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"Enjoy having a longer penis with Emisil's realistic hollow penis extension. The extension is a thick, stretchy sleeve that fits snugly around your shaft, made from lifelike, firm, yet squeezable material, just like the real thing - you won't be able to tell the difference! Breathe confidence into your every day and reinvigorate your sex life with the most realistic penis enlargement sleeves on the market! Great quality, great price, and fast delivery!"

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Emisil penis extension system
Emisil penis extension system


Smart technology, such as 3D scan and modeling software used to capture the shape of the human body. Everything is planned out to the smallest detail. - Excellent design and ergonomic - Replaceable shaft and harnesses - Comfortable space for the scrotum. Emisil holder transfers thrusting energy to the pelvis for incredible comfort. Made of highest quality extra safe silicone.

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Developed by Emisil request. Suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. The comfortable elastic harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes. Made with the finest materials, for maximum pleasure!

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Emisil penis + rodeoh
Emisil penis extension


The uniqueness of our Extension is the high level of details and appearance. You will never find such a unique product anywhere else. Amazing feeling and look will create real magic! The epidermis layer is extremely real and repeats the texture of real skin. The finest details, like arteries, veins and wrinkles, are clear and visible. Available in two different sizes, 16 different skin shades.

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FTM penis extension by request!

Do you need huge penis for movie, TV show, or maybe you want to look like a real porn star? Or simply increase your real penis size, but it's a real challenge to find what you are looking for. You need something unique, customized, special for you! Here we present our secret weapon!

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