FTM trans wearing STP packer



      Story about FTM STP packers

      The FTM STP is a device that enables the user to urinate while standing up in public washrooms as well as in the privacy of their own home. Being able to use your stand to pee packer in public not only is a liberating and convenient experience. It also is integral to your own safety and integrity.

      With Emisil stand to pee packers using toilet publicly and without detection has never been easier. These multipurpose STP devices can be used as a packer, as a stand to pee tool, and some even as a prosthetic device for intercourse.

      The unique inner funnel has a passage for urine and most of our STP devices serve as FTM 3 in 1 packer hence has an additional external device or erection rod that can be used during sex and play.

      Although these high quality STP packers are more expensive than the other packer types, they have such benefits as multiple functions and they are made from premium grade silicone. Materials are body safe, and durable.

      Cheap FTM STP

      Searching something cheap and realistic?  Try weenie compact, that makes peeing a breeze, this is exactly what you need if you're looking to urinate with confidence and for reasonable price.


      How to use a STP packer?

      Although some lucky folks can use the stand to pee packer right off the bat and have no issues, most of us will need some practice! Don't get discouraged and frustrated if the first attempts are unsuccessful and you dribble a little, it all will be worth it once you get the hang of it!

      STP packers can give you not only the necessary boost of confidence and an overall empowering feeling but can also help a lot with body dysphoria. Here are some tips for your device to work perfectly.

      Practice makes perfect. Using an realistic STP packer can often be challenging, so prepare yourself for your first public outing and practice at home. Before you start practicing, we advise you to find your urethra first, because positioning your stand to pee prosthetic will be so much easier after you have done that. It might be uncomfortable, but definitely will make the learning process easier.

      As the first attempts can be quite messy, the best place to practice in is the shower as it is easier to clean than your bathroom floor. Once you have mastered the shower, move on to the toilet bowl, however, be aware that using an STP packer while fully dressed can be a completely different experience.

      Great and mess-free practice is if you do it before the shower and add the clothes gradually, then you will know that you have fully mastered the skill and will be ready to pee in public with confidence. 

      FTM underwear can greatly help with your journey and although fly-less underwear is perfectly fine as well. One with a fly-hole is great because it can help to hide the harness you might be wearing, as well as stabilize your STP packer and create realistic bulge. Similarly, the pants you are wearing can change your STP packer experience - looser pants and pants with a zipper that goes down further - will be the best companions for your journey.

      Aim for success: Now that you have learned how to use your FTM STP packer, look and feel great, give yourself some time to figure things out as that can ease the first-timer anxiety of using trans-STP packer. Think if you want to use a urinal or stall, whether you are packing with it or want to put it away after, and most importantly calm your anxiety by avoiding negative self-talk! Please note, that all sales are final.

      Since pack and play prosthetics are not mass-produced. Most of our packers are custom made from start to finish. Or at least have parts that we have catered based on your needs.

      Although choosing the silicone penis might be challenging. We care about your needs and will take you step by step through the ordering process. Before we begin creating your pack and play prosthetic, take a look at the amazing custom features offered:

      Play with color: In total, we offer 16 different skin shades. To make each silicone penis unique, our artists will add such details as wrinkles, points, pimples, veins. Create a transition effect from lighter to darker. Color shade, etc. Making this handmade device look as close to the real thing as possible.


      STP stands for Stand To Pee and is the best prosthetic packer for those who are looking for a hyper-realistic packer that allows the wearer to pee while standing up. devices provide the wearer with the option of peeing while standing up. Additionally, STP packers can also be packed in your underwear to provide a realistic bulge. The level of realism, shaft length, and funnel shape may vary depending on whether these packers can also be transformed into 3 in 1 packer.

      Each STP packer consists of a base cup and a funnel interior that allows the urine to flow down the funnel of the shaft and out of the hole in the head, you just need to discreetly push the cup up so it forms a seal around the genital area.

      Before you try the STP packer, practice is important, as first-time use can be a bit tricky! To use Emisil packer to pee, hold the scrotum with the base of your palm and press gently against your lower body to form a complete seal around your genital area. Control the pressure of your urine flow as too much can cause a build-up and overflow of the STP packer.

      There are mainly three ways to wear your prosthetics – you can wear an STP harness, you can buy specially designed underwear or you can use an FTM STP adhesive. If you want to feel comfortable while working out, actively moving, or just doing daily things – we would recommend choosing STP packing underwear for packing. It will make stand to pee process stress-free and more natural. On the other hand, the adhesive is a safe and fast option for you to have a very natural look as the packer will be attached to your body creating a seamless look. If you are very active, the harness or straps is a good choice for you as they keep the prosthetic in place and it feels tight and secured.

      Although you can find how-to stories and articles online, we advise not to damage your regular packer, instead get a new one that is specifically designed for this purpose - it will better fit around your genitalia to avoid spills.

      If you want a more noticeable projection - keep the packer higher on your pelvic bone. If you on the other hand don't want to have a noticeable bulge, pack your STP device closer to your inner thighs. STPs are generally harder and bigger than soft packers, so it can be trickier to hide, but definitely is doable - just push it down in your pants.

      Whether you use a harness, adhesive or a snug underwear with a slit, the most important part is to locate your urethra as this will help you to position your STP packer. As the STP packer does not cover the urethra, you first need to fit it to its place with the scrotum facing downward. Now that you have done that, tilt your body forward to urinate. Considering that the prosthesis is a small funnel in which the urine will descend, adjust your urine flow accordingly.

      Emisil offers you to find the matching skin tone from 16 different colors. We want our clients to feel extremely self confident with their FTM packers and the right skin tone is the key! We totally understand that it is quite hard mission to pick the right skin tone, so you can find all the necessary information and recommendations on Emisil website blog post(How to choose correct skin color)

      Yes, you can use STP 3in1 and 4in1 models for sexual intercourse, at your own risk. Sexual penetration is able if only a condom is used. This medical silicone, the prosthetics are made of, are totally safe but it was not intended for sexual penetration. If you choose to have sex with FTM STP packer - the use of condom is required. It is recommended to use water-based lubricant only. Silicone lubricant will damage your product. Using a condom is the best way to stay safe and healthy for you and your partner. It helps to keep your prosthetic in a good condition, too. Our models are ultra-realistic, so you and your partner will have an amazing and unforgettable experience! Please note: rough or very intensive play may damage your prosthetic.