FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
Trans is wearing the stp penis
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM model wearing ftm stp behind underwears
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil
FTM STP packer - 3rd gen. circumcised - Emisil

STP packer Pee-pee | 3rd Gen.

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Skin color

Pee-pee with 3rd gen. STP packer! 🚽

Relieve dysphoria safely and comfortably with this reliable packer. Designed in a range of skin tones from medical grade silicon, the packer has a lifelike feel for maximum confidence. With an STP trans packer, nonbinary and trans individuals can urinate while standing easily. This high quality stand to pee packer can support transition, increase safety and confidence peeing in public, and fit comfortably all day long. 

This packer is not suitable for intercourse. The erection rod is not included.

Realistic Feel and comfortable fit.

Length 11 cm - (4.3 in) | Girth 11 cm - (4.3 in) | Weight: 7 oz. (200 g)

This FTM packer features a scrotum with movable testes. Each testicle is filled with special gel for proper weight and feel. A hyperdetailed surface casted from silicon helps the prosthetic penis to look and feel natural. 

Safe and Secure

An adhesive tab allows the packer to be pulled away from the body and attached easily and naturally. The packer will need to be secured to clean, hairless skin. Any type of body wash and hair removal method will work. Body safe medical grade adhesive secures the packer directly to the wearer's body. Once the packer is positioned and the adhesive is dry, it can comfortably stay in position for eight to twelve hours. The packer can be removed by gently pulling it away from the body and cleaning the skin with adhesive remover.

Leak Resistant

A flexible internal funnel allows the stp packer to be used with no stress. The no drip lip reduces the risk of leaking over the top of the packer. Because the funnel is large, the cup is unlikely to overflow. Practice at home may be needed to adjust to urinating with the device in place, but with practice users can stand to pee confidently every time. 

Easy to Clean 

At the end of wearing, running mild soap and water through the funnel and along the prosthetic surface easily cleans the stp packer. Once it has been washed and dried, the packer can be set aside in a clean, secure place until it is ready to wear again. 


Sixteen different skin shades allow the stp trans packer to naturally match the wearer's skin tone. The prosthetic flesh is made from a three layer system of silicon, each designed with a different softness. Wearers are in control of the position of the packer, allowing them to use it when and where they please. Specific skin color customizations may be available upon request.

Designed for Daily Wear

As well as being comfortable and functional, this ftm stp packer fits easily into pants and can be used naturally at a urinal. It is designed to avoid embarrassing accidents and to look realistic. Whether the goal is to pass more easily, to increase comfort and safety in public places or to have the confidence of a realistic stp, the 3rd Generation stp packer can help.

Continually Evolving

Technology for relieving dysphoria is always changing and improving. The 3rd Generation stand to pee device reflects that evolution. It is hand-made by professionals with the utmost comfort and functionality in mind. Each product that is sent out is the most improved prosthetic version available. 

Works With Harnesses or Underwear

The adhesive allows the packer to be worn directly on the skin. However, more active wearers or those who prefer not to use adhesive may benefit from using a harness or underwear specifically for packing to keep it in place. The packer is compatible with many styles, allowing the wearer to choose whatever method makes them comfortable. Those who are new to packing can try using the packer at home or another safe location first before deciding which method of securing it works best for them. 


Choosing an stp stand to pee can be a very personal experience. Discrete customer service professionals are available to answer any questions or concerns. Wearers can receive advice on how to wear the device properly, can check our skin palate to ensure proper skin matching and can request adjustments if needed. 

Please note, sales are final and not refundable. All our prostheses are unique and look different. If you purchase two models of the same color the final results may vary.

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. We can assure you will receive the latest and most improved prosthetic version.

Discrete and Accessible

Available to ship worldwide and with discrete packaging, the 3rd Generation stp packer is a safe option. STP product itself is designed for a comfortable fit and natural look without being overly large or inflexible. It can be used easily throughout the day according to the wearer's needs. 

1. Apply the adhesive

Before applying the adhesive, please make sure you clean the skin area to which you will attach the packer. You need to remove hair from this part of the body, and the Applying the adhesive on FTM packerskin needs to be cleaned properly to make sure the packer is attached perfectly. You can use any type of body wash or wet wipes for this purpose. Once you clean the skin, let it dry for a few seconds.

For more information check this Blog post.

 2. packer position

FTM packer attached to the body

Once you applied the adhesive, attach your packer to the body and position it carefully. Please try to make sure that you attach it in the right position and try not to move it around for too long, as the adhesive may start to cure. After you position the packer, then let it dry for a few minutes.

Try it a few times at home to master your technique so you’ll know what to expect and feel more confident when you need the S.T.P on the go. Don’t get discouraged if you dribble the first time or two. With a little practice, the Stand To Pee device will work perfectly every time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Christian Schumann

Pee-pee | 3rd Gen. STP

Improvement, but not quite there yet

When you click through the Emisil website at first, you feel like you’ve finally found the perfect place to get a proper prosthetic from. And I will admit: the technology that’s being used to make these prosthetics more and more realistic is definitely improving.

Upon receiving my parcel I felt excitement, which unfortunately quickly turned into disappointment. I’d like to genuinely complement the creators of this prosthetic on its design; apart from the urethra opening it is very realistic indeed. However, the supposed skin-like feel feels more like a slightly less flexible rubber. The size of the prosthetic is rather small, which can cause for awkward “pointy” situations. It doesn’t help that the prosthetic isn’t exactly flexible either. The STP function is either something I must practice with more, or you’re supposed to spill slightly. I reckon it’s the first one. Also not too fond of the folding the prosthetic does when it’s in my trousers. I understand that this is due to the prosthetic (the shaft) being mostly hollow, but it’s the cause for some unwanted sounds whenever I might move in a certain way or get (un)dressed.

There has been advertised with “moveable testicles”, but unless you squeeze for dear life and push quite hard, the testicles don’t actually move round the way I was hoping they would.

I realise that it must be an extremely challenging process to create a life-like (penis)prosthetic and I am grateful to those who continue to try, but for nearly € 500,- I was expecting more.

Perhaps a bit more weight, add (at least) another inch in length, actually do make both the penis and testicles more moveable and is there a way to make the STP function even more ‘leak proof’?

Steven Buckle Spears
Best STP I have tried

This is the best and most realistic stp I have owned. It looks so real and feels nice.
I have been using it for around two years by just holding it in place and its been really good with only a few problems in all that time. I usually just slot it in my underwear, briefs are best to keep it in place when out and about. Although its only been used as a packer outside the house so far. I recently got medical adhesive to try and fit it to my skin but found it wasn't very secure and when I tried to pee my pants got wet. It was my first attempt so I'll try a few more times and see if I can get it to work. Also its pretty useless for play, its way too small for that. But for realism and a nice packer, it works great.

Spencer Jones
Best stp/packer I own

This is a great product. I know a lot of people were saying that you can’t have sex with it but I did with the adhesive from gendercat and the rod from peecock and it worked wonderfully. Haven’t had one spill with it peeing. I wish it was maybe like an inch bigger but honestly I love it and it packs better than anything I’ve ever owned.


First of all, my native language is not English, so I apologize if there are any oddities in my text.

The prosthesis I received was excellent. It was quite realistic and amazing. When I put it on, apart from the seams, it really looks like a part of my body. The discomfort when looking at the lower half of my body has been significantly reduced. That's a very good feeling.
I'm still practicing, but it's easier to pee with than any other tool I've tried. The only problem is that the lower part of the shaft is hard and the range of motion is limited, so I'm afraid I might pee on my pants when I take it out of the zipper. I think it would be easier to adjust if the shaft were longer, but this may be a matter of getting used to it.
This is a great prosthesis for me.
I am very happy.
Thank you very much.

STP packer position

First of all, you need to make sure you position is correctly, you need to try to find the proper position and it takes some time.

Do not bent shaft too much

For each person, it is a bit different.  Secondly, while peeing, you would need to make sure you angle and position the shaft properly without pressing it too much. In some cases, clients press them too hard this way pressing the funnel and blocking the flow.

Keep the shaft tight

Hold the shaft tight, while pressing two fingers, placed in the scrotum area, against the body.

When peeing you need to control the flow, meaning that you would need to stop the flow from time to time to make sure there is no overflow.

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