How to wear a packer

So, you have chosen your perfect penis packer… 

Well, you need to find a way to wear it comfortably, so that it would make you happy and you would avoid stressing about it daily! Each of us is a unique person, so naturally, what is suitable for one person, not always work for another.

That is why, if you search how to wear your FTM prosthetics, you will have hundreds of different opinions and most of them contradict each other.

There are mainly three ways to wear your prosthetics – you can wear a harness; you can buy specially designed underwear or you can use an adhesive. We will discuss all these options and hopefully, this will be helpful to you.

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One of the popular choices is wearing straps or harness to secure your prosthetic. If you are very active, the harness or straps is a good choice for you. Usually, keep the prosthetic in place, it feels tight and secured. The straps, however, may stretch during the day, so you may need to readjust them to make sure your prosthetic is secured in place.

What is more, if you are not a standard body type (meaning if you are very skinny or a little bit heavier than usual), straps or harness may be uncomfortable as they may slide down or on the contrary – leave marks and even bruises if it is too tight.

Another thing important to mention is that even though it secures your prosthetic in place, for some people it does not quite feel right.

Due to additional straps, many trans men actually feel their dysphoria to flare up. So, when choosing the harness or straps, you need to keep in mind a few things. First of all, as mentioned before, you need to make sure you measure yourself and buy the right size product. Secondly, you need to know, that these products’ quality is very important.

So, our advice would not going cheap on harness/straps. Every item, depending on the price and manufacturer, offers different levels of functionality and comfort. The harnesses and straps are designed specifically for different prosthetics, but there are in fact a lot of online shops, offering cheaper copies of original brands. Make sure you choose a trustworthy company and you will be happy with the product you buy.

Underwear for packing

If you want to feel comfortable, while working-out, actively moving or just doing daily things – we would recommend choosing underwear for packing.

FTM underwear for packing

The underwear is very comfortable, pleasant to wear and feels natural. Also, there are multiple options of design and fabrics to choose from. It does not matter if you prefer briefs, boxers or “tighty-whitey’ underwear – there are options for all those styles. Another thing worth mentioning – the underwear for packing is designed specifically so that you could live your life without stressing out.

However, in some situations, the underwear is not an option for you. Some customers say, that underwear is not always comfortable for play. In some cases, it is not pleasant, that in order to play they need to keep the underwear on all the time.

Also, if you live actively – sometimes even with the perfect underwear, your prosthetic may move slightly from the initial position. If you are new to packing, we advise you to try out how it feels in your safe and comfortable space.

When using harness or underwear for packing, just secure it in the natural position and then put on your underwear on. Check to make sure it is tightly attached and you are all set! As we mentioned before, the quality is very important, so for harness and underwear selection we recommend: RodeoH

FTM packer adhesive


Simple silicone adhesive shouldn't be used for your FTM packer

Since the beginning of our business, we started researching how the prosthetics can be attached to the body and look as natural as possible. After multiple tests, we finally found materials, which have a very good grip with medical adhesive. Please kindly check all information about FTM packer adhesive bellow.

So, we started producing our prosthetics with the adhesion tab, which can be attached to the body with Silicone Medical Grade Adhesive. It is a safe and fast option for you to have a very natural look. The best part of the Adhesive – that you don’t have to wear anything else to keep it attached to your body.

As we produce custom made prosthetics, if color matches, the adhesion tab is almost seamless and it looks very natural, like a real penis.

How to apply the adhesive to the packer adhesion tab.

1. Apply the adhesive to the packer adhesion tab.

Before applying the adhesive, please make sure you clean the skin area to which you will attach the packer. You need to remove hair from this part of the body, and the skin needs to be cleaned properly to make sure the packer is attached perfectly. You can use any type of body wash or wet wipes for this purpose. Once you clean the skin, let it dry for a few seconds.

Important! Make sure the adhesion tab is also clean, and no residue of previously applied adhesive is left on the surface. We always recommend cleaning the adhesion tab with adhesive remover, which you can purchase with the medical-grade adhesive.

Once you have cleaned the tab, proceed with evenly applying the adhesive to the tab. Make sure you cover all the edges and do not apply too much of the adhesive.

FTM packer positioning the packer properly.2. Positioning the packer properly.

Once you applied the adhesive, attach your packer to the body and position it carefully. Please try to make sure that you attach it in the right position and try not to move it around for too long, as the adhesive may start to cure. After you position the packer, then let it dry for a few minutes.

During this time, please try not to stay in one position, so that the packer stays in place. After the adhesive has cured, please make sure you clean the area around the prosthetic to remove any adhesive residue with adhesive remover.

How to remove FTM packer

3. Removing the packer.

We strongly recommend wearing your packer no longer than 8-12 hours at a time. It is crucial to remove the packer and let the skin breathe at least for a few hours to avoid any unpleasant sensations or skin irritation. To remove the packer, you will need to purchase adhesive remover, as you cannot remove the adhesive using only water or soap.

After you are ready, gently start from the adhesion tab edge and pull the prosthetic away from your skin. Once you remove it, please use the adhesive remover to clean the skin area where the packer was attached and clean the adhesion tab as well.

Then proceed by taking a shower or at least washing the area with soap and water to make sure you avoid any allergic reaction or skin irritation. Once you washed your body, we also recommend applying moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. Please make sure you wash your prosthetic with soap and warm water daily to avoid any bacterial infections.

However, like any other product, Adhesive has disadvantages as well. First of all, it might take a little bit of time for you to choose the best Adhesive. There multiple types of the Adhesive and they have different thicknesses, some of them may be too thick for you, or on the contrary – too watery.

Also please keep in mind, that if you are going to buy the Adhesive, you will also need to buy Adhesive remover as well, because the Adhesive has very specific consistency and cannot be removed only with water.

One more thing important to know – if you wear your prosthetic throughout the day, it may slightly detach or slide from the initial position. So, if you have a very active lifestyle – we would still recommend using a harness or the underwear to keep it in place. However, only you can decide which option works best in your situation.

Emisil team researched the Adhesive options in U.S. and Europe. Please see the best options HERE

Positioning, Comfort & Top FTM Packing Tips

Packing is a great way to fight gender dysphoria, although the process of finding the most suitable and well-fitted packer might be a little intimidating, especially when you are new to this concept. When you buy a packer, a simple, yet stressful question pops up in your head - how the heck do I wear it? How to find the best and most comfortable position or how to avoid the “circus tent” effect? We’re here to help enhance the real you - so, if you're wondering how to properly wear a packer, you've come to the right place. We’ve gathered the most useful FTM packing tips & tricks that will help you to feel as comfy as possible while wearing your brand new packer. Find out everything about:

✓ How to wear and position a soft packer?;

 How to wear and position an STP packer?;

✓ How to wear and position a hard packer?;

✓ How to wear a packer when you’re plus size?;

 How to wear a sock packer?;

✓ Packing while swimming;

 FTM packing underwear;

 Packing harness;

 Practical FTM packing tips.

How to wear and position a soft packer?

Soft packers are made for everyday usage. Usually, soft packers are used by gender non-conforming people to feel more like themselves. It varies from rolled-up socks to specialized prosthetic penises. It's comfortable for everyday wear, nevertheless, it can't be used for penetrative sex.

Emisil offers a great variety of soft packers. You can shop here.

Wearing and positioning

So how do you wear a packer? It depends on your preferences - some may like when the bulge is visible, others strive for a more seamless look. There is nothing wrong with both of these choices, so pick what feels the best for you without overthinking about other opinions. There are several ways to make the packer seem in proportion and perfectly suitable for your needs.

Noticeable effect - if you belong to the group of people who would prefer a sizeable bulge, try positioning your packer higher on your pelvic bone. Before heading out to show it off a little, make sure that it's not only looking great, but comfortable as well.

You might want to try packing down - let your packer rest directly above the scrotum area. Packing down helps even smaller packers to create visible bulge while still being suitable for everyday wear. While trying on, use a mirror and try turning to the side and try to find the perfect look.

Discreet look - you will achieve a less visible look if you'll position the packer a little lower than you assume it should be placed. You can try aligning your stem with a packer and positioning it lower if needed. Most of your packer should be between your legs. Also, the packer will be barely visible if you position it as close to your inner thighs as possible, let it sit towards the left side. If you want to avoid a noticeable bulge, simply pack your FTM packer down (let the prosthetic rest up against your hips flexors). In this way, you'll feel more comfortable and assured.

FTM - discreet lookHow to wear and position an STP packer?

Firstly, an STP packer is created for a very simple and natural action - to urinate while standing up. STP packers have a special construction that helps to relieve yourself without any inconveniences. If the STP packer is made well, after some time you'll feel natural while using it.

Wearing and positioning

Let’s begin with underwear - wearing underwear with a side or horizontal slit might make your STP experience a bit more comfortable. This allows you to take your prosthetic out much easier and faster. You can also cut a small hole where the prosthetic sits and pull the packer through the first layer, or you can buy special underwear with a small gap as well. By the way, almost all slide slit underwear has the slit on the right. So if you'll wear your STP towards the left side, it will create a very natural-looking bulge and you'll be able to access your packer very fast and easily.

Finding the right position when using an STP is not easy. There is one extremely important point that you should keep in mind when using STP - don't bend your STP upwards. If you try to bend your STP upwards, there's a great chance that you'll damage it. Also, try to control the flow - a smaller flow will help you to stay clean.

Also, you need to take into consideration what kind of pants you’ll wear with your STP. Your stand-to-pee prosthetic should be lower than your urethral exit. Some pants are not suitable for STP prosthetics, since there is simply not enough space for something extra. Make sure you’ll have enough space to feel natural. Wearing your STP lower allows you to avoid backflow issues that are caused when STP is either being kinked in the middle or when the user is holding it too high.

Always remember, that once you've finished, there is a good chance that there will be a few drops remaining. You can get rid of them by lifting the cup forward, making sure that the remaining liquid has run out and the cup is empty.

FTM packer wearing and positioning

How to wear and position a hard packer?

Hard-packers are also called pack and play. Such packers are made of firmer but flexible material such as silicone, so pack and play models are suitable for both packing and sexual penetration. Many hard packers have a semi-hard, bendable rod inside, so it can be positioned up, down, or out and ready for fun. Just remember - if you are planning to use a hard packer for sexual penetration, use water-based lubricant. It will have an impact on your and your partner's pleasure.

Even though hard packers are great for both packing and playing, they are not suitable for STP function.

Wearing and positioning

Hard packers are mainly worn positioned downwards, since packing up may damage the product. Packing upwards is possible only when the packer is manufactured in a specific way, and the shaft is pointed up.

When packing down, position your packer downward, right above the scrotal area. You can also try positioning a hard packer higher on your pelvic bone. Just like when packing up, you should never go overboard and pack too low, since it will simply look unnatural and uncomfortable. Packing down helps to achieve that bold and noticeable effect. It’s a great choice for people who would like to show off a little.

Note that pack n play or hard prosthetics are not as comfortable as soft packers. Since they are made both for penetration and regular wearing, the material is a little harder, and the model itself is larger. Naturally, wearing a conspicuous and hard packer all day long might be tiring. You can try wearing it at home - in this way you'll see whether it is not causing any issues regarding comfort and self-consciousness.

FTM trans with cup

How to wear a packer when you're plus size?

It might be difficult for bigger guys to find a suitable packer. Some plus-size FTM community members complain that the packer constantly moves, bulge seems either non-existent or way too obvious and there's no in-between. Nobody wants to spend a fortune just to buy a packer that feels uncomfortable and weird, right? So, here are some tips on how to wear a packer when you have a large stomach.

First of all, if you are a plus-size guy who wants a natural, proportionate bulge, a simple suggestion might help - pack lower than you want to. Packing too high is quite a common mistake for many people in the FTM community, not only for plus-size guys. When packing too high, not only the aesthetics are affected, but your comfortability as well. Packing a little lower guarantees more natural results. If you feel like your packer will get in between your legs and cause friction, position your prosthetic either to the left or to the right side.

Secondly, find yourself a comfortable harness. A perfect harness should prevent a packer from moving and won't tighten your belly too much. You can try something similar to jockstrap since it securely supports the packer and if worn in the right size - very comfortable for everyday wear. Also, a great solution that guarantees maximum assurance when packing is wearing underwear over the harness. Note that your packer may be a little more obvious when wearing both garments and a packer at the same time, but you can always control visibility by finding the right position. If you want a more discreet look, try to position it between your legs or down against your tight.

How to wear a sock packer

It's an easy option when you're on a budget but want instant results. Form socks into the desired shape - you can experiment a little with different materials and lengths to find the best shape and size. Then, pin the socks into tight underwear to keep your bulge in the proper place. For best results, you can use safety pins to prevent your bulge from moving down your leg.


If you're wondering whether packing while swimming is possible- yes, it's possible! If you love swimming, silicone packers are the best option for you. This material is suitable to be exposed to water for long periods. But you will need additional reinforcement to keep your prosthetic in the right place. You might have to wear several layers to feel secure.

Start by wearing briefs that are tight and, ideally, have a tiny pouch for your packer to stay in place. You can wear a pair of compression shorts or a harness as well. Make sure that packing straps or harnesses don't have any leather on them. The most important aspect - the first layer must be tight so you could feel assured. Then, you can wear regular FTM swimwear on top (boxers, shorts). If packing while swimming still seems like a mission impossible, we recommend you to watch Big Brother's Chris video on packing and swimming.

If you love spending time in a sauna, we have good news for you - you can wear your packer in the sauna. Sauna won't damage your packer, so you can enjoy it stress-free.

Note that after wearing a packer for a long time you must air dry it completely before storing it. 


Packing harnesses are supportive items, just like straps, pouches, strap-on boxers. A harness is worn to secure a prosthetic to the body or a piece of clothing. Note that you should never wear a ring harness if it has a hard construction. Wearing a hard o ring together with a prosthetic will damage your packer.

 If you are new to packing and wonder how to wear a packer harness, it's not as difficult as it might seem. First and foremost would be choosing the right harness and the correct size. If you plan on visiting a physical shop, try some options and move a little - sit, stand, bend down. In this way, you'll know whether the harness feels ok.

On the other hand, there are many stylish options on the internet. To choose the perfect fit, you must measure yourself. Use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of your waistline, just above hip bones. Next, compare your measurements to the sizing chart specified on the internet store.

When choosing a harness, think about when you’re going to wear it. For example, if you’re looking for a harness to hold your packer in place when doing sports, you probably should look for a tighter, reinforcing model that would sit comfortably.

You might want to consider buying d slang harness. It's a great product price and quality vise. The construction of this harness might seem somehow difficult, although it's pretty easy to put it on - the harness has an oval hole for the packer. This part of the harness should be on your private area, and the strings on the left and the right should be on the upper part of your hips, just a little lower than your waist.

So, how to wear an FTM packing harness? Simply secure your packer inside of your underwear, make sure it's comfortable and sitting well, then you're ready to put on your harness. Or, you can wear your harness on top of your underwear when you're "in the mood". Position your harness below your waist, on hip bones. Make sure that you secure all the straps and fasteners if there are any.

If you’re on a budget, there are some DIY packer harness options:

- Perhaps the easiest way is to sew several elastic fabric straps together. To be more specific, you'll need to measure yourself and, according to our dimensions, choose a reasonable amount of elastic material. This fabric will wrap around your lower waistline, so make sure that it won't restrict your blood flow or movements, but at the same time, it should be tight enough. Next, wrap some elastic material pieces around your packer's testicles. Sew both ends to the waistband. The last step is to support the prosthetic itself - sew a small, short elastic strip to the middle of the packer area, close to the waistband. That's it! You have a brand new DIY harness.

DIY packer harness

- Another option takes a little bit more time and effort. You can make a harness out of your boxers. To begin with, you'll need to separate the waistband from the rest of the material. Put the waistband aside and prepare to sketch out pouch dimensions on the remaining material. This remaining material is needed to make a pouch for your packer. Bend material in half, measure whether there is enough material to hold the whole packer inside and make a hole where the tip of your shaft will come out. Sew both parts together, making a small pocket with a hole in the middle. Then, sew this pouch to the waistband. Voilà! You just made an FTM packing harness.

Our top packing underwear pics

Now when you have a packer of your dreams, a harness to secure it into a place, you'll need suitable underwear as well. Some underwear options are not tight enough to hold your packer in the right place, for this reason, we researched some of the best packing underwear options:


RodeoH model

RodeoH has an incredible variety of garments that are not only cozy but also stylish. You can choose from many models, colors, styles. RodeoH offers numerous boxers, briefs, harnesses, and other FTM underwear, so even the pickiest ones will find something they'll like. Rodeoh garments create less ride-up on your legs, which gives you maximum comfort! If you think that all of these benefits must cost a fortune, don't worry - prices are reasonable and you'll find many sales and great offers.


Jockmail model

If you are outgoing, active and into sports, you should definitely give Jockmail a try. Jockmail is Hong-Kong based underwear company, which provides high-quality and stylish garments. You can forget that anxious feeling when you are changing clothes at the gym and constantly think whether your packer will fall out or remain in the proper position.

Unfortunately, his brand produces only smaller sizes, for this reason, Jockmail may be too tight for bigger guys. Luckily, many brands have fashionable and cozy FTM packing underwear in a variety of sizes.


Paxies model

Even though Paxies are young and new in the market, the company is known to produce great quality and comfortable garments. Paxies goal is to “normalize different” by selling underwear that feels and looks as natural as possible. The company is selling “all in one” boxers that are great for FTM packing. There are various prints and styles - from youthful and stylish, to classical, everyday wear models. Paxies are selling underwear garments in almost every size, from XS to 6X, so choosing the perfect size won’t be a problem. Also, there are great packaging deals, so you can buy more but pay less.


We understand how frustrating the first days of learning how to wear a packer might feel. But don’t worry - here are some tips to help you to adjust:

  • Right size matters - No, it doesn't mean that big is the best size or small is going to make you look less manly. The right size is what suits you the best. Many people start by wearing big sizes to feel more masculine. It's totally understandable that having a huge bulge seems tempting, but we advise not to rely on size solely. Maybe a huge bulge might seem like the best choice at the beginning, but after a while, you might feel uncomfortable or unnatural, since it all boils down to proportions and feeling like a packer is a part of you, not just an accessory. Comfort provides more confidence than size, so allow yourself to experiment with different proportions and positions! Don't forget that the best way to try out new models is in a comfortable environment, for example, at home.
  • Choose specialized packing underwear - consider buying underwear with special packer pouches that will pin to your underwear. Packing underwear is a great solution for securing your prosthetics - it will make you feel more assured that your packer will stay in place for the whole day. Simple boxers do not guarantee that your packer will stay in the right position. In some cases, you'll need extra assurance in order to feel safe and sound. For example, when you are going for a swim or doing sports - in such cases you should try wearing harnesses, special gym shorts, or briefs that will secure your bulge from moving around.
  • Give yourself time to adjust - when learning how to wear a packer, don't expect to feel amazing right away. It takes time to adjust - finding the most suitable size, type, position. Even the fact that you'll start wearing a packer itself may take a while to sink in since you are getting one step closer to who you want to be. Don't pressure yourself and take it slow - wear it around the house until you'll get used to it, since in some cases FTM packers may seem unnatural, uncomfortable, and unusual, even though the positioning and size are fine. Try wearing it during your everyday activities and notice how it feels. When a packer feels just right and gives you more confidence than anxiety or self-awareness - you are ready to go out and show it off.

Always remember - the way you feel matters more than what others think. Only you decide which option works best for your preferences. Learning how to wear a packer might be frustrating at first, but once you get used to it - you’ll feel more like yourself. So wear your packer with pride!

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