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Emisil page has a new face. As well as new features, one of them new hair palette.

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We added into Emisil web store a lot of new models and so long-awaited S.T.P

Penis prosthetic adhesion tab

Penis prosthetic adhesion tab




Wide pubic tab 
Creating bigger attaching area, for stronger adhesion to the body.


Very thin tab

Follows body lines, easily fits into the pubic.


Rough prosthesis rear side.

Produced from a special silicone, which has a very good grip with medical adhesive.









In the example shown, Erect prosthetic 04 Skin color according customer.


We are far advanced, from the time we started to produce penis prosthesis.

Did a lot of testing and find new materials, which have very good grip with medical adhesive. Now penis prosthesis adhere very well to the body, using Silicone Medical Grade Adhesive.

Emisil most liked adhesive:

Telesis Adhesive 5-Silicone based adhesive. Please click on the link below, to see all details: (AMSTERDAM)

Other recommended adhesive: (GERMANY) ( USA ) (UK)


If you are using these adhesives, you will also need an adhesive remover: (AMSTERDAM)

These products you should find in your city or state.


Instruction, how to use adhesive and remover.

It is important to know, if you're going to play hard, we recommend wear harness/strap-on to avoid unpleasant situations. Such as disbonding etc.