Enjoy having a longer penis with Emisil's realistic hollow penis extension.

The extension is a thick, stretchy sleeve that fits snugly around your shaft. Made from lifelike, firm, yet squeezable skin safe medical grade silicone, just like the real thing. You won't be able to tell the difference! Breathe confidence into your every day. Your sex life with the most realistic penis enlargement sleeves on the market!

Realistic Penis Sleeve | Emisil

Erectile dysfunction is common as men age, but it affects men of all ages. In addition to ED, it is also common for men to have a low sex drive as they get older. Losing sex drive and experiencing ED are natural due to age or a legitimate sexual issue. Either way, Emisil is dedicated to helping men have better sexual health through Realistic Penis Sleeves.

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Introducing Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve

 Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve is a penis extender for men who want a longer penis. It is a thick, stretchy penis sleeve made with high-quality, medical-grade silicone. As it is designed to fit just right around the shaft. Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve is firm and squeezable. It is so lifelike you almost can’t tell any difference.

Our Realistic Penis Sleeve is unique from other penis extensions. With its highly detailed appearance, Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve creates realistic sensations. Check out our natural-looking penis extenders with an epidermis layer that feels like real skin. These extenders are complete with details like veins, arteries, even wrinkles.

Enjoy Sex Life

Has it been dull in the bedroom lately? You’re not feeling it? Maybe it’s ED that you’ve been dealing with? Whatever it is that’s making your sex life far from fun or is creating a rift in your relationship, we may have the solution you need. Enjoy better sex life without costly medical procedures or surgeries. All thanks to Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve.

Fits Perfectly

Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve is a perfect fit, having been designed to accommodate various sizes. The sleeves are available in a wide array of length and girth sizes, which can be seen on our size chart. These realistic penis extenders go around your shaft without any pressure causing discomfort.

Extends Length and Increase Girth

Are you not confident in your length or girth? Several things can be done to help, including surgery. However, surgery is both risky and expensive. You should try an Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve instead. Use this penis sleeve to temporarily increase your length and girth for much-improved sex life.

100% Handcrafted

Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeves are made by hand, completely handcrafted by artists to mimic the look and feel of a real penis. Our artists use various production techniques to paint them to look as natural as possible. They are made of several layers of silicone, durable, and superior in quality.

Top Reasons to Try Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in a good-quality penis sleeve.

Helps With Erectile Dysfunction

People with ED cannot achieve or keep an erection. Medication is the usual treatment, but is there is another way you can get back into the game? Yes, use Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve and you’ll still be able to enjoy penetrative sex. It is an effective alternative that can even make you last longer.

Reclaim Closeness With Your Partner

The loss of intimacy between partners is a common side effect of ED and reduced sex drive. Don’t let your relationship suffer and bring closeness back with help from a natural penis extension. With Emisil Realistic Penis, you can have sex again without having to maintain an erection.

Feel Confident in the Bedroom

ED can cause you to lose confidence. If you are shorter or thinner down there, it can also make you feel insecure. The Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve can be the solution for both situations. Our penis extenders can boost your confidence by extending your length and girth. 

Last Long at Night

It is hard to last all night when you have ED. You might not even be able to start. Good thing the Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve can help you last longer. While wearing this penis extender, you can pleasure your partner again and again. Stamina is no longer a worry because you can perpetually maintain an erection.

Doesn’t Interfere With Your Medications

Erection issues can be solved by taking medications. Nevertheless, if you are taking other medicaments at the same time, you might face a problem - ED medications might interfere with other drugs. The Emisil penis extension works externally, on the body, without taking any medications, therefore you will be able to take your medications worry-free. 

No Side Effects

Medication for ED comes with quite a few side effects, which makes most men unwilling to try them. Realistic penis sleeves don’t have those adverse effects, which means you can use them without worry. Take advantage of a non-medical alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction that will not cause changes in blood pressure, headaches, or body aches.

No Waiting for it to Work

Besides the side effects, the medication for ED can be frustrating because they take time to kick in. While your medicine is doing its work, you can use Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve when the mood strikes. With penis sleeves, you don’t need to wait and can get into it with your partner anytime you want.

New Pleasure in the Bedroom

The Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeves are great for you even if you are not suffering erectile dysfunction. This is also an excellent toy that can spice things up in the bedroom if you and your partner are up to it. You can take your love life and sex life to a whole new level with a penis extender that offers a new path to satisfaction.

Safe on Skin

Are you concerned that using a penis sleeve may irritate your skin? The Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve is made of skin-safe silicone. We assure you that it is non-hazardous and will not harm your skin in any way. Emisil prioritizes our customers’ health and safety, which is why we only provide products made from certified safe materials.

Comfortable to Use

Our penis sleeves can be partnered with penis extension straps and harnesses. Emisil penis extenders are snug enough not to fall off when used on their own. However, if you want, you can up the comfort level by using straps to keep it in place. The straps are adjustable and made with skin-safe silicone like the extenders.

Available in Various Lengths and Girths

Our penis sleeves are available in various lengths and girths. The measurements available range from 13 cm (5.1inch) to 19.5 cm (7.7in) depending on whether it’s the exterior or interior. The sizes available refer to the girth from the holder or the shaft, interior diameter, interior depth, etc. We recommend checking our measurements to figure out your size accurately.

Erection Rod for the Ladies

The Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve is not only for men. If you are woman, who is interested in buying an extension sleeve, we recommend getting the Emisil Erection Rod to insert inside the penis sleeve. With Emisil’s penis sleeve and erection rod, women can experience an enjoyable playtime.
Note that using it without a rod can be challenging for women, since it is hallow.

Build Your Own

Do you want to build your own penis sleeve? If you choose to make one custom, we will work with you to design a penis extender that suits you the best. The process involves providing details on your external length and width, the look you want, firmness, color, and internal hole sizes. This ensures the extender looks and feels just like you want.

Emisil provides only high-quality products made to repair your relationships and ensure you have a satisfying sex life. Emisil Realistic Penis Sleeve will restore your intimacy, fix your ED, keep you confident, and more. We know men urgently need a solution to numerous sexual dysfunctions, and we’re here to help you solve them.

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Sleeve holder

The penis extension holder is designed to secure your penis sleeve and testicles in place, making sure you can enjoy your larger penis without any awkward situations.

Emisil extension penis holder
Emisil Extension with RodeoH holder
RodeoH + Emisil

Developed by Emisil request. Suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. The comfortable elastic harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes. Made with the finest materials, for maximum pleasure!

Penis sleeve

The uniqueness of our penis sleeve is the high level of details and appearance. You will never find such a unique product anywhere else. Amazing feeling and look will create real magic! The epidermis layer is extremely real and repeats the texture of real skin.

The finest details, like arteries, veins and wrinkles, are clear and visible. Available in two different sizes, 16 different skin shades.

Emisil penis sleeve