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Do you have ready to ship items?

Yes, occasionally we do have some ready to ship items, but it is a very rare case. Usually, all our items are custom made and handcrafted for each client individually.


I was asked to pay additional fees upon order delivery. Why?

Each country has its laws and, in many countries, there are customs or duty fees for imported goods. Our company does not cover these fees; therefore, the client needs to pay the additional fees on their own.


How long do I have to wait for the prosthesis to be produced after the placement of the order?

Your prosthetic will be produced in 1-2 weeks and shipping will take about additional 2-4 business days.


Do I have to pay the full price before making an order?

Yes, you have to pay the full price. Only after we receive the full payment, your order is sent to our production team. Due to the fact, that our products are custom made and handcrafted for each client individually, we start producing the order only when we receive the payment.

Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer payment plans for our products.


Can you send me the color range samples before I make an order of the prosthesis?

No, we do not send the color range samples to our clients. You can read more about choosing the color by clicking here.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, as well as bank transfer payments. You can make a payment on our website using PayPal or you can make a direct money transfer to the Emisil bank account.


Will you send the prosthesis immediately after I pay for it?

The production of the prosthetic will take about 1-2 weeks and shipping additional 2-4 business days, so you should receive your item within 3 weeks. As it is a custom-made handcrafted item, which is designed and produced for each client individually, the production process takes time. As you can see on our website, you can choose skin tone, hair color, the rod type and the item this way is designed especially for you, according to your wishes, so to receive a high-quality product, you will have to be patient.

How much does the shipment cost?

The shipping prices depend on your location. You can check available delivery fees and choose the best delivery option for you at the checkout.


Can I cancel my order?

We aim to keep the delivery of the products on time. So, once an order is placed online, it is processed immediately by our employees. The production process is initiated instantly after the ordering transaction is completed. The cancellation is allowed only before the production process begins. Once the production of the order is initiated, no cancellations of the orders are allowed. Any order cancellations made before production starts will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee.



What is the prosthesis made of?

Our products are made of high-quality medical-grade silicone, imported from the USA.


Can I add hair to STP models?

Unfortunately, due to the production technique and the fact, that the adhesion tab is very narrow, there is no possibility to add hair to the stand-to-pee devices.


What is the difference between ER01 and ER02?

These two prosthetics have the same length and girth. The main difference between these two models is the position of the prosthetic. ER01 is slightly pointed down and more comfortable for packing, while ER02 is very erect (pointed upwards) and is perfect for play.


What is the difference between ER11 and ER12?

These two prosthetics have the same length and girth. The main difference between these two models is the position of the prosthetic. ER11 is slightly pointed down and more comfortable for packing, while ER12 is very erect and perfect for play.


Can I order an item with custom length and/or girth?

Unfortunately, we do not take any special orders. To produce a prosthetic with custom length or girth would be a long and expensive process. To make those changes, we would need to make a new specially-designed mold and this would take a long time and it would also be very expensive.


Can you add a pleasure sleeve/pocket to the prosthetic?

Yes, we can add the pleasure sleeve to the Flaccid or Erect models. Please keep in mind, that we can add pleasure sleeve/pocket only to the Erect models, which are with silicone rod. If you choose the prosthetic with a plastic rod, then, unfortunately, it is impossible to add the pleasure pocket at the back.


Can you add sliding foreskin to STP or Erect models? Do you have uncircumcised models available?

No, we can add sliding foreskin neither to STP devices nor to our Erect models. The only product available with the sliding foreskin is FL11.


What hair do you use for the prosthetics?

We offer our customers 16 different natural curly hair colors to choose from. Hair used on the prosthesis consists of the highest quality natural hair strands.


Are the testicles realistic?

Yes, one of the huge advantages of our products in comparison to other brands is very realistic floating testicles. Emisil penis prosthetics come with movable testicles filled with a special gel. It allows the two silicone balls to float freely inside the scrotum when squeezed — that combined with the color changes emerging between the silicone skin layers gives the prosthetic an ultra-realistic feel.


Do your products have moveable skin?

Yes, our products have a moveable skin effect. Due to the production technique, we layer different silicones and created an ultra-realistic skin effect. Our penis prostheses have three silicone layers, each of them made in different softness. Like our body, prosthesis consists of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The first layer is very soft. It can be touched with fingers or stretched like the real human skin. The second layer is made of a firmer silicone. The third layer is used to fill in the prosthesis. All these three layers together provide an incredibly realistic feeling. And if the prosthesis is pressed, the color tones also change enhancing the feeling of reality. The epidermis layer is extremely realistic and creates the texture of the skin effect. The finest details, like arteries, veins, and wrinkles, are also visible.


Is it possible that the penis prosthesis fades?

No, the penis prosthetic does not fade; however, it is recommended not to leave it in direct sunlight.


I can see some air bubbles on my prosthetic, is that normal?

Do not worry, the air bubbles are totally normal. Sometimes, during the production, some air bubbles appear, but no worries – they do not have any effect on the quality or durability of the product.


How do I select the correct skin color?

Please kindly check blog post here


Can I remove the rod from my penis prosthetic?

In Erect models, the rods are integrated into the prosthetic and cannot be removed. Does not matter if you choose the plastic rod or silicone one – it cannot be removed.

STP models come with a removable silicone rod.




Are orders shipped to all countries of the world?

Yes, orders are shipped worldwide using DHL, UPS, or Postal services.

However, there are countries, where our products are banned by the law and our products are usually destroyed at customs or returned to us. The countries, which ban our products are listed below:


How long does the shipment take until the order reaches me?

The shipping time depends on the place you live in. Usually, it takes about 2-4 business days, however, if you need to pay customs fees or live in a remote area, then shipping might take a bit longer.

Also please note, that we do not take responsibility for the shipment time. We always provide our clients with order tracking numbers, so you could always check where is your shipment, but we are not responsible for any shipment delays, damages, or missing shipments.


Do I get the order tracking number?

Yes, you will be given your order tracking number.


I see that my package is not moving and its status did not change for a while. Should I be worried?

When we print out the shipping labels with the order, you are automatically informed and receive the tracking number for the shipment. However, as you know, the production of the prosthetic takes about 1-2 weeks. So, if you check the status during this time, then you will see, that your shipment is not moving. This is totally normal because you can track your order only when it is picked up by DHL or UPS. However, if you are worried about your shipment, please do not hesitate and contact us via email.


When the product is packed, is there any information on the package about the content?

All our products are shipped in a non-transparent package. The prosthetic is packed either in a white box or envelope, with no information about the contents of the package. It will only be indicated that it is a personal massage item. For more information about the package, please kindly click here.




Can the adhesive reliably hold the prosthesis?

Yes, it is a safe way to wear your prosthetic. After multiple tests, we finally found materials, which have a very good grip with the medical adhesive. So, we started producing our prosthetics with the adhesion tab, which can be attached to the body with Silicone Medical Grade Adhesive. It is a safe and fast option for you to have a very natural look. The best part of the Adhesive – that you don’t have to wear anything else to keep it attached to your body. As we produce custom made prosthetics, if color matches, the adhesion tab is almost seamless and it looks very natural. You can read more about it here: https://www.emisil.com/emisil-tab

However, if you live a physically active life, we would recommend obtaining the harness or specially designed underwear as well for more secure and comfortable daily use.


Can the prosthesis be worn without the adhesive?

Yes, the prosthesis can be worn with harness/straps or specially-designed underwear. Only if you wear it with straps, harness, or underwear – then it does not provide such a realistic look as the one when the prosthesis is glued to your body. It is also recommended to wear a harness or straps if you want to play with your penis prosthetic. You can read more about wearing the prosthetic here.


Can I have sexual intercourse with Emisil prosthetic?

Yes, you can use our prosthetics for sexual intercourse as well, because this type of silicone is considered safe to be used to perform sexual intercourse. However, keep in mind, that you can use only Erect models and STP models for sexual intercourse, Flaccid models are designed only for packing.


Do I have to use a condom when I want to play?

If you want to use the prosthesis for sexual intercourse, always use a condom.

Also, we strongly recommend using a water-based lubricant during intercourse.


How long can the prosthesis be glued to my body?

The time frame is very different for each client. It depends on a number of different aspects, such as skin type of each individual, the level of sweat, the level of activity, etc. However, it is not recommended to wear prosthesis longer than 10-12 hours per day. The skin has to breathe in order to stay healthy.


Can I go swimming with the prosthesis glued to my body?

Yes. The adhesive is resistant to water and sweat; however, you have to be cautious as extremely hot water can affect the adhesion of the prosthesis to your skin. We recommend wearing a harness or straps when you go swimming to make sure you avoid any unpleasant situations.


Can the prosthesis be sterilized boiling it in the water?

The prosthesis is made of high-quality silicone mixtures and can be washed with soap and water or sterilized in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. The silicone prosthesis can be hot after sterilization. It is recommended to leave it in the open air for cooling.


How do I use the toilet if I am wearing the prosthesis?

If you are wearing a Flaccid or Erect model, then just sit down, hold up the scrotum and behave as usual.

If you are using our STP, then stand up, aim, and start peeing. Please make sure to move the shaft in order to create a straight flow. Also, please make sure to stop the flow from time to time, to avoid overflowing the cup. We strongly recommend the training to pee at home, before using your STP in public. Make sure you are patient because sometimes it takes quite a while to get a hang on peeing correctly. However – you can be sure it is worth it!




Can I return the prosthetic if I did not like the color or the product itself?

No, due to the fact, that our products are 100% individually custom-made and we manufacture every detail according to customer ‘s size, color needs, and specific design wishes, we DO NOT accept returns for any reason, except production error. If you did not like the color, the texture, or the model you ordered, unfortunately, you will not be able to return the product and no refunds will be issued.


Do you offer a warranty for your products?

In case of a production error, the customer is required to take pictures, illustrating the cause of the dissatisfaction (including a visible measuring tape if the issue relates to measurements/dimensions) and us an email. The information is then analyzed (analysis may take up to two weeks from receipt of the returned product). If the error is confirmed, the request for return is accepted, and the customer will be issued an authorized return letter. We do not offer a warranty if the product has already been worn.


What should I do if I buy the prosthetic some time ago and it got torn?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the warranty for the products, that already have been used. However, we always try to make sure, that our clients are not left in trouble. That is why, if your prosthetic is torn, you can easily fix it by yourself. Just for this type of situation, we created a repair kit, which you can purchase HERE.

And you will find instructions on fixing your prosthetic HERE.


What do I do if I did not receive my order?

First of all, do not worry, we will try to resolve this issue. You need to contact us with your order number and we will try to track your order. We use only trustworthy shipping companies, so we can track your package every step of the way.

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