How to fix your penis prosthetic if it accidentally got torn.

FTM packer torn. What to do?

Imagine you are using your prosthetic normally and suddenly notice it is torn... Although it is not the most pleasant thing in the world, it can be solved! First of all, no need to blame it on yourself or on the manufacturer of the product. As you know the item is quite delicate and can be damaged quite easily if you use some sharp things or handle it with force. Sometimes even the zipper can be the reason why the penis prosthetic ripped. That is why there is a solution for situations like that and you can easily fix a small tear with few easy steps. Please follow the steps provided below to solve this problem easily. Instructions how to fix your protheses If you want to ensure a successful adhesive bonding, a clean and dry surface is a must. Therefore, you need to clean the tear and area around it with a simple degreaser, which you can find in every home. Please remember to wait until it dries before applying the adhesive.

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After cleaning the area, you need to apply Sil-Poxy silicone adhesive to glue the damaged area. Sil-Poxy can be used in repairing torn silicone rubber molds as well as tin or platinum-cure silicone. It can also be used in bonding silicone for prosthetics and animatronics. Dried adhesive provides a strong and flexible bond. It is also resistant to weathering, moisture, UV light and high temperatures.

Silpoxy adhesive



After you receive your penis prosthetic and start using it daily, you need to make sure you clean it regularly. We recommend washing it daily with warm water and mild soap. After that, we recommend air dry it. If it is absolutely necessary, you can boil it for a minute to sanitize it. It is not recommended to boil it longer than a minute. After washing it, you can dust it with cornstarch to help retain its soft and silky surface.


No sharp objects. The penis prosthetic is made of durable silicone; however, it does not mean it cannot be damaged if not used properly. First of all, we do not recommend using any sharp objects around your prosthetic. The one not careful move can cause a bit of damage to the prosthetic. Also, be careful with the zipper – make sure the prosthetic is not caught in the zipper because it can cause quite a damage.
No strong force. The penis prosthetic, depending on the model is designed to pack, pee and play. However, you need to be careful with it, just like with the real penis. Please try not to push, press or handle it too roughly. Remember, it is a part of you, so use it as gentle as you use your other body parts.
Myths about chlorine damage – true or false? Our clients are using our products 24/7 so naturally, they like to go swimming in the pool as well. After a bunch of questions is it safe to use prostheses in contact with the chlorine, we decided to do more research on this. After researching the topic, we found out, that swimming in the pool is actually safe. Although it is a known fact, that chlorine might degrade some binding materials, the truth is that you would need to be exposed to high levels of the chlorine for an extended period of time to actually get your prostheses damaged. So, no worries, just secure your protheses and enjoy your pool party! 

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