FTM Prosthetic scrotum

All our prosthetics are designed to look as realistic as possible. For this reason, our artists designed a soft and pleasant to touch 3D scrotum with movable testicles. The scrotum contains anatomically-correct size lightweight silicone testicles, which are floating in a specially designed gel, providing extremely realistic feeling. Another thing our artists created – is a very realistic appearance of the scrotum. They created a technology of layering different silicones to recreate real skin texture and feel. With the unique method of painting the scrotum, the artists create wrinkles, shades, and differences between layers, which appear if you press or stress the prosthetic.

FTM packer 3D scrotum


What is more, as the prosthetics are painted while layering the silicone, this means that there is no chance for the paint to rub off or color to fade.

That's why Emisil penis is not only a realistic penis prosthetic when you look at it, Emisil feels ultra-realistic when you touch it as well.