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2-3 weeks + delivery time. Depending, which method you choose DHL or Standard.

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Emisil page has a new face. As well as new features, one of them new hair palette.

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We added into Emisil web store a lot of new models and so long-awaited S.T.P

Flaccid penis prosthetic

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  • Customer services

    Penis FindingIf you have any question or a suggestion, we would be happy to help you. Please feel free to ask. Our customer service professionals guarantees the highest service and confidentiality.

    Emisil - Admin
  • Sculpture & Mold

    Penis sculptorFirst of all, the model of penis prosthesis is designed by an artist. This work requires good skills and accuracy. The artist pays special attention to the recreation of the skin texture. The model texture possesses all the finest details, such as veins or wrinkles.

    Emisil - Admin
  • Painting

    Painting penis

    We can offer to our customers 16 different colors from which you can choose the one which most resembles your body color. The range of colors has been made according to the body colors of people of various nations. We do not make penis prosthesis which are one color only. Can see the changes in color and differences emerged between the layers.  There are such details as veins, freckles or other skin texture elements. The final result is the prosthesis which is hard to distinguish from the real penis.

    Emisil - Admin
  • Shipping and packing

    Penis Packing

    Orders are treated with care and confidentiality from the moment until the  package arrives at your destination and you open it. The words “Penis” or “Penis prosthetic” are not mentioned on the parcel or label. All orders are sent in a plain parcel, without any comapny namee or logo. Items or item in the parcel are listed as “silicone art sculpture” for complete discretion.

    Emisil - Admin