sentir confortável e confiante ao fazer recados, passar o tempo na piscina ou se exercitar na academia. Escolha entre 16 tons de pele diferentes e 5 opções de cabelo diferentes para tornar seu pênis único e adequado ao seu corpo e necessidades. Este é realmente o pênis flácido realista para sua vida cotidiana: confortável, personalizável e fácil de cuidar!

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      Soft packer customization options

      Emisil products can be tailored to match your skin tone and hair color, allowing you to truly personalize these soft packers. We understand that finding the best prosthetic flaccid penis can be difficult, especially if this is your first soft packer, therefore our specialists are always ready for a friendly chat to provide you with recommendations and give you tips on the customization options. Take a look at the bespoke soft FTM packer features before you order!

      Emisil flaccid packers can be customized by selecting one of five high-quality hair colors. To make your packer look more natural, the hair is hand punched in on the flap, disguising the borders and distracting attention from the glued section. In addition, there are various options to customise your flacid penis packer, such as shortening the hair and dyeing it a different color to match your real one. Nonetheless, these do-it-yourself hair tricks should be done with caution so that you don't accidentally damage the packer's skin with hair dye or cut the hair too short.

      In addition to hair color, you can select the realistic flaccid packer's color from sixteen distinct skin tones. Soft prosthetic colors are more natural in appearance, but because each detail is handcrafted, each packer is absolutely unique due to the artist deciding which color to use for wrinkles, points, pimples, and veins.
      Emisil's sixteen various skin color kits were designed by scientifically measuring the actual skin tones throughout the whole spectrum of human skin types all across the world, so we're confident you'll find one that suits you.


      When it comes to wearing a soft packer, there are primarily three options: use a harness, purchase specially tailored underwear, or apply an adhesive – the choice is yours! You'll figure out what works best for you after experimenting with several options, but if this is your first time packing, consider your lifestyle and what would make you the most comfortable.

      If you live an active lifestyle, soft packing with harnesses/straps may be the ideal option as it will keep your packer in position. Be mindful, though, that harnesses can be a little uncomfortable after a long day of use or if you haven't sized it properly, so always select a high-quality product for the utmost comfort.

      Packing underwear is the greatest choice for everyday use since it is highly comfortable, enjoyable to wear, and feels natural. There are so many options nowadays that you will be able to choose from a wide range of briefs, boxers, or "tighty-whitey" underwear styles, colors, and materials.

      All of our soft packers include an adhesive tab, so if you want a really natural and realistic appearance, this is the best alternative for you! Attach your prosthetic flaccid penis with adhesive and you're ready to go for the day.

      How to care for your soft packer?

      Emisil FTM soft packers are made of silicone and are remarkably easy to care for. After each usage, we recommend washing your realistic flaccid packer with mild, non-scented soap. Allow it to air dry if possible, but if that isn't an option, you can always use a clean and dry towel to wipe the moisture off; just make sure it's entirely dry before storing it.

      Feel like it's time for a thorough cleaning, or has your soft prosthetic penis been stored away for a while? Sanitize your packer by immersing it in boiling water for 30 seconds to a minute, then drying it completely to avoid growth of mildew or mold. 


      Soft packers are designed for everyday use to provide an authentic feel and a smooth transition. All soft packers are made of a soft, flexible material that resembles a flaccid penis. Soft packers are easy to care for and will provide you with the bulge in pants you desire.

      It actually depends on your lifestyle and needs, as there are several methods to wear the packer. Do you want to go to the gym? Make use of a harness or strap. Looking for something comfortable to wear on a daily basis? Choose packing underwear. Looking for a more natural appearance? Use an adhesive to secure your soft packer to your body.

      Yes, all our flaccid packers are made from silicone, so don't worry if you like to spend some time at the pool or at the beach! Just make sure to air dry it completely before storing.

      The average length of a flaccid penis is 5–8 inches. It's usually recommended that you pack with something in that size range, but if this is your first time, we recommend starting with something smaller. It will be more comfortable and easier for you to adjust to.