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FAQ page
Emisil frequently asked questions.
Simple ways to help FTM individuals feel more comfortable with their bodies
Transitioning your body from female to male is a very complex process that requires time, patience and a lot of effort.
Responding to the Covid-19 situation.
We at Emisil care about our community and want to make sure, that everyone’s safety is our priority during this worldwide crisis.
Traveling with FTM Packer – What to Expect?
We all dream about the perfect vacation, which is not ruined by any inconveniences at the airport...
What is a FTM Packer

Packer is a phallic object, which is worn by FTM to create an appearance of a penis in the underwear.

How to fix your penis prosthetic if it accidentally got torn.
Imagine you are using your prosthetic normally and suddenly notice it is torn...
How to Wear Your Prosthetics Comfortably?
So, you have chosen your perfect penis packer… What’s next?
How to choose correct skin color for your penis prosthetic?
We are frequently contacted by our clients with a concern about how to choose the right color for the penis prosthetic.
100% Discreet & secure
From outside, the parcel looks totally discreet. It‘s a simple Emisil white box, or original DHL yellow one, with 3M™ packing invoice enclosed with it.
How to clean penis prosthetic
Keeping your Emisil products hygienic by cleaning it regularly is super important.