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You can choose the most suitable size, skin tone, shape, and hair color from a huge variety of options. Once you have settled on these details, our artists will begin working on a hyper-realistic prosthetic penis. Each Emisil packer is created with advanced technology, providing color changes between the different silicone layers, resulting in an uncanny resemblance to real human skin. Additionally, the surface of the packer is textured with realistic veins and freckles, ensuring that your penis packer will be as unique as you are.

FTM prosthetic types

Due to our artist's meticulous work and natural take on veins, wrinkles, and other skin texture characteristics, Emisil prosthetics are pleasant to the touch and aesthetically indistinguishable from a real penis. Our silicone prosthetic penises are made from couple of skin layers giving them an ultra-realistic feel and look.

Emisil penis packers

Emisil's soft packers are designed to be worn in your pants all day, every day, and comes highly recommended by the Emisil team. Swim, run, shower or work out - its strong and sturdy design is making it excellent for those who lead physically active lives.

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Pack and Play

Emisil's Pack N' Plays are realistic penis packers with a dual nature: they can be packed comfortably in everyday scenarios while also being used for penetrative sex. Each Emisil packer in the Erect line is firm, incredibly lifelike, and will make you feel secure and confident in any situation.

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Stand to Pee*

Using the toilet has never been easier! Each of our stand to pee FTM products has a unique inner funnel system for your leak-free and confident bathroom breaks. Being able to use your stand to pee packer in public is not only liberating and convenient, but it also helps to alleviate feelings of dysphoria. It empowers trans males to go anywhere, whenever, and however they want. 

* Enjoy its multi-functionality - most realistic FTM penises include an erection rod for sex and pleasure!

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Flaccid and erect transgender prosthetics designed for sex, everyday life and personal comfort

An experienced team of professionals designs and manufactures each realistic FTM prosthetic penis, ensuring Emisil prosthetics are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials and come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing you to make the best choice without settling for anything less. Emisil covers all your transition needs with a wide range of handmade and functional FTM products: realistic Flaccid and erect devices designed for sex, standing to pee, and personal comfort. Choosing a female to male prosthetics size, color and hair can be daunting as there are many things to consider, so read more on the wide range of features to create the perfect packer for you! Check all the features

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