FTM Erection rod | ROD for S.T.P (2ND GENERATION)

Did you now that you can turn your standard STP packer into a fully functional penis? Yes, and it’s very easy to do so. Just use our new FTM erection rod. Simply insert it inside your STP and you are ready to go. Easy right?
You deserve more from your standard STP packer. With our new FTM erection rod, you will be ready for the sex no matter the circumstances. Just insert silicone rod and be ready for fun in a matter of seconds. This rod perfectly fits with our second generation STP packer. It’s durable, it’s bendable and it’s lightweight. Don’t forget that with our new erection rod comes the great feeling of satisfaction and joy.
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Product Name Rewrite FTM Erection rod | ROD for S.T.P (2ND GENERATION)
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