FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
Emisil uncircumcised stp
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil
FTM STP - 3rd gen. uncircumcised - Emisil

Wee-wee - 第三代 STP | 未受割礼

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第三代 STP 可靠的 STP 打包机,带来自信的生活方式。 Emisil Stand to Pee 打包机由专业团队设计,具有舒适性和完美的功能。这款防漏未割包皮假体阴茎使排尿变得轻松自然,您很快就会掌握它!自然而光滑的感觉会让您大吃一惊。全天舒适地穿着裤子。
  • 未受割礼 - 具有超逼真的包皮。
  • 皮肤纹理在视觉上与真正的阴茎没有区别。具有不同柔软度的三层硅胶。触感柔软,使用起来很愉快。
  • 防漏、易清洁
  • 薄拉片完美贴合您的位置,营造最大的舒适度和非常逼真的外观
  • 超逼真的阴囊,带有可移动的睾丸,里面充满了特殊的凝胶


长度:4.3 英寸(11 厘米) | 周长:4.3 英寸(11厘米) | 重量:7 盎司(200 克)


令人惊叹且可靠的 STP 打包机,带来自信的生活方式。这款防漏包皮环切假体阴茎使排尿变得轻松自然,您将第一次掌握您的技术!其自然、光滑的感觉会让您惊叹不已。全天舒适地穿着裤子,
易于小便,无泄漏 - 由专业团队设计,舒适且功能完美。包装良好,保持原位,非常像真正的阴茎。
我们不建议使用此设备进行性交。 (轴向下悬挂)。



- 不建议使用 O 形环安全带,因为使用它可能会损坏您的假肢。通常,这些环由非常硬的材料(例如金属、塑料)制成。因此,可能会导致产品中的泪液泄漏。
请小心对待您的产品,因为它不适合剧烈和粗暴的使用。我们建议您注意有关如何使用设备的所有说明和建议。未按照建议使用包装机将导致公司不承担任何责任,并且客户对发生的任何损坏或伤害承担全部责任。如果假肢因客户的过失而损坏 - 保修将失效,并且不接受退货或退款。

- 我们的产品由医用硅胶制成,绝对安全,但我们不建议在您或您的伴侣体内长时间使用。请不要忘记每次玩耍时使用水性安全套!动作要轻柔,不要使用任何坚硬的东西或材料,因为这可能会损坏您的假肢。


📖 Full description

This FTM packer features a scrotum with movable testes. Each testicle is filled with special gel for proper weight and feel. A hyper detailed surface cast from silicon helps the prosthetic penis to look and feel natural. 

🚽 Pee-pee with 3rd gen. STP packer!

Relieve dysphoria safely and comfortably with this reliable packer. Designed in a range of skin tones from medical grade silicon, the packer has a lifelike feel for maximum confidence. With an STP trans packer, nonbinary and trans individuals can urinate while standing easily. This high-quality stand to pee packer can support transition, increase safety and confidence peeing in public, and fit comfortably all day long. 

This packer is not suitable for intercourse. The erection rod is not included.

Safe and Secure

An adhesive tab allows the packer to be pulled away from the body and attached easily and naturally. The packer will need to be secured to clean, hairless skin. Any type of body wash and hair removal method will work. Body safe medical grade adhesive secures the packer directly to the wearer's body. Once the packer is positioned and the adhesive is dry, it can comfortably stay in position for eight to twelve hours. The packer can be removed by gently pulling it away from the body and cleaning the skin with adhesive remover.

Leak Resistant

A flexible internal funnel allows the STP packer to be used with no stress. The no drip lip reduces the risk of leaking over the top of the packer. Because the funnel is large, the cup is unlikely to overflow. Practice at home may be needed to adjust to urinating with the device in place, but with practice, users can stand to pee confidently every time. 

🧼Easy to Clean 

At the end of wearing, running mild soap and water through the funnel and along the prosthetic surface easily cleans the STP packer. Once it has been washed and dried, the packer can be set aside in a clean, secure place until it is ready to wear again. 


Sixteen different skin shades allow the STP trans packer to naturally match the wearer's skin tone. The prosthetic flesh is made from a three layer system of silicon, each designed with a different softness. Wearers are controlling the position of the packer, allowing them to use it when and where they please. Specific skin color customizations may be available upon request.

Designed for Daily Wear

As well as being comfortable and functional, this FTM STP packer fits easily into pants and can be used naturally at a urinal. It is designed to avoid embarrassing accidents and to look realistic. Whether the goal is to pass more easily, to increase comfort and safety in public places or to have the confidence of a realistic STP, the 3rd Generation STP packer can help.

Continually Evolving

Technology for relieving dysphoria is constantly changing and improving. The 3rd Generation stand to pee device reflects that evolution. It is hand-made by professionals with the utmost comfort and functionality in mind. Each product that is sent out is the most improved prosthetic version available. 

Works With Harnesses or Underwear

The adhesive allows the packer to be worn directly on the skin. However, more active wearers or those who prefer not to use adhesive may benefit from using a harness or underwear specifically for packing to keep it in place. The packer is compatible with many styles, allowing the wearer to choose whatever method makes them comfortable. Those who are new to packing can try using the packer at home or another safe location first before deciding which method of securing it works best for them. 


Picking an STP stand to pee can be a very personal experience. Discrete customer service professionals are available to answer any questions or concerns. Wearers can receive advice on how to wear the device properly, can check our skin palate to ensure proper skin matching, and can request adjustments if needed. 

Please note, sales are final and not refundable. All our prostheses are unique and look different. If you purchase two models of the same color, the final results may vary.

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. We can assure you will receive the latest and most improved prosthetic version.

Discrete and Accessible

Available to ship worldwide and with discrete packaging, the 3rd Generation STP packer is a safe option. STP product itself is designed for a comfortable fit and natural look without being overly large or inflexible. It can be used easily throughout the day according to the wearer's needs. 

• 长 4.3 英寸(11 厘米)
• 周长 4.3 英寸(11 厘米)
• 重量 7 盎司(200 克)
⚠️ 由于我们的产品是手工制作,因此尺寸可能会略有不同。


Emisil 阴茎假体配有可移动的睾丸,睾丸内填充有特殊凝胶。它允许两个硅胶球在挤压时在阴囊内自由漂浮 - 结合硅胶皮肤层之间出现的颜色变化,使假肢具有超逼真的感觉。

我们的包裹由最专业的国际运输服务运送。 联邦快递、DHL 和 UPS 为了您的方便,提供了广泛的附加选项,包括跟踪选项。

运送到美国 1-2 个工作日 生产流程时间 – 最多 5 个工作日

国际地点 2-4 个工作日(取决于地点)生产流程时间 – 最多 5 个工作日。

1. 涂抹粘合剂

在涂抹粘合剂之前,请确保清洁要粘贴封隔器的皮肤区域。您需要去除身体该部位的毛发,并且 Applying the adhesive on FTM packer需要正确清洁皮肤,以确保包装器完美连接。为此,您可以使用任何类型的沐浴露或湿巾。清洁皮肤后,让其干燥几秒钟。

欲了解更多信息,请查看此 博客文章。

 2. 封隔器位置

FTM packer attached to the body


在家尝试几次以掌握您的技术,这样您就会知道会发生什么,并在旅途中需要 S.T.P 时感到更加自信。如果您第一次或两次运球,请不要灰心。经过一些练习,站立小便装置每次都会完美工作。

STP 封隔器位置



对于每个人来说,情况都有点不同。其次,在撒尿时,您需要确保轴的角度和位置正确,但不要用力按压它。 在某些情况下,客户对他们施加的压力太大,从而压迫渠道并阻碍流程。




此站点受 reCAPTCHA 保护,并且 Google 隐私政策服务条款适用。

1. 涂抹粘合剂


有关更多信息,请检查此 博客文章。

2. 打包位置


在家尝试几次以掌握您的技术,这样当您在旅途中需要 S.T.P 时,您就会知道会发生什么并感到更加自信。如果您是第一次运球,请不要气馁。稍加练习,Stand To Pee 装置每次都能完美运行。


STP 封隔器 PEE-PEE | 第三代

我们明白,漂亮的外表会让您感觉良好。自信的你会改善生活的每一部分。我们的专家团队将与您一起选择最合适的包装机,旨在缓解底部不适。我们已经改变了成千上万 FTM 的生活,我们知道我们也可以改变您的生活。


Emisil 可以让您拥有梦寐以求的好身材,并有信心去做您一直想做的事。
Emisil discreet delivery


我们了解购买包装器和其他性健康产品可能会让一些人感到尴尬。所有 Emisil 送货都出现在不显眼的盒子里,没有任何迹象表明里面有什么。您可以放心,您收到的包装机会考虑到您的绝对隐私。


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ken Davis (Munroe Falls, US)
Worth the money

(Opening + cup/STP) When I first got this product, I probably would have rated it a 3/5 (now, 4/5). It takes some getting used to, so if you don’t immediately like it, I would wait a bit before giving your final verdict. Initially, I had trouble positioning it comfortably due to the substantial cup. If you are a guy with larger labia, you are going to be extremely aware of the cup at all times, and it feels a bit suffocating. That said, it very much works and you will be grateful for the cup when it comes time to STP. I have not yet used to the STP out in public, so I can’t attest to if it passes well in a men’s bathroom, but it functions well for the purpose of getting pee into a toilet.

(Aesthetics) Overall I was happy with the color I selected, and I think the photo system provides fairly accurate colors. It is slightly darker than my skin, but it looks like reasonable natural variation. The paint job is very realistic, and I have sometimes looked at it and expected it to return sensations when I touch it because its skin-like appearance tricked my brain. The veins aren’t ridiculously bulging like in some packers, they’re just tastefully present. The scrotum texture is very realistic as well. This is also one of the only uncircumcised packers that I enjoy the proportions of, as many will have a head much larger than to my liking.

(Packing + squeeze test) As for the packing experience, the shaft being hollow definitely helps keep the size down. I have had another packer of roughly the same length and girth, but being solid silicone all the way through, it had a very large and awkward bulge. This packer creates a very low key bulge that doesn’t draw the eye, but if you happened to be looking, you would see it. The balls are delightful to play with, but they’re definitely much firmer than the real thing. I don’t think this packer in particular would pass high scrutiny squeezing, but a quick grab wouldn’t raise any red flags. Also, if the balls are cold, they make a very odd… crunchy sound. Luckily they are usually not cold while you are wearing them. The hollow shaft gives a small issue in that, when squeezed, the silicone sticks to itself on the inside and you can feel the very strange sensation it causes. Overall, when grabbed, it feels to be the right size and shape, and the squishiness factor is about right, but some of the textures may feel a bit weird.

(Final thoughts) I tried to make this review as thorough as possible, as this product is very expensive and is therefore an investment to make. For me, the only reasons I don’t rate this 5/5 are due to the squeeze test results (which will be universal and apply to anyone purchasing the packer) and the personal feel of the cup with my body (will depend on your anatomy as to whether or not the cup will crush your organs). Otherwise, I love my emisil and, when the time comes for a pack and play, I will buy from them again.

Harley Bishop (Guernsey, GG)

It’s just what I needed to feel manly, not too big or bulky, seals well when using toilet, very quick and discreet delivery.

Gabor S. (Budapest, HU)

Extremely lifelike, and comfortable to wear. I'm still working on the perfect peeing alignment but very satisfied so far.

Christiaan (Utrecht, NL)
Nog niet helemaal tevreden /not quite satisfied yet

Het staande plassen met deze stp packer gaat heel lastig omdat de trechter heel soepel is sluit hij achter niet helemaal aan. Ik heb ook de weenie compact en die is stugger waardoor het staande plassen heel makkelijk gaat maar waardoor je die niet continu kunt dragen.
Ik wou graag een combinatie van deze twee
+ De piemel zelf is vrij klein waardoor je uit moet kijken dat je niet als nog over je broek plast
Maar hij ziet er wel heel mooi en levens echt uit dus hoop dat het staande plassen me gaat lukken en dan wel helemaal tevreden ben.

Peeing standing up with this stp packer is very difficult because the funnel is very flexible, it does not close completely at the back. I also have the weenie compact and it is stiffer, which makes it very easy to pee standing up, but you cannot wear it continuously.
I would like a combination of these two
+ The penis itself is quite small, so you have to watch out that you don't pee all over your pants
But it does look very nice and lifelike, so I hope that I can pee standing up and then I will be completely satisfied.

Oliver (Trondheim, NO)
Very realistic (Colour 09)

I have only just received the packer so I am reviewing on first impressions, and I will probably come back and edit the review after a few months of use.

First, incredibly quick shipping!

Second, it is very very realistic, but the shaft and balls are firmer than expected, and the cup itself softer than expected, so I have to get used to the fit. The colour is also greyer than expected. I got the colour 09, which is the darkest “caucasian” shade. I am really pale, but a friend of mine who is even paler got the 08 and it was too pale for him, so I felt I had no choice but to get the 09. The picture of it looks very very red, but irl it is a lot greyer.
That is something I have read in more reviews too, that some of Emisil’s products are greyer than expected.
Luckily it was still a very good match for my skin tone downstairs.

I pack it in Rodeoh’s O-Jock jockstrap and regular boxerbriefs and it fits very well, but the balls have to go lower than I am used to, and it is definitely changing the way I walk with the packer on. Not a bad thing, but just keep that in mind, as the balls are way firmer than they look.

The shaft is also firm, but since it is hollow it squishes and flattens easily so even though this packer looks big, it is not obscenely big or unnatural on my 5’3” frame.

I have yet to successfully STP with it because I can’t relax myself, but I will continue to practice. It does seem though that trimmed and/or shaved bits will help create a better seal and prevent spillage.

I have not tried gluing it to my body yet but will try in the near future.

Hello Oliver,

Thank you for the review!
When designing our products, we always strive for the most natural look. Since intimate parts in the cisgender body are usually darker, we recommend choosing a little darker shade in comparison to the rest of your body.
Regarding the firmness of the scrotum and the shaft - please note that we need to find the perfect balance of rigidness, since if the testicles or the shaft would be softer, the risk to damage the packer would increase. Therefore, some compensations regarding the realistic feel must be made in order to produce a long-lasting, high-quality product.
Hopefully you'll master the STP function as the time passes by :)

Emisil team