Homemade packing underwear FTM

Tips and tricks on how to give a try at a DIY packing underwear. We also look into the importance in a well made packing underwear.

High-quality underwear is a must when packing, although it can be pricey. If you’re on a budget or simply feeling crafty, you can try making DIY packing underwear. Even though homemade packing underwear has some disadvantages, it can be an inexpensive and practical option, especially if you’re new to packing. So, we gathered the most useful tips & tricks and tutorials on DIY packing underwear, so read on, and hopefully, you’ll get inspired! 


This option is going to be exactly what you’re going for if you strive for packing with underwear that has a penis pocket. 


- A pair of boxers
- A piece of fabric
- Measuring tape
- Scissors
- A needle
- A thread

Where to begin? The very first thing that you should do is to find underwear that fits perfectly - it should be tight enough to keep your packer in place, but not too tight at the same time, so you’d have enough free space for comfort. Once you’ll find fitting underwear, you’ll need a piece of fabric. The measurements depend on the size of your packer - this piece of material is going to be the pouch. Make sure that this piece of fabric feels gentle and comfy since it’s going to be placed against your skin.

Let’s move forward to the fun part - sewing. In this part, you’ll learn how to make a packing pouch FTM - turn the boxers inside out, use a measuring tape and choose the best position for the packer pouch. Then, start sewing the fabric to the inner side of the boxers, leaving the top open, forming a pocket. Be careful and do not sew all the layers including the outer side. It’s that simple to make DIY packing underwear! 

Packing underwear FTM DIY still seems as complex as rocket science? Check this video from MackMan. He’s both helpful and hilarious!

Surely, it won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as store-bought packing underwear, yet it’s a good option for beginners or the ones who are trying to save up some money. It might be a problem when being intimate with someone since we always want to show our best side, and DIY packing underwear with messy seams isn’t going to seduce your partner. Or it could cause awkward situations when changing clothes, in the gym, or after swimming in the pool party... Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that DIY packing underwear is not a great choice quality-wise. When you’re buying packing underwear at the store, you’re paying for great quality materials and professional work, meanwhile, DIY packing underwear is very cheap for a reason - you’ll be lucky if it won’t rip in a few months. You can face more problems when wearing packer underwear DIY - it doesn’t look natural, doesn’t sit comfortably, FTM underwear sag when packing… Nobody wants that, right?

Being crafty and making your DIY packing underwear is great, but you know what? You deserve the best! So if you want amazing quality, ultra-stylish, modern, and comfy packing underwear, click here and we’ll get you redirected to Emisil e-store. We strongly believe that packing underwear should give you confidence and comfort instead of anxiety and insecurities. Go ahead and spoil yourself a little!

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