FTM STP - Compact - Emisil
cheap ftm prosthetic
FTM model with emisil stp packer
FTM model packing emisil compact stp
Emisil compact stp
Emisil compact stp light skin
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Leak Resistant - Emisil compact stp funnel
FTM STP - Compact - Emisil
FTM STP - Compact - Emisil
FTM STP - Compact - Emisil
FTM STP - Compact - Emisil

Weenie compact


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Compacte kleur

Emisil compacte STP

🌲 Per bestelling 1 boom geplant!

Gemaakt van siliconen van medische kwaliteit voor maximaal comfort en duurzaamheid. 

Een betaalbare STP-prothese die plassen een fluitje van een cent maakt, dit is precies wat je nodig hebt als je zelfverzekerd en voor een redelijke prijs wilt plassen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lyg (Zweidlen-Dorf, CH)
emisil kompakt

I am happy with the product, but when i pee, i pee to fast and the hole is very slow, so i think i have to cut a larger hole… and it pees to the right, so i cant pee in the direction i want. maybe, you didnt test the product good enough bevore selling 🤷🏼‍♂️

Simon Hager (Monrovia, US)
honest review

It is very realistic and dysphoria relieving, but I can only use it at home. It’s not “compact” at all. I’ve bought a few stps, and this one has the largest cup size which just isn’t necessary. I just want a stp that I can keep in my pants. And I thought paying a pretty penny would give me that.

Rowan Simpson (Hamilton, NZ)
My weenie compact

It summer here , I live beach well I have had Comment about my new penis , it So nice since having lost penis at 9 yrs old this is my best even

F. (Amersfoort, NL)
Just recieved this week, but works amazing

I wanted nothing fancy for my first STP packer. Not sure I want something more fancy in the future... Don't think I like those bulky plastic fake phalluses in my pants.
It works perfect for me and you don't feel it in your pants. I just need a little more practicing peeing with it.

Alexander (Clifton, US)
Honest Review from a 16 Year Old

I've been using this STP for about 8 months almost everyday nonstop. Since I go to school I wear it up to 16 hours a day. It's pretty comfortable and I didn't have an issue with wearing it with a harness. The material is definitely firm silicon so packing with it is difficult with tight briefs alone. I would have to pack it upwards since downwards would look like I was popping a boner. Using it when peeing does take some time to get used to but otherwise is easy to learn.

Because I use it often the red and blue vein hues started to fade out but that's a given. I get rough when moving around like during sports and surprisingly haven't experienced any rips or tears, just some minor scratches from the harness. Overall I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a semi-realistic stp that doesn't break the bank. And to any younger folks like me, this is great! It relieved the majority of my bottom dysphoria and I feel more like myself.

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