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      Emisil presents a new line of high-quality underwear.

      Specifically designed packing underwear to make your packing experience complete and worry-free. This FTM packing underwear does a great job of supporting the packer of your choice for maximum everyday comfort. You can choose between two types of Emisil packing underwear: FTM packer boxers and packer briefs to feel relaxed and safe wearing them all day. We have chosen TRUHK STP/soft packer underwear because of its unique 3 layer pocket that securely holds your STP/soft packer in place. The interior pocket will help you securely tuck your packer in its place, the center panel has an O-opening to pull the shaft of your packer through and keep it from turning. Lastly, the exterior pocket of your packer underwear gives you room for a natural hang, as well as giving you easy access when nature calls. TRUHK packing underwear is made from super soft bamboo making these the most comfortable, discreet and well-rounded FTM packing boxers and briefs - perfect for daily use with zero worries about packer slips or falling out. Choose custom-made transgender underwear to ensure the ultimate comfort in your everyday life!
      2 products

      2 products

      Why good packer underwear matters?

      Years ago good packing underwear was something unheard of, therefore, we tried to find regular underwear that would fit tightly enough, so the packer wouldn't fall out. Although it might have done the job just fine, we know that it never gave the safety that FTM packing boxers and briefs could. The problem with regular underwear is that it is not meant for situations such as public bathrooms or gym changing rooms - the minute you pull down your pants, you have to be extra careful, otherwise many embarrassing situations might ensue. Trans packing underwear can save you many heartaches as it has various designs that are made to ensure that your packer stays in the correct position, as well as that it cannot fall out. First, underwear for packing will keep your packer in the correct position all day long, and second, FTM packer underwear will never let your packer get away. Moreover, Emisil's FTM packer underwear is also suitable for your STP packer, so it won't just keep your packer safe, but also will enable you to pee while standing. STP packing underwear has been designed with a front opening that can easily be used at a urinal.

      What Underwear Is Best For Packing?

      It can be overwhelming to figure out which transgender packing underwear goes best with your packer and your style, so we made a list of the qualities held by our TRUHK soft packer and STP underwear:

      Fabric: Emisil's packing underwear is made from bamboo ensuring that your soft packer/STP packing underwear has unbelievable breathing capabilities and allows for better moisture absorption and ventilation than other fibers. The bamboo fabric might be a bit more expensive, but it has a wonderful silky texture that feels like a second skin, making it the best material for packer-friendly underwear. Moreover, packer FTM underwear made from bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.

      Care: TRUHK is the best packing underwear as it is made from easy care and energy-efficient material - bamboo. As it is a naturally soft material, environmentally unfriendly and unhealthy fabric softeners are not needed or recommended, and this particular trans-packer underwear can be washed in cold water without losing the softness of the fabric.

      Size: TRUHK packing underwear comes in various sizes, so whether you are looking for small or plus size packing underwear - we have something for everyone. With our comprehensible size guide, everyone will be able to find the best-fitted packing underwear.

      Packer: Emisil's underwear will hold a variety of STP devices and soft packers, so whether you are looking for underwear for soft packing or packing underwear for STP devices we have it combined in one unique product. The only thing you need to choose is the style of the packing underwear - briefs or boxers.

      Use in public: We believe that the best packing underwear is one that makes your life easy and can be used in public bathrooms without fear, therefore, both our packing boxers and briefs are made so that they can handle the additional weight of an STP packer, has a middle O-Layer to prevent the STP from rolling or turning, and features an extra layer of fabric in the front pouch for drip or run-off.