Trans wearing packer behind underwear

What is a FTM Packer

If you are a female-to-male transgender for some time now, you most probably have already heard people talking about packers and packing.

So, what is FTM a packer?

Packer is a phallic object, which is worn by FTM to create an appearance of a penis in the underwear. People use different objects to add what is missing, beginning with the packers made from socks, ending with lifelike penis prosthetics, which can be used for pack, play, and even pee. Each FTM is looking for different things, so you may like all of the options, or on the contrary – none of them may work for you. It is really an individual thing.

So, in case you feel dysphoria or are just not happy with the way your body looks, we would suggest trying to use packer. If you are finally ready to start packing, but still have many questions… No worries, we are here to help! We have a few tips for first-time packers, which makes the process of adjusting to the packing as smooth as possible.

Choose a safe space to practice packing. Before going to public places with your pack, we would suggest practicing carrying it in your underwear at home or at any other safe space you feel good. In the beginning, we recommend walking with the pack, feeling it, learning how to secure it to avoid unpleasant situations in the future. When you feel pretty confident and ready – please do not hesitate and take it for a spin. You will love the feeling!
Be patient with yourself. As we mentioned before, choosing the best packer may take time and require your patience. Only you can decide what you like and what you need. So do not rush and you will find the best option for you!
Decide if you will want to pack, or will you prefer Pack, STP or Pack & Play. We suggest thinking over this carefully because depending on what you want, you will need to choose the most suitable model for you.
Choose how to secure your prosthetic. When you decide what packer you prefer to have, you need to choose how you want to secure it. Whether you choose to use an adhesive or wear a harness or a specially designed underwear, make sure you buy a good quality product. We recommend wearing a harness or underwear rather than using an adhesive, especially if you live an active life. Although adhesive makes the prosthetic look incredibly real, if you are active during the day, it might slide from the initial position.
Take good care of your prosthetic. When you buy your prosthetic and start using it, do not forget to keep it clean. Please do not forget to wash it daily with soap and water. You can also boil your silicone prosthetic for a minute if it is absolutely necessary. After washing it please make sure you air dry it or dry it with a towel.


So, when you decide that you indeed want to try using a packer, the next step is to choose what packer do you want? We offer a large selection of packers with different functions. You can choose a color for each product that matches your skin tone. You can also choose other product specifications and if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help. We have three main categories of the packers, based on their function:


The Flaccid FTM prosthetic is designed for daily use and comes highly recommended by the Emisil team. With a focus on ultra-realism and comfort, these FTM packers are ideal to wear in your pants all day, every day. We have 5 different models available. You can choose your packer with hair or without it. We offer circumcised models FL01, FL02 and FL04. If you are looking for an uncircumcised model, you can choose from FL.5 or FL11. All the flaccid products can be found HERE.

ERECT SERIES (FTM Pack and Play)

Emisil FTM pack and play penis attached to the body

Our FTM Pack and Play packers are designed for maximum pleasure and confident sex. Emisil's Erect model series are hard, firm and ultra-realistic, created for a pure and genuine experience. You can choose from 6 different models. If you are looking for a very erect model, you can choose ER02 or ER12. 





Emisil ER12

And if you need a bigger one, here is same ER02 only bigger in size, we called it ER12

If you are interested in slightly pointed-down products, then you can choose from ER01, ER03, ER11 or ER04. There is also an option to manufacture the prosthetic with hair if the customer wants it. For FTM Pack and Play we also offer an option to produce the prosthetic with plastic rod or without it. You can find all our erect models with detailed descriptions HERE.


The STP Packer is a device which allows you to pack, play and most importantly to urinate while standing up. Emisil's Stand to Pee packers are designed by a team of professionals for comfort and flawless functionality. This leak-resistant prosthetic penis makes urinating easy and natural and you will master it in no time! It's natural and the smooth feeling will surprise you. Fitting comfortably in your pants throughout the day, just add an erection rod when night comes around and you can use it for play! You can choose from 6 different models. We also have one compact model, which is just great for trying out if STP packer is for you. You can find all our STP packers HERE.