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FTM at a male's bathroom
Trans people meet many difficulties in their daily lives. One of them – using the public bathroom. Have you ever thought that such a natural and simple action can become a massive dilemma for transgender people? Yes yes yes, you...
Best FTM packer in 2022
Looking for a new packer? Check out this review of the most popular packer brands, such as ReelMagik!
FTM adhesive guide
Imagine this - you have finally bought the packer of your dreams, it looks super realistic, you can’t wait to put it on with adhesive, but… It’s falling off. What a nightmare for your bottom dysphoria! To avoid that, you need to get the best FTM glue for packing.
Mental health and gender dysphoria: is being transgender considered a mental illness?
Society tends to judge those whom they don’t understand. That’s why transsexuality & homosexuality were considered mental illnesses for way too long. Additionally, there are many myths and misunderstandings related to being trans. 
Am I trans enough?
Even though it's normal to ask yourself whether you are trans enough, you should learn how to accept yourself fully. How? Click here and find out!
Hairstyle guide: FTM haircuts
How do you style FTM hair? What is the most masculine haircut? Find answers at Emisil blog!
FTM top surgery
Types of transman top surgery, tips & advice, the process of FTM top surgery recovery - click here and learn more!
How to make voice deeper for FTM
Wondering how to make your voice deeper? Go here and learn more on voice exercises, hormones, voice modification surgery, and voice therapy for FTM.
FTM Facial Hair Growth Pros and Cons
It’s no surprise that many FTM’s are curious about how they would look with a beard or at least a mustache.
How to come out as transgender
Tips for coming out as transgender to parents or friends or just some creative ways to do it. We got you covered!
FTM Testosterone injections - everything you need to know about being on T
The first thought about testosterone shots can be frightening. Being on T causes many changes, fears, and doubts that are not always reasonable.
FTM passing pre-T: How to start transitioning
Our top FTM passing tips pre-T from haircuts, voice training, and advice on how to stimulate facial hair growth to FTM pre-T workouts to build muscle. Read and share!
Homemade packing underwear FTM
Tips and tricks on how to give a try at a DIY packing underwear. We also look into the importance in a well made packing underwear.
How to make an FTM packer | DIY Packer
Wondering where to get cheap FTM packers from? Try making a homemade packer! We have some DIY ideas, which will, hopefully, help you get crafty.
FTM clothing guide: FTM fashion, brands & dressing tips
Choosing the right clothes for trans guys: how to be more masculine, FTM dressing tips, where to buy clothes, our favorite FTM clothing brands... Read on!
Data of interest in Stand-To-Pee packers in the US and across the world reveal some valuable market trends
Following up with our recently published research “Revealed: In these US locations people search for “FTM packers” the most”, we wanted to find out if the trends would be similar with the interest in “STP packers” across the US and...
FTM Bottom Dysphoria: How to Deal, Alleviate and Feel Supported
Gender dysphoria is a relatively new concept describing a quite common phenomenon – feeling that your physically assigned gender is not the one you are identifying yourself with.Gender identity issues are researched and discussed for decades already, but only in...
Revealed: In these US locations people search for “FTM packers” the most
We wanted to find out, which of the largest locations in the US are most interested in FTM packers, and how this interest has changed over time.
Transgender underwear for packing | Emisil
Looking for transgender underwear? Introducing a new line of FTM packing underwear gear. Check out our custom mix and match packer underwear selection!
FTM terminology: all you need to know
If you are new to the transgender community, it is normal that from time to time you hear terms you have never heard before and it can make you feel uncomfortable and cause miscommunication.