FTM clothing guide: FTM fashion, brands & dressing tips

Choosing the right clothes for trans guys: how to be more masculine, FTM dressing tips, where to buy clothes, our favorite FTM clothing brands... Read on!

Finding clothes for trans guys might be a difficult and nerve-wracking task. There will be countless mornings when you’re going to stare at your wardrobe vacantly, thinking that there is nothing to wear. Some clothes will probably make you feel like it’s not for you, others are going to seem too daring to wear. Luckily, Emisil is here to help you - in this article, you’ll find the FTM clothing guide and everything you need to know about FTM fashion. We’ll discuss the best brands, help you to find out how to find the most suitable clothing according to your body type, and give you tips and tricks that will help you create your style.


First of all, your FTM clothes should flatter your body type, and only then you can choose colors and patterns. It is quite common for transgender guys to hide behind baggy clothes, and it is completely fine, as long as you feel comfortable. On the other hand, wearing something that fits you shows everyone around you that you feel great in your own body. Nothing suits you better than self-confidence.

If you have a masculine body shape (wide shoulders, small hips, flat chest) it won’t be difficult to find suitable clothes. If your body shape is on the feminine side, finding the right clothes could be a challenge, but with different patterns and models, everything is possible.


There are some FTM clothes that help to pass as a male without much stress. Shirts are making you look more masculine, especially button-down models, that are made out of structured cotton or linen. Avoid wearing materials that are very tight and cling to your body, for instance, synthetics and silk. Try shirts that are tighter on your shoulders or arms and loose in the middle section. You can also try to bend the edges of sleeves to make your arms look even bigger. Or you can just roll up your sleeves, creating broader shoulders and taking attention away from the chest. If you have to choose between a short-sleeved shirt and long sleeves, we suggest you pick a long-sleeved shirt and simply roll it up a little. In this way, even the smallest hands will look bigger. Try to avoid baggy shirts, since they will make you look even smaller.

Shirts with designs are a great solution as well since the patterns draw attention away from the body shape itself. If you feel a little self-conscious, try wearing darker colors. Dark colors, such as black, dark grey, or blue hide body shape and all the curves. So if you are not sure if the piece of clothing fits you, but you still want to buy it, opt for a darker color, just in case. 

Also, you might have discovered it by now, t-shirts are not a way to go when choosing transgender clothing. The problem with t-shirts is that even though they are usually quite loose, they will most likely bring out your chest & curves that you are trying to make less visible. Nevertheless, you can still wear t-shirts, but there are some aspects that you should pay attention to. Try athletic t-shirts - they are very stretchy, clings to your hips, but not waist (if wearing the right size). Even though they seem much tighter than regular t-shirts, athletic shirts provide a masculine shape, creating a straight line from hips to shoulders.

Trans with shirts

Females tend to have smaller shoulders, while males have broader upper parts of their bodies. That’s why some trans males are using shoulder pads beneath their shirts, but there is something you have to know - just don’t do it. It’s too obvious and doesn’t look natural. It’s better to wear clothes that fit you and give an impression that you have broader shoulders than they truly are.


Finding fitting pants while FTM shopping might seem an impossible task. Don’t worry - some tips will help you to reduce time spent in the fitting cabin while re-thinking your whole life just because you can’t find any parts that would be comfortable and look good at the same time.

To begin with, you need to find a suitable size. Men’s sizing can be confusing and different from FTM clothing sizes, so we recommend trying each piece on before buying. Also, there is a great trick that might help you to find fitting pants or jeans when trying them on - you can try to grab loose material around the back of your thighs. If there is a handful of fabric, pants are going to be too baggy. If you only grab about an inch of material - there will be enough space to move freely and without looking saggy, in other words - it’s a perfect size. It’s understandable if you don’t feel confident about the lower part of your body, but you should make sure that the material in your private area is not too loose, since it will make you look shorter and less masculine. One way or another, you’ll learn your size as time goes by.

Now, let’s talk about shape. Even though 2 sizes of bigger pants seem tempting, try not to hide behind baggy clothing. Don’t choose skinny jeans either - unless you have masculine legs. Skinny jeans are tight and emphasize curves, hips, and bottom. If you're wondering how to hide hips, skinny jeans are definitely a no-go. So, you’re probably wondering - are there any men’s pants suitable for FTM’s? Simple black, dark blue, or khaki regular fit trousers are a must in every trans guy’s wardrobe; it's a basic garment that not only FTM guys have. Straight pants or jeans is the best option since it hides the difference between ankles and hips, which is usually a very defining trait of a feminine body. BaIt also balances the proportions of your body if worn together with a proper top, so you can achieve a very masculine look.

FTM with pants

Since it’s summer, let’s talk about shorts. Choosing shorts won’t be as difficult as when choosing pants or shirts. Shorts are a safe option since they are usually wider and don't draw attention to unwanted places. If you have wider hips, consider wearing your shorts lower than you would - this would imitate a man’s hips and increase your chances of passing as a male. Don’t choose tight shorts for obvious reasons - many great models are a little bigger, but still fit nicely. 
We took some time and looked for an informational video, that demonstrates some majestic trans guy outfits, so you wouldn't have to. take a look:


So, you have a nice shirt, a pair of jeans or pants that fits you perfectly, but there’s something that we’ve probably skipped… What about underwear? It’s a crucial part of your style, even though it’s not necessarily visible to others. If you’re packing, we recommend wearing underwear created specifically for packing. In this way, your prosthetic will securely stay in place. You’ll find more information about packing clothes for trans guys here. If you’re not packing yet, you have a much wider selection - choose anything from the men's section.

What about FTM packers? Emisil offers ultra-realistic and high-quality products that are handmade according to your preferences. We are offering exceptional products that will help you feel more like yourself since each product is made with care and by professionals. Choose from a wide variety of products - from STP packers, to pack & play models. Want to know more? Take a look around at our e-shop


Just like any other clothing, let’s begin by choosing the right size. If your formal wear is going to be too tight, it will emphasize your curves, meanwhile if you choose an outfit that’s too big, even if just a little, you’re probably going to look like a child who is trying on dad’s clothes. Both cases probably aren’t what you want, so here are some tips that will help you look flawlessly, for example, the suit has to be a little loose, but not too much. So, when measuring yourself, leave some free space between the measuring tape and your body (width should be about 2 fingers). This strategy should help you find a suit that will fit you like a glove. Suits are a true salvation for FTM’s since it hides absolutely everything that you want to hide while emphasizing manly shape.


We’ve covered fitting, now let’s discuss the style. You can choose a two or three-piece suit. A two-piece suit consists of a jacket and pants, meanwhile, a three-piece includes a waistcoat as well. Waistcoats & vests are great since it gives a square-ish shape. Also, you should have in mind that it’s better not to fasten the last button - it’s rarely done by guys in general and looks unnatural. It’s better to fasten the first one or middle button. What is more, we don’t recommend experimenting with bright colors right away - traditionally, costumes are made in darker shades that reveal masculinity and classiness.

Don’t forget ties, watches, cufflinks, and other manly accessories that will complete your look.


It’s boiling, you’re sweating 24/7, you can’t wear 5 layers of clothes to make some parts of your body less noticeable - yes, it’s summer. But look at the bright side - it’s the best time to experiment with your style as well.

Swimwear is one of the biggest headaches for some FTM’s during summertime. Many things are probably making you feel anxious - what if my packer falls out while swimming? What kind of swimwear should I wear? We understand that it might be stressful to find suitable clothes for trans guys during summertime, but we are here to help. Wearing harnesses, compression shorts, and layering these pieces of clothing together with swimwear or loose shorts may help. We’ve covered the topic of FTM swimwear and packing during the summertime here, so if you’re interested, take a look.


Many ways can help to make your chest seem less noticeable and more masculine when choosing FTM clothes. The majority of FTM’s are using chest binders. The process of chest binding depends on your chest size and body type. Also, there are mainly two types of binders - short and long ones. Short binders tend to roll up, meanwhile, long ones are covering a few inches of your waist, but there’s a good chance that it will still rise a little. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, you can wear a belt or straps around your waistline.

In addition, there are some general do’s and don'ts that you must know before chest binding:


‣ Bind using elastic bandages, sports bras, compression wear, neoprene, or even layer your clothes.

‣ Choose the right size - binder shouldn’t make you feel too tight, restrict your movements or breathing, cause pain or cuts. Too tight chest binding may lead to rashes (since the skin doesn’t breathe and gets sweaty), scaring, even deformation of breasts.

‣ Take care of your body. If you feel any discomfort (for example pain or trouble breathing) you should remove your binder immediately, since it doesn’t fit or you are wearing it continuously. Chest binding should never cause discomfort.



‣ Do not use plastic wrap, duck tape, or bandages, as it can damage your skin.

‣ Avoid wearing binders for extended periods (longer than 8-12 hours). People who are prone to wearing binders more frequently, often experience negative effects.

‣ Do not wear a binder during sleep or while working out - during physical activities, you need to be able to breathe freely and you should wear appropriate clothing that would allow your skin to breathe and sweat. Also, if you are going to wear it during the nighttime, your body won’t be able to rest properly.

‣ Avoid binding if you are planning to have breast reconstruction surgery. Binding for longer periods can affect your skin elasticity, therefore, the surgery might become more complex.


Another common issue that FTM guys are facing is making hips seem smaller. Wearing compression shorts could be a great solution. Compression shorts smooth out the shape of the lower part of your body, making hips and bottom seem smaller. So, compression shorts are a binder for the lower part of your body. Usually, FTM binder shorts are worn underneath everyday clothes.

Also, it’s super important to choose the right size. To find the best fitting size, you should measure the circumference of your waist (above your hip bone) and then compare the measurements with dimensions provided in the size chart of the shop. If your size is somewhere in between, always buy a bigger size so you wouldn’t feel too tight. 


There are some amazing trans men fashion brands that we would love to recommend for you. These brands are doing an amazing job when tailoring clothes for trans guys specifically, making it easier for you to express yourself through your style.



Established by a transgender guy, “Aware Wolf” offers dope tops, outerwear, and accessories that will make you spend your whole salary and buy every piece. “Aware Wolf” designs reflect confidence and bravery to be whoever you want to be.


RodeoH model posing

We already talked about “Rodeoh” in our previous articles - this brand is making great packing underwear that secures packers into a place. If you want to feel comfortable and stylish - “Rodeoh” would be a perfect choice.

  1. GC2B

Pride binder

“GC2B” offers a great variety of binders, shorts, t-shirts, and even special edition FTM clothing for pride month. So take a look and maybe you’ll find something you like!


When talking about FTM fashion, discussing masculine hairstyles is a must. Of course, as you might already know, a lot depends on your face shape. Some FTM guys have soft facial features - full cheeks, round jaw, oval face shape, which is not necessarily the most masculine look, although it can be altered a little by choosing the right hairstyle.

A lot of trans “newbies” are going for buzz cut since it seems like the epitome of masculine - what could be manlier than short hair? Well, a buzz cut is a great hairstyle... When you have a very defined face. Otherwise, you are taking a risk to look like a teen boy, who’s going through puberty. We recommend trying a little messy, medium-length look with some bangs. Take a look:

FTM Haircuts

This hairstyle is quite universal and might be the best choice for many FTM’s, since it flatters a rounder, softer face. Or, you can try something trendy right now, for instance, shaving sides and leaving a little bit more hair on right or left, or having long hair, but brushing it back:

FTM hairstyle

Basically, don’t rely on a short hairstyle thinking that it will automatically make you look masculine. Try to notice what’s trendy right now and experiment. Another pro tip - try visiting a salon rather than taking everything into your hands. You’ll get professional tips and maybe the hairdresser will suggest something that will suit your face shape.



After all, these are just FTM clothing tips, not rules, and you should do whatever makes you feel happy. We’ve said it a million times and we’ll repeat it once again - people around you will talk no matter what, so don’t overthink. Whatever you’re going to decide to wear, you should wear it with pride!

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