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 3rd gen STP A reliable STP packer for a confident lifestyle. Emisil's Stand to Pee packers are designed by a team of professionals for comfort and flawless functionality. This leak-resistant circumcised prosthetic penis makes urinating easy and natural and you will master it in no time! It's natural and smooth feel will surprise you. Fitting comfortably in your pants throughout the day, just add an erection rod when night comes around and make it a special one. Visual measurements:
Length 11 cm - (4.3 in) | Girth 11 cm - (4.3 in) | Weight 200 g - 7 oz

Will not ship immediately, production process time is 1-2 weeks. But almost 90% of the all Emisil orders shipped via DHL Express, parcels arrived after one week, from the date of the purchase.

Emisil helps you to choose skin color

-You don't know which skin color is best for your penis prosthetic?

Here you will found all information, of how to make a right decision. More info...

-Is Emisil's packaging discreet enough?

From outside, the parcel looks totally discreet. It‘s a simple white box with 3M™ packing invoice enclosed with it. For more infomation please kindly check BLOG post.

- Aditional information about product.


The circumcised head has a very nice, smooth texture, which creates an impression of realism. The head itself is a bit firmer than the shaft, and the urethra is now bigger in size and in an oval shape. Urine will flow easily through the channel in a natural flow.

The shaft has painted moles, precise color blending, and detailed as well as textured veins.
With the shaft naturally pointing down towards the scrotum this package hangs very naturally — Packing becomes comfortable, thanks to how compact this device is. Finally, with this packer you will feel secure and confident.

The balls feel amazing, you won't want to stop squishing them!
Special gel allows the spheres within to float freely when you squeeze, which provides an extremely realistic feel. You can deform the sack and it will bounce back within seconds; pressing down on this prosthetic scrotum will have changes in color and texture emerge between the layers. The product is compact and very soft for extra comfort.

This very thin adhesion tab follows the lines of your body, and easily fits onto your pubic area. With a textured surface for better adhesion, this new special silicone forms an excellent grip with a medical adhesive.

Perhaps the most important aspect — Leak resistant! With its ergonomic design, it is convenient and easy to use. Try it at home a few times to master your technique, so you will know what to expect and feel more confident when you need Emisil S.T.P on the go. Don’t get discouraged if you dribble the first time or two. With a little practice the Emisil Stand To Pee Penis will work perfectly every time!

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Product Name Rewrite STP PACKER | 3rd GEN
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