Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer
Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer

Goldfinger | 2nd gen. | 4 in 1 packer

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Skin color

📏 Size

Length: Girth: Weight:
5.5 in (14cm) 5 in (13cm) 9 oz. (250 g)

2nd gen FTM packer 4 in 1 with pleasure ridges

STP with pleasure ridgesThere are no limits with Goldfinger. This STP ensures that you'll feel assured and comfortable no matter the situation - out on the beach, in public, or in the bedroom.

Thoughtful designed allows urine to flow freely. Don't worry about leakage - all you need is some practice and this 4 in 1 packer will make you feel like you're pro. Be ready in seconds!

We recommend wearing prosthetics together with special transgender underwear. Be comfortable and confident to the maximum! Learn more on ftm underwear here.

Regarding the packing and everyday wear - rest assured, your packer will look as natural as possible. The penis prosthetic is designed to sit close to the skin, creating a realistic bulge. No more worrying about the packer positioning.

Packer FTM 4-in-1 boasts the same natural feel as every Emisil packer. Additionally, it is leak-resistant, ensuring a long product life, personal comfort, and a worry-free sense of security.

  • For maximum pleasure - erection rod. (Included in the product price)
  • Pleasure ridges - pleasure for both
  • 3D scrotum with movable floating testicles
  • Visually indistinguishable from a real penis with detailed veins, wrinkles, and other skin texture.
  • Tab designed specifically for easier medical adhesive application and secure grip.

To sanitize your product, you should submerge it in boiling water from 30 seconds to a minute. Rinse with soap and warm water. After you have removed your STP packer from the water, you should let it dry totally before using it again or putting it into storage. 


Length: Girth: Weight:
5.5 in (14cm) 5 in (13cm) 9 oz. (250 g)



Before applying the adhesive, please ensure you clean the skin area where you will attach the packer. You need to remove hair from this part of the body, and the skin needs to be cleaned properly to make sure the packer is attached perfectly. You can use any type of body wash or wet wipes for this purpose. Once you clean the skin, let it dry for a few seconds.

For more information, check this blog post.


Once you applied the adhesive, attach your packer to the body and position it carefully. Please try to make sure that you attach it in the right position and try not to move it around for too long, as the adhesive may start to cure. After you position the packer, then let it dry for a few minutes.

Try it a few times at home to master your technique, so you’ll know what to expect and feel more confident when you need the S.T.P on the go. If you dribble the first time, don't get discouraged. With a little practice, the Stand To Pee device will function perfectly every time.

Your confidence is our passion

We understand that looking great helps you feel great. A confident you improves every part of your life. Our expert team will work with you to choose the most suitable packer aimed at elavaiting bottom dysphoria. We’ve changed the lives of thousands of FTM lives, and we know we can change your life too.

Underwear for packing

If you want to feel comfortable, while working-out, actively moving or just doing daily things – we would recommend choosing underwear for packing.

Emisil discreet delivery

Discreet delivery

We understand that buying packers and other sexual wellbeing products can be embarrassing for some. All Emisil deliveries show up in discreet boxes with no indication of what's inside. You can be sure that you'll receive your packer with your absolute privacy in mind.

Learn more

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Xavier Conway (Nottingham, GB)
Looks real but few issues

The packer looks very realistic, however the hole and the tip is too wide and so stream goes everywhere. Also, I cannot use it to STP when wearing my harness and it doesn’t sit right no matter how many times I’ve tried. May be better with adhesive but as I live in UK none of the adhesives are available to me. Would be good if you could get adhesives from Emisil.

Alex (Domnesti, RO)

Pro: Visually, it looks great.

- Very uncomfortable to pack with. It rubs between your legs constantly. If you try to place it higher, it looks like you have the biggest erection; and it still feels uncomfortable.

- The peeing function is misleading. It is very difficult to pee using it while wearing boxers and pants, 90% of the time you'll pee your pants. I saved up a lot of money for this and unfortunately, the most important function, the STP, doesn't work without making a mess. I don't know why they call it spill proof when there's no such thing. You can pee with it without spilling only if you're completely naked, but the whole point of buying this was to be able to pull it out whenever and pee at an urinal WHILE being clothed.

Liam Maass (Bielefeld, DE)
Little disappointed

The appearance is very good and realistic but it feels not good. It’s a little difficult to pack and hasn’t movable skin and is too hard. It’s to much money for this product.

Vincent Rodriguez (Edinburg, US)
It’s ok

I expected to be a lot nicer for the price. The cupped part for when you pee is too short. But it’s ok. The pee hole I feel like it’s too big very noticeable. I think they should show this in the pictures. Most complain the cupped part.

Diego Flores (Menifee, US)
Best I’ve purchased

I’ve had several STPs, but this one is definitely my favorite. I used to have to unbutton my pants and unzip, adjust my STP and then urinate, but now I just unzip pull my penice out and go…..for the most part, I still have to hold my testicles firm against my body to make sure I don’t have a leak. I don’t use glue, I just have a good jock strap to hold it in place. It’s very realistic, very soft material and very light. Fits nice in my pants, I tuck up so it’s very comfortable. The only complaint that I have is that hole in the head of penice is too big. Peeing out of it is a mess. I get why they make it so big, it makes it so you don’t have to control your stream but I would rather control my stream and have a smaller hole so it doesn’t go everywhere. I have superglued my hole smaller and the stream is now more normal but the superglue doesn’t last more than a week and then I have to re-super glue it. Other than that it’s definitely worth the money. I would like to thank Emisil for creating a great product, and helping Transpeople.

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